The Lion King Source newsJune 07, 2020
Sotw theme winners : pride


There was not many images with just official characters with the theme pride, the fanart chosen shows sarafina with 3 of the prides cubs


By Maltashaastaka

Now the fan image for the theme was harder and in the end i choose this image, due to lack of images in the theme i feel this would be the closest to it (sorry if you did one and i missed it ,i address this below)


By needfood.

And now the next theme we will use is:

It's now summer in the northern hemisphere so why not have are next theme reflect that. Make your fanart and images for this theme and submit them [...]

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      The Lion King Source newsMay 31, 2020
      SOTW theme trial


      Hello all
      I had the idea to try and theme the SOTW every 2 weeks and so we will be trying this on on LKS for the months of june and July.

      As you may have seen in the rolling banner the first theme we are using is ‘pride’ and the SOTWs will be picked on june 7th (gmt), i will be posting the new theme on the rolling banner.

      As a reminder SOTW/must-see images must feature official characters , OCs can be in the image but they must only be a minor part ,the main focus must be on official characters.

      Have fun



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      Animation Source newsMay 24, 2020
      A glitch


      Hello all.

      Some of you may have been affected by a minor glitch with images/fanart, in which once an image is accepted it won’t appear as new. It will show in your gallery just not as new.

      Should this happen to you please PM me as soon as you can, I will be able to fix the issue and let us know who it's affecting so we can see if there is a trend.


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      Animation Source newsApril 04, 2020
      Animation source easter egg hunt


      Starting  5th of april 12am (GMT) there will be 12 easter eggs hidden round the animation source for you all to find. Each egg has a character's name on it. The first person to find all 12 and pm me with the characters on each egg will get a character or image/fanart made selection of the week from april 12th-april 19th.

      The eggs can be hidden on any source , they will not appear on any submitting page, page with rules, people submitted content but may be found most other places.

      Have fun!!

      edit 2: i will post who the winner is once all are found , you may pm me with what you [...]

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      The Lion King Source newsFebruary 27, 2020
      The Lion King and Asian Animals


      Hello all.
      So far we have not said anything about allowing Asian animals on LKS. We are aware of them appearing in The Lion Guard (along with polar bears and moose) and have brought it up among us mods.

      We have decided that they should be allowed as they are canon but not in the Pridelands, and they should be only seen at and around the Tree of Life. They may know of the Pridelands, but as we do not see any of them visiting the pridelands, this is not allowed at this time, (if the rumored 4th season happens, we will revisit this).

      Edit: the following is clearing up a rule that has been [...]

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