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I am a site builder for both info and graphics, fanart, fan image, fanfic, fan news and fan character moderator on ADGTH, and a Fanfic and gamebook moderator on LATTS. If you have any questions, please PM me < 3

A proud Pastafarian! May Pasta be on Your Plate!


A giftie from one of my best friends, Clara! Love you, Stormwuffle < 33 

Hey, and welcome to my profile! I'm EveryoneLovesKoko, as you've probably guessed by now.


Thanks for the siggy, Kirada! ^^

Amazing siggy by Jordan!!! Thanks! I love it!

This amazing animated render was made by.. *drum roll* Jordan!!! You have skillz, girl.

I have leeched off of Yukon, Korii, Kat , Diana and Laura, and I now have a mood thingy on my profile. :3

Mood- I'm a little unsteady at the moo. 



 Uh-oh o3o I think.... i might of accidently deleted Clara's hack DDD: But this edit my profile was messing up sorry ^^; But anyway. What shall I say about this wonderful girl before I leg it out of here before I get slaughtered for making Clara's hack disappear into thin air DD': I shall say she is one amazing, always friendly, girl, who has never had a mean word to say to me. Trust me, she is always here to talk to, and she is a very good listener, I wouldn't survive without her to go to DD': You are the best Granda ever! Though I did used to think you were a guy ._.; sorry for that xDDD I thank you for all the things you have done for me. And I hope we'll stay friends for life. I love cha Granda. Remember that :'DDD AND AGAIN SOWWY FOR CLARA'S POST DISAPPEARING DDD': ~ Becky AKA Shakira Silvermoon PS. OMG HALF OF CLARA'S HACK IS WAY AT THE BOTTOM XDDD -POOF-

Hai it's Riot here :D Koko-brick or Chocolate Suace (my nicknames, steal them and I steal your soul) Is just epic. The only person who can stop me from going on one of me rages. She is my best friend. <3 Love you, Nikki.

DURP.Ohai.KAT HERE OMG ON HER DADDEH'S PROFILE OMG OMG YESH YUSH.WEREN'T EXPECTING MEEEE HERE WERE CHA?!!!*Crazy manical laugh*Yush yush.NOWZ,You doodz out there hurt her in ANY WAY POSSIBLE THEN I WILL TRACK YOU DOWN AND KEEL CHU.Sweriously dewds i mean eet.She means that much to me.< 3 SO.She put up with me when I was a n00b.Oh those days...*Shakes head* Oh my.ANYWHOOOO,we did a triple art trade,me her and dia.After that we started talking more,then Jordan let me into her family and I call her daddeh nowz.o3o Always has.OMG I SEE A KOKO POP WHERE'S MY MARS BARS???!Yes yes.Meerkatteh abuses you a wee bit.BUT IT'S WORTH IT FOR THE MARS BARS,EH??!!!8DDD ANYWAY,my hands getting tired now.SO,you hurt daddeh,I hurt you.I luffles you daddeh.< 3

-Hazel Kat-

Hallo, and this is Clara speaking on my Stormwoofle's account!  Yes, I hacked.  I am intruding here because I came to tell you how magnificent my friend is.  Okay, here we go... ahem.  Stormwoofle, where to begin... where to end?  You're such a great friend and you have never hurt my feelings.  Your personality makes me happy.  You're so bubbily, and kind, and trusting... and a humongous fan of Owl City.  I remember the first day I met you, and I am happy that first day even existed.  Because you're awesome and I'm so happy we're friends.  You're a great pen pal, though we haven't started yet.  xD  You can listen to my ranting and my moaning and my troubles.  And you can deal with my extreme pushiness I put off at times.  And I still laugh at when you first made me your "Stormwuffle", remembering I kept saying I hated storms.  Which I do.  But... I guess I can be... less afraid of them if I am a Stormwoofle.  And Nichola, if you ever listen to people who judge you, don't you dare.  I swear.  If people make fun of you and hurt you, they'd have to go through me first.  All of us.  Kitten-cat, Gracey, Laura, Mara-Owl, Kristal, and me and all of your true friends.  Don't you ever forget that.  Even if I get a warning or even banned, it's because I was trying to protect you.  Don't listen to anyone who talks negative about you and the things you like, okay?  Just keep smiling and forget about them.  And I will always, always, stick with you.  I'll never turn you down if you come to me with your problems.  I'd accept it if it was personal, but if you need someone to talk to, I'm here.  I promise with all of my heart.  And I always keep my promises.

Love you, Nikki-nak.

Love, Clara.

Oh by the way, you're the best Stormwoofle ever. 



I used to be EveryoneLovesKodi, but as I got more and more characters and friends, I chose something a little more.. me. Now, I'm EveryoneLovesKoko, because Koko is the wolf at the top of my profile. I go by a few different names on BS:

ELK- Most people call me this, because it's the easiest way of abbreviating my name.

ELK-ers- This is mostly Diana, but if you really, really want to call me that, then I suppose you can XP

Koko- Anyone can call me this, but it's mostly Jordan. Feel free to call me this :3

Daddeh- This is exclusively for Kat, our packs babysitter/guard/random.

Dad- Like the one above, this name is reserved for my kids ONLY, so that's Fire, Yukon, Kat, and anyone else who i have forgotten :) I am sorry if I have forgotten, I have a huge family :O

About me!

I love to draw, and I do all of my drawings on Paint.Net, and occasionally a few tricks on MS Paint. Paint.Net is a free, downloadable software, and is much easier to use than GIMP. I do a few blank renders here and there, but I don't kow if i should keep doing them or not... I find it a bit repetitive... Anyway, comment below if you want to see them in my gallery! I AM getting Photoshop Elements soon, but it will come with my tablet. Oh yeah, tablets.

I have an A6 Wacom Bamboo graphics tablet, but will soon be getting the A4 version. If you are serious about art, then I suggest you get one. You can pick one up nowadays for about £30. That's about $45, for all you americans out there. However, if you are only looking to get one just to be able to say that you have a tablet, then DON'T. It will be a waste of your money!

I have a Mississipi Map turtle, called Tsugar (Thanks for the name, Gracey!) He is about 7 centimetres long at the moment, but with care, he will grow to be about 20 centimetres. I have a few photo's, I'll upload them here soon ^^ EDIT: RIP Tsugar 2010 < 33

My real name is Nichola, or Nikki, as I prefer to be called, and only very speeshal people get to know my second name. I have a dog, called Sam, a Cavalier King Charles. He is awesome, and my best friend :) Of course i have human best friends, too XP I don't do online dating. And it wouldn't really work on here, because we all come from diffrent countries. But for those of you who are that persistent and nosy, I am single. And looking.

I play WoW, or for those of you who don't know what that means, it's World of Warcraft. I have a level 23 Druid, and a level 15 Hunter. I'm slowing down on WoW nowadays. It's a bit repetitive, and very... Complicated. Sort of. You have to remember all this stuff about leveling, the map, what quests you're on, which creatures you're supposed to kill, how many of these creatures you have to kill etc. All at the same time.



I am a proud owner of Zoo Tycoon 2! I haven't gotten very far in the game, because of money restrictions, and I don't have much patience with time limits. But I do like to experimant. Like building half indoor half outdoor enclosures. And I like to play with the various animal behaviour patterns. Like if you close the zoo, and put about 100-150 horses, wolves, basically any herd or pack animal at one end, then food at the other end, they all move together, in a herd or pack.That entertains me. I know, I am sad XD

I have a lime green DS. Please, don't ask me why. I won't answer :3

My favourite music- I prefer instumental pieces rather than singing, but I do like a few artists. My faveourite artist at the moment is Adam Young, AKA Owl City.

If you want to be my friend, then go on! Ask! I don't bite! Honest..


 Okay, colour coding!

Anything to do with Katteh is in THIS colour ^^

Anything to do with Disaster is in THIS colour X3

Anything to do with Gracey is in THIS colour P:

Anything to do with Laura is in THIS colour :)

Anything to do with Jordan is in THIS colour :D

Anything to do with Emi is in THIS colour :3

Anything to do with Phoebe is in THIS colour =]

Anything to do with Yukeh is in THIS colour ^^

Anything to do with Blizz is in THIS colour XP

Anything to do with Spiritisanemokid is in THIS colour '.'

Anything to do with Clara is in THIS colour :>

Anything to do with Zion is in THIS colour =)

Anything to do with Ray is in THIS colour =3

And finally, anything to do with me is in THIS colour XD

(Because Orange be Koko's favourite colour :3 )


Spiritisanemokid- You officially rock, and without someone to constantly send useless PM's to, I would not be able to survive. Even though you're not online that much, and I only get to speak to you at school, you still rock. <--Random fact about this person: We are currently doing a roleplay, and we have managed to include each and every one of the Twilight characters. (Note to readers- Yes, we love Twilight. Deal with it.)


Jordan.-Your image gallery is littered with Jordan and Koko images, and looking at them today, I realised that I have only 1 of them together in my gallery. I am gonna have to work overtime to repay the debt, but with coursework and stuff, it's kinds hard.. Sorry.. So, Koko is a very lucky woofle.. and see you around :)

Falcon Singer/Disaster/Dia- The randomest, strangest, most awesomest person I have met during my 8 months on BS. She is always there to make me smile when I'm down, or in a bad mood, and has an uncanny ability to appear in our RP's whenever we say her name. Like the one where we introduced Ataneq and Kaya to the pack.. Oh, and Katteh turned up as well XD

Hazel-Kat/Katteh- Wow... What to say about Katteh. Poor, helpless Katteh.  At my mercy. I'm just gonna say.. that Tater Croquettes rule. And tater tots and potato croquettes are two very different things. Potato croquettes are much, MUCH yummier X3 An awesome artist, and the best babysitter/guard/random on BS

Emi- Your drawing skill amazes me. Still. I think you were the first REAL friend I ever had. Thanks for doing that :3 So, that trade is coming, I promise... I have to redo it, because the one that I did ages ago, was old. It was bad. because I didn't know much about wolf anantomy then.. So it is in the works :) Promise

Phoebe- Well, you're not on that much nowadays... and it's hard, because you live in Indonesia (Go, go go!) you come on when I'm sleeping :P So it's hard for both of us... But you're still my friend :) And your sister likes Twilight. :D Thanks for putting up with all my random babbling about Twilight and stuffs :)

-Yukon/Yukeh- Well... Yukeh... Hmm... After the recent incident in which.. I'm not gonna say, but I'm sure you know, I am now more grateful for you being on BS. As they say, you don't know what you've got, untill you lose it. Anyway, Yukon is an awesome son to Koko (At least I think you're my son... I'm.. not sure.. Oh wait, you are. Of course. I fail. Sorry D:  ) and one of the best RPers around. Denali is great too, even though I've never RP'd with him :) Oh, and thanks for showing me how to get a Xat box :D

Destiny-Wolf (Laura) / Laura- An awesome RP'er, and she is a truly good friend. If you're ever in a strop, then go to Laura. She'll sort you out ^^ So cheerful, and you can really rally with people, and back them up when they need it most. Oh, I almost forgot. You hate to be called Destiny. (More notes for teh readers- If ANYONE calls her Destiny, then doom on you.) Oh, and if you really want to annoy her, then lock her in the CS (Chicken Smoothie) pound. That be funneh ^^ We shoukd RP about that sometime :) )

-Shadow Blizzard/Blizz- Our rp's are almost non-existent now. We need to continue them sometime, huh? Good. You won't be able to catch me on Email any more, I only check it once a week. Unless I need to check it more often, so we can PM RP, kay? Good :)

Pilot/ Grace/Gracey- Oh mah gad. Grace. What to say about you. Hmm.. Oh, ok, ok, I got something. *clears throat* 2 words. Tsu Gar. I luffles him. So much, that I named my turtle after him. X3  You are SUCH a great friend, and brighten up my entire day when you come online :) Ok, 3 resons why Grace is awesome.

1. You let me have Tsugar and Jolly, two of my all time new favourite chars < 3.

2. You're amazing with dogs

3. You're just speeshal < 3

Rabbit/Clara- Your artwork is awesome, girl! I love her woofle teeth. (Yes. It's another note to the readers- Clara's woofle teeth are AWESOME. You should go check them out.) Even though we'd never talked much before, you're still my friend. And a good one at that. Thanks for helping me through last week, with Yukeh, and everything.  :) I don't think I've ever heard of you holding a grudge against someone, so you're obviously a good person.  :UPDATE 18th FEBRUARY: If anybody messes with my Stormwuffle, then they will find themselves STRANGLED. BY ME. Luff you, Stormwuffle 83

Zion/ Zee-un- Well well well. I have known you for approximatley one day, when Yukeh introduced me to you this morning (1st January, 2010), and we spent all morning on my Xat box, practising our anatomy on doodle :3 First impressions count, and from my first impression, you're a very good-hearted, funny person. :) It's great to have you on my friends list. (Update 3rd January 2010) Ok. I've had my first impression now. You're funny, witty and I find you VERY easy to relate to. Like we both like the same things, dogs, WoW and drawing. So yeah, basically. =D

Teh Wolfie (Korii)/ Ray- You're so caring, and never have a bad word for anyone, unless they are messing with your friends. Loyal, trustworthy, and an awesome friend. You're online a lot, and I mean a LOT a lot. So you're always there if you need to talk :) Although you change your username a lot XDD It's part of who you are ^^ It's an honour to be your friend, Ray.


You are so awesome, and if anything were to happen to you, I don't know what I'd do. Thanks :3

Ok, I am currently working on a movie, with Katteh, Laura, Jordan, Yukeh, Fire, Emi, and hopefully, Disaster ^^

Any questions about this, PM me!

Ok. I have a few favourite characters here on BS. One of these is Free, created by Gracey. Here's a fanart that I did of her.. I love her to bits.. *snuggles Free*

Oh my god, do I love Free... *luffles*

I was, and still am in TOTAL awe of Larkspur's art, characters renders and fanfics. I can't remember how I stumbled across her gallery, but I'm glad I did. Because damn are they awesome. You should go check them out! Type her name into the search bar, or SOMETHING! Just get yourself over there. No, I'm not trying to suck up ^^' Honest! One of my fave chars of hers is Everest. Oh my gosh... Love. Also, Will comes in at a close second. Will is a bit underrated. He needs more fans

Jordan is one of my favourite characters, of course ^^ As my BS wifey.

And we can't forget Tsugar, now can we?

I am DEFINITLEY a Tsugar Fan. This was my first userbar ever, so don't diss.

A request for Zion.. Here's Zion for ya ^^

 Ok, now for a new thing. My favourite smilies of ALL TIME!

- Simple.. yet effective.


I'm always looking for art critique, so if you think my art sucks, then TELL ME HOW TO MAKE IT BETTER! Don't just insult.


 Me, Katteh and Laura like to make milkshakes. Here are a few we made one night :3

Everyoneloveskoko (22 min) : *Produces a Yukeh'sbackfanartthatKokodidmilkshake*

Everyoneloveskoko (22 min) :Timmmbbbeeeerwououolfsicstywunishjustabigartsnessancharriesnessandrandernesstheeefmilkshake

Hazel Kat (9 min) : Daddeh>Okay.*Whips up a Kattehlovestogoplanethoppingwithherdaddehtofetchthespecialmarsbarsfrom marsmilkshake*Ta-da.83

Everyoneloveskoko (8 min) : *makes a IhaveawoofleblankieandwhenIRPwithGraceyitattacksherbecauseshelikestosn uggleittoohard.*

Rin-Tin-Tin (Diana) (7 min) : Kat, laura, ELKers, I question your sanity oO XD

Destiny_Wolf (Laura) (6 min) : *whips up a lauraiscrazehbutyoushouldknowthatbynowimeanhowlonghaveibeentalkingtoyo uguysikindamakeitobviousdonti smoothie*


Story time!


  Rin-Tin-Tin (Diana) (13 min) : Kat: Well Crap. Why is it every long story I hear of isn't good? I demand a good long story >:U

everyoneloveskoko (11 min) : Disaster--> I'll give you a long story

Rin-Tin-Tin (Diana) (10 min) : ELKers': Gimme it XD

  everyoneloveskoko (10 min) : Once upon a time... There was a woofle called Diana.

Rin-Tin-Tin (Diana) (9 min) : ELKers': That...Was...Awesome o-o

meerkatcute (9 min) : Daddeh>wooww.....8D

everyoneloveskoko (8 min) : Tis not finished P:

everyoneloveskoko (8 min) : Diana liked cookies (You do, right?)

Rin-Tin-Tin (Diana) (8 min) : Yes. Cookies are good for the soul.

everyoneloveskoko (7 min) : One day, Diana went looking for some cookies. But all the cookies were gone. Katteh had stolen all the cookies.

meerkatcute (6 min) : Now this is a story!8D

everyoneloveskoko (6 min) : Diana was very, very upset. So she chased Katteh untill she dropped all the cookies. Silly Katteh.

everyoneloveskoko (4 min) : Diana has her cookies back. But Katteh was cross. She had no cookies. So she asked Diana if she could share some of her cookies. Her triple belgian chocolate cookes, soft and gooey with melted chocolate and all.

meerkatcute (3 min) : *drools*8P

Rin-Tin-Tin (Diana) (2 min) : Diana watched as the pile of drool under Kat grew. She shoved half the cookies towards her and said "Eat, Darnit."

everyoneloveskoko (5 min) : Diana was being nice, and she shared the cookies.

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