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Join the 2017 Valentines Day projects today!

Written by Karlamon :


We’re pleased to launch this year’s Valentines Day projects!

Care Bears!

Hang on a minute! Isn’t it too early to celebrate Valentines? Well, true, but we’re announcing two exciting community projects to celebrate this year’s day of love, both of which we’ll be participating with French-side users. These include:

The Surprise project

Hosted by Nakou, this is where you gift a drawing to a user and receive one back from another user! Registration closes January 17, and submission deadline is February 11. Rules and registration can be found here!

The Collab project 

Figa is hosting a romance collaboration project, where your drawing of a two-character couple will be combined with other users’ submissions into one big image! Submissions deadline is February 10. More information on the project is here!

So if you’re interested in participating in either or both, then sign up today, and spread the love with you’re artistic talents! Have fun!


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January 29, 2017
Southafrica Female Is not currently on the site
Is it possible to drop out of the collab project?

January 15, 2017
Is not currently on the site
More Becky and Baloo love? Yes. :icon60:

January 11, 2017
Fan chars mod France Female Is not currently on the site
Grande Méchante Admin ~
Thanks Karlamon for translating the projects for the english side, I'm glad to see members are motivated to take part in =D !

And congratulations for your hard work, I know translating the whole thing wasn't easy, especially considering I'm not using an "academic" french with the french side, using familiar terms and jokes for examples, which was probably really difficult to understand with Google translate x) You did a great job anyway, and I can't wait to see what both sides will come with =D!

January 11, 2017
Is not currently on the site
:icon60: Yes! Drawing stuff! :icon60:
Thanks for noting me about this Karl

January 10, 2017
Site Builder (Content), Site Builder (Gr... Usa Is not currently on the site
let’s go lesbians!
Hmmm...I think I'll join, but I'd have to do my entry right away or else I'll forget. :icon300: :P

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