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Fan Characters - A Polite Notice

Written by pawface :


Hi, Pawface here.
This is a message Windhowler has requested me to post
on the Lion King Source News, regarding moderation of Fan Characters . . .


Fan Hello Lion King Source!

It has been brought to moderators' attention that a number of fan characters (both old and new) have a few elements included in their bios which don't comply with rules.

It is unclear whether the unsuitable content was allowed by accident or was added by the character creators after approval; but as the majority of these issues are quite minor, rather than deactivate these characters I would instead like to ask creators if they could possibly look through their characters to double-check they fit all the below requirements.

Many thanks in advance!

~ Windhowler

Note: All following text in bold font are the official rules - messages in italic font are additional notes, for clarification or tips/examples.


Your characters have to be complete.
This includes:


- A headshot for the small icon.
It has to represent the head of your character.


Examples - An ideal headshot shows as little of the rest of the character's body as possible and does not feature another character's head.


- A"detailed" image, it means that you have to represent the entire body of your character, including legs, tail, paws,etc.-

Example of a ideal detail image, showing the character's whole body, and what is not acceptable.

- If a tiny bit of the character is not in the picture (for example, the tip of their tail, ears or nose), this is acceptable, as long as it is fairly obvious that there are no markings/features being hidden. Even if one whole paw is completely obscured (hidden in grass, for instance), this is not a big issue; keep in mind, however, that showing all aspects of your character's design is always a great help to members who wish to draw/render your character, or describe it in a fanfic.


- A long enough description (At least 15 lines) with these informations -

- Name
- Age
- Gender
- Species (if animal)
- Personality
- Likes/dislikes
- History (at least 5 lines long)
- Relation with the movie (with one or more characters of the site's movie)




- A link with at least one character from the movie. -

Living on the same place than an official character isn't enough for your character to be activated. However, being friends, enemies, child or parent to an official character will be accepted. This is the most important point of a character on the site. It has to be a fan character, not an original character. The relation with the movie has to be strong.




- Alternate Universe characters are not allowed -

Your character can be introduced without taking part of importants events of the movie, but DO NOT change the events that happened in the movies (or any other canon additions). You can't create alternative plot of the movie or create alternative profiles of official characters.

Basically, no events in either of the official Lion King franchise films/series' can be changed. For example, characters with histories along a storyline of ''What if Kion didn't leave the Pridelands to find the Tree of Life?'' or ''What if Mufasa didn't die?''




- Only characters that are respectful to the rules will be accepted.-

Do not create offensive characters. (Not blood, violence, sex, or an attack against someone or a way of thinking).

If a character's bio dwells too much on, or hints heavily at, one of the above subjects, it is not allowed. Some things may be relevant in terms of real lions (in the case of the Lion King), but fan characters must stay within the spirit of the movie.



-Theft is forbidden!-

Only use images you are allowed to use. If you are using free linearts or blank renders from other members or other sites, you have to credit the person who created it. Never use a design made by someone else, it would be character theft. Redrawing someone's personal images or drawings will guarantee you a warning or a ban. It's also not allowed to take ideas, characters or copy character bios from another member (from Animation Source or elsewhere).



-Your character has to be unique.-

That means that, adding to the fact that you can't copy another member's character, you can't copy a character from another world and modify it to make your own character on the source (Example: Posting Spyro on Dragon source or tuning him into a wolf and putting it as your own character on Balto source).

*A FAQ is 'Can I make a page for a background character. eg. one of Zira's followers?'

Yes, you can create fan versions of background characters - however, it depends on how insignificant the character is and how much you add to them to make them creative enough - mods will decide how creative you are being with your fan version character.


If the name you wanted to give to your character is already taken by another member of Animation Source, you can simply write your username or initials after your character's name. There's no such thing as "stealing the name". Putting a warning like "don't steal his/her name" on your character's profile is not allowed!



- Your character has to be alone on its sheet.

It is obligatory to represent your character alone on its sheet. It musn't be confused with another character (on the headshot and on the image with the entire body).


Not allowed

Acceptable - but if you can avoid having any part of another character in the picture, the extra effort is always encouraged and appreciated.


-Stay credible !

Your character can represent an animal that doesn't appear in the movie as long at it's possible for it to live in the same universe (same country, time period etc.). You can't, however, use renders from another movie (if you want to make a wolf on Spirit source, you can't uses bases from Balto).

For example, tigers live only in Asia and they are not allowed in Lion King Source because the movie takes place in Africa*. Or you can't make a human character with modern-day clothes on Brother Bear source because the movie takes place in prehistoric times. Moderators have the right to deactivate a character they believe is out of context.

*Asterisk: This is an example - it appears it may not apply now since there are tigers in the Lion Guard.


- Your characters have to be in the spirit of the movie. (colors, context,etc...) -

If the colors of the characters from the movie are natural, you shouldn't abuse with the colors of yours. However, if characters from the movie have no natural colors, you can do the same. More information here :



* Using photos (from digital camera) for your characters is forbidden-
Whether it is for the background or for the character, photos from digital cameras are completly forbidden on Animation Source.



-Do not post unfinished character. -

You don't have to rush with characters. "Bio coming soon" pages are no longer allowed. Your character has to be completed before you send it on the site. If one of the rules above isn't respected, your character will be deactivated and you will have to complete it before submit it again. Also keep in mind that general rules and rules for images and fanarts also apply for the character section.




This is simply a reminder of the rules.
Although questions on the rules' clarification (within reason) are welcome, please discuss subjects such as their fairness or necessity in places such a appropriate forum topics, etc.
Thank you :)

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Last comments

October 11, 2019
Site Builder (Content), Site Builder (Gr... Australia Is not currently on the site
The all mighty green
I dont mind AUs, probs best to take the subject to the mod box so we can chat about this :)

October 09, 2019
Site Builder (Content), Site Builder (Gr... Poland Female Is not currently on the site
Big Bad Mod
AU rule is not a new one and if I remember correctly, it was implemented to avoid confusion because people tent to make their own AU versions of official characters as fan characters.

However AU fanfictions are not banned so this means you can't make pages for AU OCs. That's a tough one really. I wouldn't mind if AU characters were allowed with exceptions of making canon characters AU pages but I'm afraid getting an active mod team and Steet to work on it is out of the question. Almost everybody moved on...

October 06, 2019
Global Moderator Uk Female Is not currently on the site
NOTICE: Please remember that this is simply a News Post as a reminder of the rules :)

Although questions on their clarification (within reason) are welcome in the comment section; please discuss subjects such as their fairness or necessity on appropriate forum topics, etc.

If you have a problem with one of the rules and have members who agree with you, you can always go straight to Steet and discuss your issue - if there are enough people for sorting out a certain problem, it will be listened to. I personally have no ability to change or alter any of the rules.


October 06, 2019
Global Moderator Uk Female Is not currently on the site

What you bring up is actually not what mods would call 'rushed' at all - characters that have more to be added to their stories over time are perfectly fine, as long as they have the basic info and a minimum of a five-line history to start with (to show some effort has been put into them - I find a character with lots of work put into them from the beginning will be better looked after than ones with less work).

What mods view as 'rushed' characters are the ones that have very obviously rough, two-line bios and/or stolen body pictures or terrible renders (and some members used to churn out character after character with these kinds of traits but now, these bios appear very rarely on the Sources - thanks to the character guidelines.)

Reba: There are roughly five or six really active mods/boosters, working on everything Animation Source-wide - both French and English

October 06, 2019
Bangladesh Female Is not currently on the site
That's okay! How many active mods and boosters are here now really?

October 06, 2019
Usa Is not currently on the site
let’s go lesbians!
characters may SEEM rushed/incomplete at first glance, but they're actually not, either because the user doesn't have a grasp on storytelling or english isn't their first language.

some users might want their characters to have some mystery to them too! as long as they have basic information about them, there's nothing wrong with them.

at the end of the day though, it isn't up to us to decide what's rushed or incomplete unless it blatantly states "more coming soon..." or "wip", things like that.

that's just my take on things.

October 05, 2019
Global Moderator Uk Female Is not currently on the site
Reba - He's got a page now :) Unfortunately there aren't quite enough active mods/boosters to keep up-to-date with all that needs doing (we need help! lol :ScarDrama: )

October 05, 2019
Global Moderator Uk Female Is not currently on the site

' . . . but i think its sort of the nature of this site that a lot of rushed characters are made? ...'

Could you clarify on this?
Sorry, if I get your drift correctly (I'm probably way off - let me know if so), I'm not sure I agree with that assumption. I don't think it's the nature of this site particularly - the current rules have helped to up the standard of fan characters a whole lot since they (the rules) were introduced. Rather, my own assumption is that there are a myriad of fan sites on which members are able to create characters (that are undeveloped and . . . what's the best way to put it, if not 'rushed'? ) and there's also FaceBook (renowned for people posting stolen or quickly-made characters on fan groups) and DeviantArt; I should think many people who come to the Sources after being on these said sites (where I believe there are no official mandatory requirements for making fan characters - certainly not on FB!) are simply not used to having to follow the rules, all of which have a purpose.

My assumption, probably irrelevant. Anyway . . .

As stated in this news post, and by Steet himself (as you can see in a comment under one of the news posts I have linked below), creativity is encouraged on this site; but if it was banned to create AUs (certainly not the only way to be 'creative' - I'm sure you'll agree there are far more options for making an interesting and unique fan character), there was a good reason behind it, as I said before. Bear with me, I can probably find out why AUs became unacceptable, one way or another :)

Actually to my knowledge, AUs (that change official characters' stories) haven't been created on the Sources for a good few years until fairly recently; there doesn't appear to have been an issue about a lack of creativity /without/ AUs.

' . . . my experience with this site has taught me that steet isn't always possible to reach, so all I can do is ask you as a mod to put this forward and maybe question this? . . . '

From my own experience, Steet is actually reachable, especially if presented with an issue that's backed by several people, showing it's significance. It may take time, but if there were enough people for removing/changing a certain rule, I'm 99% sure it there would be an eventual result.

'. . . also could you provide a link to the old news posts . . . '

Here's a list of news posts referring to some of the character rules (the comment discussions are most interesting): aracters-Please-read/1408.html er/3562.html 3308.html les/3472. ules-and-moderation-chan/2617.html

Also some relevant asked Questions: lternate-universe-version/140519.html&searchtext=universe ground-characters/246888.html&searchtext=version versions-of-the-same-stor/254488.html&searchtext=version

October 05, 2019
Bangladesh Female Is not currently on the site
Well, in that case, I think the mods should upload an official character page of The Strange Lion so that we can tag him in our drawings/images that features him (and our versions of his story maybe?) I don't think his page is up yet, and it would be a lot of help :)

October 05, 2019
Uk Female Is not currently on the site
bi pride
but i think its sort of the nature of this site that a lot of rushed characters are made? au does not always mean rushed, and i understand wanting to limit the amount of rushed characters (though i personally have my own issues on what is even considered rushed and who gets to judge) - but to me, it just seems like a pointless endevaour (and is making more work for both mods and users) when perhaps aus arent inherently the cause.

my experience with this site has taught me that steet isn't always possible to reach, so all I can do is ask you as a mod to put this forward and maybe question this?

also could you provide a link to the old news posts you're talking about? just so i can get a better understanding myself


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