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Secret Santa 2016 - The Gifts Are In!

Written by Karlamon :


Secret Santa!
[Walt Disney Pictures]

Well guys, the entries for the 2016 Secret Santa Project are in, and we’re ready to show them. This marks as the first time where both English-side and French-side users of Animation Source participate together in a project, with a total of 27 users participating!

I have adapted this article from Nakou’s 2016 Secret Santa article on the French side. Lets begin unwrapping, and see what gifts have been delivered!

If one of your creations does not appear in the article, please contact me with the link via PM.​

Anna Andersson (Kion) made a gift for Figa (Ronno)!

With the Christmas hats on, this ensures that predator and prey can have a good time together. Who knew that Kion would enjoy a climate completely opposite to his hot environment? Ronno seems pleased to know that. Nice job, Anna!

Kion and Ronno

Nakou (Sawyer) made a gift for Nick_ (Blu)!

Blu goes back to the cold winter once again as he spends Christmas with feline Sawyer with nice hot chocolate (with marshmallows) at a cozy fireplace. A very cute sketch, Nakou, love it!

Sawyer and Blu

Redog (Charlie) made a gift for Cyclone Blaze (Nick Wilde)!

Redog’s drawing shows us that Christmas ain’t always easy. Lucky for Charlie, Nick Wilde has arrived from Zootopia to give a helping hand in setting up the decorations while Charlie wraps gifts. A nice showing of co-operation.

Charlie and Nick Wilde

ThankU (Clawhauser) made a gift for Mesh (Scrat)!

In ThankU’s hilarious submission, Scrat ends up yet again in a sticky situation. His acorn has somehow ended up in Tundratown, inside Clawhauser’s giant donut to be precise. Will the two overcome their greed and end the fight over their prized nourishment (by maybe sharing)? I honestly love the comedic feel of this one.

Clawhauser and Scrat

Icebairg (Lord Dingwall) made a gift for Shamoxx (Bolt)!

Lord Dingwall traveled long distances from Scotland to play as Santa and find a missing canine. That dog turns out to be… Bolt? How on earth did he end up so far? Was there a mistake in filming? Either way, he met the guy behind Christmas in his misfortune! Nicely done, Icebairg!

Lord Dingwall and Bolt

Est22 (Lumière) made gifts for Blazetail (Muhimu)!

Following The Enchanted Christmas, what can you do top a Christmas celebration that involves an evil Tim Curry pipe organ? Well, bring in a zebra of course! Be our guest, Muhimu. Lumière will ensure you’ll have an unforgettable celebration!

Lumière and Muhimu

Now that the tree is done, it’s on to the presents! Looking good, Est22!

Lumière and Muhimu

SnowLeopard (Princess Luna) made a gift for Matama (Toothless)!

SnowLeopard’s cute drawing brings two terrors of the night together, who decide to soften their threatening nature by celebrating Christmas in the garland. What’s inside the wrapping? Toothless seems interested, but doesn’t know how to open his. Luckily Princess Luna’s magic should fix the problem.

Princess Luna and Toothless

Stringer-Nuka (Denahi) made a gift for SnowLeopard (Zuri)!

Denahi are set to exchange gifts, but Denahi has one small problem. He can’t find any gifts for the lions. Maybe a hug might fix things…? This is cute and quiet funny Stinger-Nuka, I like it!

Denahi and Zuri

Matama (Mittens) made gifts for Oraki (Mulan)!

Matama provides two nice drawing gifts for Oraki. Mulan ends up celebrating, but have a big of a playful tug-of-war while setting up the Christmas tree.

Mittens and Mulan

At the end of the day, the two settle into bed with Mulan reading Mittens some Christmas tales. But don’t you go bed now, we’re not done yet!

Mittens and Mulan

Po-le-Panda (Cri-Kee) made a gift for Blazer Wolf (Larry)!

Don’t underestimate Cir-Kee’s size. He may be small, but he’s a snowball battle professional, so be careful Larry. Very cute, Po-le-Panda!

Cri-Kee and Larry

Figa (Dusty) made gifts for Karlamon (thats me!) (Diego)!

Figa was assigned to draw my requested character Diego, and I gotta say… wow! I’m really amazed by her drawing skills, and was surprised that I ended up with two drawings! Both snow experts, the first drawing shows Diego and Dusty facing off to see who’s the fastest runner. Santa and Frosty cheer them on.

Dusty and Diego

After racing, they devour into some delicious turkey. Thanks so much for your gifts to me Figa! Absolutely love them both, especially the expressions!

Dusty and Diego

Troll Berserker (Bigwig) made a gift for Ronno (Roscoe)!

As species that are supposed to be natural enemies, it’s great to see that Bigwig and Roscoe are getting on well and even spending time together on Christmas. Your submission looks great Troll Berserker. Good work!

Bigwig and Roscoe

Karlamon (thats me!) (Robin Hood) made a gift for Redog (Spirit)!

And here is my gift for Redog. Robin Hood once again stole from the rich, and gave gifts to the poor. So in other words, he’s being Santa Claus! Spirit the stallion is delighted to see that Robin has a spare gift just for him. Whatever that wrapped gift is, that’s something for you to guess.

Robin Hood and Spirit

Blazer Wolf (Balto) made a gift for Icebairg (Mr. Ages)!

As one of my favourites of the submissions, what Blazer Wolf has made is something I’m very impressed with. Balto, needing help decorating the Christmas tree, asked the wise Mr. Ages to assist him with the job. The old mouse is an expert, and knows how the make the tree as beautiful as possible.

Balto and Mr. Ages

AlexKaltag92 (Kaltag) made a gift for Mymie-Chan (Bagheera)!

A nicely-made postcard by AlexKaltag92! With Kaltag and Bagheera, the arctic husky and the jungle cat sure know how to get along with each other. This is evident during during Christmas, where a good supply of gifts makes Bagheera feel welcome, despite still adapting to the cold.

Kaltag and Bagheera

OraKi (Mad Dog) made a gift for Nakou (Jewel)!

Who says a pirate can’t celebrate Christmas? Even Mad Dog one can’t resist his affection towards Dalmatian puppy Jewel. With a hot chocolate and a Christmas hat OraKi provided in this adorable drawing, it’s guaranteed it’ll be a great holiday celebration between the two.

Mad Dog and Jewel

Meemee (Tiifu) made a gift for Lilix (Jane Porter)!

Jane seems delighted with the gift she has: a small lion cub under her arm. The kitty is named Tiifu, and Jane has to bring her to Tarzan for Christmas, but is unsure how Flocon will react to this. Meemee sure has done a nice job with this one. 

Tiifu and Jane Porter

Mushette-98 (Merida) made a gift for Stringer-Nuka (Koslov)!

Mushette-98’s creation throws Merida into the cold. Merida laid her arms down on the table of Mr. Big who took this as a total outrage! How many times did Elinor tell you that a princess should not do that, Merida?! You will have been forewarned!

French-to-English translation by Nakou:

  • - Mr. Big: “I invite a human to eat with me for Christmas, we share the panettone together, I accept you in the family, I trusted you...”
  • - Koslov: “And you dare putting your weapons on the table?!”
  • - Froufrou: “DAD! We said no freezing on Christmas day!!”

Merida and Koslov

TheSSN20 (Rainbow Dash) made a gift for ThankU (Koda)!

Rainbow Dash decided to annoy Koda by swaying snow on him from his perch, but the teddy bear found a way to get revenge on the pegasus. This is pretty clever what TheSSN20 has made.

Rainbow Dash and Koda

Mesh (Puka) made gifts for Mushette-98 (Stoick)!

Mesh’ has created a series of images to tell a little story. Puka had been preparing a Secret Santa drawing for Stoick with the help of Anya.

Puka and Stoick

He gets scared when he see’s Stoick, but the viking appears to be impressed with the doggy’s gift.

Puka and Stoick

Stoick gifts Puka a scarf in return for his kindness.

Puka and Stoick

Mymie-Chan (Jim Hawkins) made a gift for Est22 (Naveen)!

Mymie-Chan has a giant sack of presents for Est22. But who can deliver such a huge amount? Well, it’s a bit too much for Jim Hawkins and Morph to handle, but good thing Naveen is here to give a helping hand. I gotta say this is a cool crossover since Treasure Planet and The Princess and The Frog are both directed by the same duo, and Mymie-Chan has done a great job executing this.

Jim Hawkins and Naveen

Shamoxx (Kodi) made a gift for Anna Anderson (Angel)!

For Shamoxx’s gift, Kodi and Angel spend their Christmas in a cottage on the mountains.While watching the snow fall, the two feast on on their Christmas dinner of fish to build back their strength for their journey back. A cute sketch I gotta say.

Kodi and Angel

Ronno (Danielle) made a gift for Troll Berserker (Faline)!

In Ronno’s drawing, Danielle helps Faline realise his dream of being one of Santa’s reindeer, even going as far as using fairy dust so Falne can fly! This is one drawing I really like!

Danielle and Faline

Cyclone Blaze (Kit Cloudkicker) made a gift for TheSSN20 (Elsa)!

With Cyclone Blaze’s entry, what a great Christmas Elsa has been providing. Thanks to her snow powers, Kit is able to have a great time snowboarding. His moves sure do impress Olaf!

Kit Cloudkicker and Elsa

Since this creation was a late submission, Figa volunteered to compensate with a drawing of Kit and Elsa. Both these submissions are pretty nice in my eyes.

Kit Cloudkicker and Elsa

Lilix (Tiana) made a gift for Meemee (Thomas OMalley)!

Lilix has drawn Tiana preparing a special meal for Thomas O'Malleh. I’m sure O'Malleh would serve as a fine guest in the New Orleans jazz scene.

Tiana and Thomas O’Malleh

As this was a late submission, Barrow volunteered created an image as compensation. You two did good work on your creations.

Tiana and Thomas O’Malleh

Nick_ (Pascal) made a gift for AlexKaltag92 (Tod)!

My oh my Nick_, what has Tod done to Pascal? Tod prepares a a gift for Copper, but he accidentally chooses the poor chameleon to be wrapped as the gift. Oops… Rapunzel probably won’t be too happy!

Pascal and Tod

Due to the delay in submitting, AlexKaltag92 was compensated by Figa with a drawing of Tod and Pascal playing together in the snow. I approve both.

Pascal and Tod

Blazetail Figa (Sierra) made a gift for Pô-le-Panda (Rasputin)!

Blazetail contributed no submissions whatsoever. So Figa has took her time to compensate Pô-le-Panda with a drawing. Thanks very much for your generosity and great work Figa! Seems like Rasputin is getting a gift for the first time.

French-to-English translation by Nakou:

  • - Rasputin: “No one never offered me a gift before...”

Sierra and Rasputin

And that concludes the 2016 Secret Santa Project. A big thanks to everyone who participated and expressed their creativity with great gifts. Additionally, I would like to thank Nakou, Barrow, and Ermi for their hard work in organising the project, and assisting me with handling it on the English side, plus to Figa for going the extra mile to fill in the delayed/unsubmitted entries.

We’ll be sure to have more projects/contests on the site in the near-future, so keep your eyes open. In the meantime, stay classy Animation Sourcers!


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January 03, 2017
Is not currently on the site
These are so nice, congratulations to everyone who took part

January 03, 2017
Mexico Male Is not currently on the site
I'm excited to see the job of all the users, and I can gladly say that it has inspired me to do something better for the next project. Again, sorry for all the trouble I caused due to the ordeal I've been through these days, which includes an unexpected accident at home.

Thanks for giving us the chance to participate in a project like this. It was really fun to do, but i was even impressed because there are very talented people here.

A belated happy new year, guys.

January 03, 2017
France Male Is not currently on the site
Is that a piano ?
Great News this was a great project with fantastic creations, I hope we will be able to do more partnerships in the future !

January 03, 2017
Fan chars mod France Female Is not currently on the site
Grande MÚchante Admin ~
The english side did a great job on their submissions (though I'm really disappointed by Blazetail's missing part).
I hope our futur games together will be as successful as this one!

Thank you Karlamon for organizing this project on the english side with us, I know it was really complicated to do and the first time it happened for you, but you really did a great job and put a lot of work on your news!

If any english member needs to translate a comment for the french side or to understand the french members comments, don't be afraid to send me a PM for help ;)

Happy New Year 2017 to all =)!

January 03, 2017
Uk Female Is not currently on the site
bi pride
what wonderful creations! good job everyone!

January 03, 2017
France Female Is not currently on the site
I wish to all of you a very happy new year 2017 !!;)
All the creations are so wonderfull!! :icon47:

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