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The 2017 Valentines Project entires/New project!

Written by Karlamon :



[Image by Figa]

It’s that day of the year where a bit of love and kindness is shared around the world. On Animation Source, especially on the French side, Valentines Day is commonly celebrated with fan pairings being created in drawings and images. For the first time, the English side joined in with the French side for the first time in a Valentines project like this, and we have a lot of impressive entries to get through.

I have loosely adapted this article from Nakou’s French-side article. You should also give that a look as it has many awesome Theme Project entries that the French-side users submitted! I do apologise if I’m a day late with this article, but hey, better late than never!

New project:
The Cats Don’t Dance 20th Anniversary Project

DessinBefore we get into the entries, I should bring up what what our next project is going to be. The Cats Don’t Dance 20th Anniversary Project! This particular project is dedicated to the Warner Bros. animated feature Cats Don’t Dance in celebration of 20 years since it’s 1997 release!

So whats involved with this theme project? Well, the idea is to create a drawing or photoshopped image featuring a character from Cats Don’t Dance (list here) with a character from another Animation Source site in a singing or dancing situation. You can even choose a character from a French-exclusive site, and create as many submission as you like.

No sign-up is required to participate in this project. Also, don’t forget that your creation(s) must be submitted onto Cats Don’t Dance Source by March 25. Good luck, and have fun!

Collab Project

Before we get into the Valentines Surprise project, lets take a look at what Figa has been cooking up with her Valentines Collab!

A bunch of different users (14 in total) contributed their drawings of a romantic couple, and Figa combined them all into once big ferries wheel, which is one of the coolest places to show love! The users who provided a drawing include Icebairg, Masta', Happystool, Meemee, LilKen, Candy, Blazer Wolf, Ronno, Sisi, Mesh', Pô-le-Panda, FigaSnaki, and Nakou.


Surprise Project

Now it’s time to get into the meat and potatoes, which is the surprise project. We had a total of 19 participates, each with their own artistic looks and some interesting pairings. To make all this possible, we have asked the Imp from Strange Magic to obtain some love potion and spread it around Animation Source. Lets begin!

[Image by Nakou and Touchstone Pictures/Lucasfilm]

LilKen (Merida) made a gift for Ronno (Sven)!

It seems that Sven will enjoy the day the Scottish way, in which Merida offers him an apple. By the look of his adorable expression that LilKen added, I can defiantly see he really likes that food!


Icebairg (Jonathan Brisby) made gifts for Lilken (Scratte)!

Icebairg created two drawings to form a little story, in which Mrs. Brisby doesn’t seem pleased to see his son Jonathan attempting to give a flower to another rodent. In the lab, this will not be allowed.


Jonathan was given enough time to offer the flower to his crush Scratte before being dragged away by his mother. Gee Mrs. Brisby. Instead of telling him off for expressing love and kindness, why not punish him for his crappy sequel? Hopefully the two lovers will meet up again soon.


Nakou (Pascal) made a gift for ThankU (Bear Elinor)!

Just because a Scottish queen is cursed to be a bear doesn’t mean it’s always a bad time. In Nakou’s submission, Elinor seems to feel blessed that Pascal gave her a bunch of flowers to enjoy. Pascal’s camouflaging abilities made the surprise even more of a surprise for Elinor!


Redog (Copper) made gifts for Kyoko (Stella)!

Although separated from his former best fox friend, Copper can still look elsewhere to find some friendship, and that is where Stella, fresh from the New Orleans scene would come in.


A rose presented by Copper impresses Stella, and licks the hound in return. Nice work, Redog!


Pô-le-Panda (Steele) made a gift for Snaki (Dodger)!

Steele is a big hot shot around the girls, but that doesn’t mean dudes can’t hang out with him either. That seems to be the case with Dodger, where to two rogue canines show a bit of affection to one another in Pô-le-Panda’s sweet drawing. (untranslatable pun)

French-to-English translation by Nakou:
Dodger: “Happy Valentine’s Day.”

ThankU (Clawhauser) made a gift for Icebairg (Fifi)!

Who would have thought that doing housework would be this romantic? ThankU has put two Disney sidekicks together, and they get into some romantic dancing to spice up some fun in dusting. Maybe it’s their favourite song on the radio that got them grooving, but we can safely bet that Fifi’s date with Clawhauser is going much better than that time she had with Lumière in Belle’s Magical World


Etoile Bleue (Vitani) made a gift for Aleu15 (Charlie)!

At first glance, this may seem like an attack from behind, but the friendly Vitani seems to find Charlie to be more cuddly than delicious. I honestly think what Etoile Bleue drew here is just adorable!


Mesh' (Perdita) made a gift for Meemee (Lady)!

Well it seems with Mesh'’s entry that Perdita and Lady needed a short break from Pogo and Tramp, and the two some time to do more than just hang out in the park. I just hope their husbands don’t find out about this.


Sisi (Baloo) made a gift for Etoile Bleue (Thomas O'Malley)!

Who knew a small cat like Thomas would get on well with a giant bear like Baloo, especially since Baloo is super-cuddily! This drawing by Sisi shows Baloo grabbing onto Thomas as he shows the kitty the Bare Necessities” dance!


Figa (Cloudjumper) made gifts for OraKi (Maid Marian)!

In Figa’s series of drawings, she has placed Cloudjumper and Maid Marian into different animated film settings. The first one shows them waiting patiently for a train to Zootopia. I’m honestly not too sure how this dragon will fit in the carriages.


After that, they’re off on a viking experience on the island of Berk, and find the time for romantic affection.


And finally, they arrive in France to take care of the Beast’s castle while Belle and the Beast go on holiday. In this drawing, they dress up in the iconic outfits, and attempt to recreate the famous ballroom scene. I gotta admit for they vastly-different sizes, these two can be pretty good at dancing with each other!


Candy (Gilda) made a gift for Redog (Rain)!

In Candy’s set of drawings, Rain has somehow wound up in the land of Equestria. This is aparently the perfect opportunity for Gilda to seduce the new mare in town (no pun intended).

French-to-English translation by Nakou:
Gilda: “Hey Rain, take a look at the shining star!”

Her risk seemed to pay off. Rain feels welcomed in the new land, and the two bond with each other. Very sweet indeed!


Little Monster (Starlight Glimmer) made a gift for Stringer-Nuka (Shun Gon)!

Little Monster has somehow sparked romance between Starlight Glimmer and Stringer-Nuka. All this started with Stinger-Nuka offering a rose to the unicorn, and it turned out to be a nice result. Keep reading, because this ain’t the only pairing between a pony and a feline!


OraKi (Rebecca Cunningham) made a gift for Mesh (Mooch)!

Mooch’s garbage days are over, and now he’s part of a loving family with the Cunninghams. Rebecca does all she can to ensure her new pet is happy, and the bone she offers is something that Mooch just simply cannot resist! Nicely-drawn work, OraKi.


Snaki (Bagheera) made gifts for Figa (Terk)!

Terk seems to like eating fleas, and it appears Bagheera having a bad case of them. Luckly Tok is there to remove the fleas and feast on them himself. It’s a win-win scenario for both!

French-to-English translation by Nakou:
The flea hunting.

Once done, Bagheera shows greater appreciation towards Terk, and decided to spend quality time under the stars that night. What a lovely situation, with nice sketching by Snaki.


Meemee (Twilight Sparkle) made a gift for (Mittens)!

By the looks of what Meemee has drawn up, it appears that Mittens’ brief flight with Twilight Sparkle is sparked up more than just a friendship. Both charming, and nicely-stylised.


Ronno (Jim Hawkins) made gifts for Little Monster (Dimitri)!

You know what they say with Rule 85: “If it exists, there is a Pony version of it.” Ronno has applied that rule onto Jim and Dimitri with some interesting result. Is this a strange curse given by Rasputin? We may never know, but it seems the two don’t seem bothered, and are rather pleased to be in pony form.


The two are back in human form, and have great stories to tell each other to build their friendship. Rather it’s Jim traveling vast galaxies for hidden treasure, or Dimitri escorting a missing Grand Duchess of Russia accross Europe to reunite the Romanov family. Who knows, maybe Dimitri’s experience with romance will inspire Jim!


Aleu15 (Jenna) made a gift for Sisi (Grandmother Fa)!

This couple may seem strange, Aleu15 accepted the challenge with nice results. For this Valentine’s day, Jenna brought a letter to Grandmother Fa in exchange for a symbolic Chinese flower. She may be old, but age will not stop Fa from expressing love.


Unfortunately, Kyoko and Stringer-Nuka did not provide submissions of their assigned characters, and therefore will no longer be able to participate in the projects until they have submitted their missing parts.

As a replacement for Kyoko’s absence, Nakou was kind enough to make a nice sketch for Pô-le-Panda, which features Tod and Wooly.


Ronno also offered to contribute an adorable replacement, with the same two characters playing music together. I honestly wish this was The Fox and the Hound 2 instead of the mess we actually got. xD


And finally, we have Figa who filled in the gap for Stringer-nuka. In a scenerio where ancient bear and modern bear meet, Goliath shows affection to Koslov by offering fish that was caught the natrual way. We greatly thank both Ronno and Figa for going the extra mile to provide Pô-le-Panda the gifts he needed.


And that concludes the 2017 Valentines Day projects. Thank you to all who participated and created these wonderful submissions, and I hope you all had fun making them. It really shows how we have some great artistic talent on the site! We hope to see you once again in our future projects!



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February 17, 2017
Fan chars mod France Female Is not currently on the site
Grande Méchante Admin ~
I won't reply in details (mostly because Barrow already said everything) but Cats Don't Dance has been mentioned many time lately in comparison with the recents Lalaland and Sing! so it's not as forgotten as you're saying Troll.

I hope you'll like the movie LilKen, that's the spirit =P!

And I'm replying especially to you ThankU, I'm glad you like my part, you really deserve something great and I'm happy you like it =D You're welcome ^-^

February 15, 2017
Taiwan Is not currently on the site
All the works are great!

Thanks for the gift of Nakou, = 3
He looks so adorable. XD

February 15, 2017
Is not currently on the site
That was a lot of fun :icon303:
I think I will check out Cats don't dance so I can participate in the new project.

February 15, 2017
France Male Is not currently on the site
Is that a piano ?
This is a great news with amazing participations!
It's great to see so many characters and members participate =3 Love all around !

@TrollBerserker: Maybe you are not interested in Cat's Don't Dance but other people are and I'm sure we will have people to participate - It's not because it's not as famous as other sites that we have to forget about it & it is also the job of moderators to promote these sites and make people discover them. AS is about passion in Art and Animated Movies, its purpose is to share and discover new things, it is why we do these projects and invite all who want to to participate. This might be the occasion for many to discover the site. Please respect those who like this movie and worked on the website.

February 15, 2017
Site Builder (Content), Site Builder (Gr... Poland Female Is not currently on the site
Big Bad Mod
Lovely entries everyone! :)

Aaand I don't mean to cut off your enthusiasm, I really love how you come up with all these AS projects, but The Cats Don’t Dance? I literally forget it exists, I don't think anybody ever cares about this source.

February 15, 2017
Fan chars mod France Female Is not currently on the site
Grande Méchante Admin ~
Nice job in translating / rewritten the news Karl! And thank you to all English members for sharing your art through the organized projects! I love all your creations, especially Twilight and Mittens who are great together in a beautiful style < 3! You all did a good job and I hope we'll continue to have fun together =)!

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