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WN 8: HTTYD3, Everest, CWACOM, Coco

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¡Hola amigos! Welcome to the Weekly News, the place to check out for the latest animation news! This week we’ll be looking at DreamWorks announcing Everest and delaying How to Train Your Dragon 3, the first look at Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs: The Series, and new details on Pixar’s upcoming movie Coco.

DreamWorks delays How to Train Your Dragon 3 and announces Everest

Those excited for the third and final How to Train Your Dragon movie will unfortunately have to wait a bit longer, because it’s been delayed yet again.

How to Train Your Dragon 2
[DreamWorks Animation]

Universal Pictures and DreamWorks Animation have said that How to Train Your Dragon 3 will be delayed by another year, rescheduled for March 1, 2019. It is the third time the movie has been delayed since being green-lit in 2012. This action will leave Larrikins (DreamWorks’ first Universal-distributed film) as their sole feature of 2018.

Oriental DreamWorksBut to balance the bad news with good, DreamWorks have also announced a new movie for that same year titled Everest. Scheduled for a September 27, 2019 release, this is going to be the first original output by their Chinese subsidiary Oriental DreamWorks (Chinese: 东方梦工厂). The studio previously collaborated on Kung Fu Panda 3 by producing one third of the film in Shanghai, China.

Everest will tell the story of a group of misfits who encounter a young Yeti named Everest. They embark on a 3,000-mile journey from Shanghai to the Himalayas to reunite Everest with his family on the mountain of his namesake. The film will be directed by Tim Johnson (director of Over the Hedge and Home) and Todd Wilderman (co-director of Open Season 2). Writing duties will be handled by Will Davies, one of the writers of the first How to Train Your Dragon movie.

For my thoughts as a How to Train Your Dragon fan, it is unfortunate that the third movie was delayed again. No reason was given, but I think I can kinda understand why this was done. Their original 2018 release date was completely sandwiched between Disney blockbusters like the Han Solo Star Wars spinoff and Avengers: Infinity War. That competition would have seriously hurt Dragon 3’s box office performance, so it would make sense to delay the release. Maybe DreamWorks and director/writer Dean DeBlois also needed to polish the script and animation a bit more, because we’d hate to see a rushed finale.

As for Everest, I am curious to see what Oriental DreamWorks will deliver with this one, even if the plot seems similar to the first Ice Age movie. Plus the fact they got Tim Johnson to co-direct also peaked my interest. I haven’t heard much good things about Home, but Over the Hedge is one of my favourite movies, so I think he could do a nice job with this. Wishing DreamWorks all the best, and I’ll be sure to mark my 2019 calendar when the time comes.

First look at Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs: The Series

What started off as a children’s book was turned into the start of one of Sony Pictures Animation’s main franchises. 2009’s Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs and it’s 2013 sequel were praised for their creative depiction of food, along with wacky characters and humour. As a result, both have served as a pleasing appetite to a wide audience (…unless you’re AniMat).

With the success of both films, Sony Pictures Animation are bringing the franchise to the small screen as a 2D animated TV series for Cartoon Network. A newly-released extended clip gives us a preview of what to expect.

Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs: The Series serves as a prequel to the first movie before food fell from the sky. It features many of the original characters including inventor/scientist wannabe Flint Lockwood, his best friend and school reporter Sam Sparks, his dad Tim, Steve the monkey, and gym teacher Earl before his cop job. The 2D animation is handled by Vancouver-based DHX Media, the studio behind My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.

The Cloudy TV series will debut some time in 2017 on Cartoon Network in the United States, and Teletoon in Canada. Hotel Transylvania, another SPA franchise, will also get it’s own TV series produced by Nelvana, which will air on Disney Channel during that same year.

From what I’ve seen, it just seems like your typical dumb cartoon that relies big on juvenile humour and goofy voices. Nothing deep compared to some of Cartoon Network’s other big shows. But I will however give kudos to the artists and animators at DHX for their efforts in translating the 3D assets in the movies to 2D, because they have done a decent job at it. I’d say the series is just going to be a small novelty to the Cloudy films that will probably only last a season or two.

Cast and plot announced for Pixar’s Coco

2017 will be Pixar’s year where they release two animated features. Those are Cars 3, and an original film helmed by Toy Story 3 director Lee Unkrich. That original film is Coco, and new details have been revealed about the “music-packed-but-not-quite-‘musical’” film.

In a similar fashion to Jorge Gutierrez’s The Book of Life, Coco is another animated treat that centres around the annual Mexican holiday Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead). What has been announced by Pixar is that Coco will tell the story of Miguel, a musically ambitious 12-year-old boy who lives in a lively Mexican village.


Unfortunately for Miguel, his shoemaking family is the town’s only music-hating household. Music has been banned in the family for generations because they believe it’s a curse on them. The reason being is that Miguel’s great-great-grandfather left his wife Imelda (now Miguel’s great-great-grandmother) to pursue his performing dreams. Making Imelda alienated, she declared music dead in the family forever.

Miguel gets inspired by his musical idol Ernesto de la Cruz after finding out both have links between each other, but his actions cause him to end up entering the Land of the Dead. Down there, this will give him the opportunity to track down the soul of De la Cruz himself with the help of trickster spirit Hector, and try to earn his blessing to perform. However, Miguel also must find a way to return to Land of the Living before he’s out of time.

One of the important aspects of making the Mexican culture authentic is the all-Latino cast selected for the film. Newcomer actor Anthony Gonzalez was chosen to lead as the voice of Miguel. Other cast members include Benjamin Bratt (Despicable Me 2) as Ernesto de la Cruz, Gael García Bernal (Mozart in the Jungle) as Hector, and Renée Victor (The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim) as Abuelita, Miguel’s grandmother.

“It was important to us from day one that we had an all-Latino cast,” Unkrich said. “It focused us, and we ended up with a fantastic mix of people — some from Mexico and some from Los Angeles.”

With all these new details, I recon this could turn out to be another grand project from Pixar. I may not be much of a fan of Toy Story 3, but I am confident with Lee Unkrich handling this Dia de los Muertos project since the stuff he’s contributed to Pixar has been great. For now though, we’ll have to wait and see what Pixar will deliver when Coco will be released on November 22, 2017. We’re counting on you, Lee!

And that will be it for the Weekly News. Are you most-excited for How to Train Your Dragon 3, Everest, the Cloudy TV series, or Coco? Let me know in the comments below, and I’ll be back next Sunday with more awesome news. ¡Adiós!


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@Corndog101: I guess it's just his personal taste. The extreme-cartoony style just doesn't appeal to him.

December 13, 2016
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I never got why Animat hated the Cloudy movies anyway. Do you guys know why he does? Because I remember watching some of his videos and he hated on it. And I don't know why.

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The news for the 3rd HTTYD is really sad é_è But it's good that they know when to push a deadline a bit later to have a better result in the end. It's just... too far away T.T That's one of the movie I'm definitely waiting for!

I'm not interested at all by "Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs: The Series" because it sounds like a loud animated movie not really amusing nor interesting (except to keep your kids busy while doing something else, what is often the case unfortunately today...), but I'm a bit more interested for the Hotel Transylvania series! I didn't know one was coming =o I like the universe of the two movies, so I'm kind of curious about it - what will it talk about? How the kid grows up with monsters and humans? Will it be a CGI or 2D?

The story of Coco and the picture are interesting. Remind me a little about Orphée x) I'm curious for this one too :D

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