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Species: NightFury

"The un-holy offspring of lightning and death itself, do not engage this dragon, Your only chance of survival: hide and pray this beast does not find you." - From the "Book of Dragons"

Toothless is a Night Fury dragon. He was shot down by Hiccup, who used a powerful net launcher. Toothless and lost part of his tail through this, making him unable to fly on his own. Hiccup eventually trained himself to ride Toothless and helped him fly again.

When Hiccup was in danger, Toothless risked his own life to run and save the human. He succeeded, but was captured by Stoick and forced to lead the Vikings to the Dragon Nest. Toothless evenutally helped Hiccup kill the dragon "queen", saving Hiccup's life and helping dragons and Vikings unite.

Voice actor : None

Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III is a young VIking who can't seem to do anything right. One night, he shoots down a Night Fury dragon with a powerful net, and tries to explain to the village that he really accomplished something. No one believes him, so he rushes to find the dragon.

He finds it and is determined to bring its heart back to the village to prove he really is a Viking after all. But out of pity, he can't bring himself to kill the dragon, and instead sets it free. The dragon, in a similar act of mercy, refuses to kill Hiccup and instead howls in his face, leaving.

Hiccup is put into dragon training--the field where he has to learn to kill a dragon--along with several other Vikings around his age. He is taught several things about dragons, but he keeps going back to the Night Fury--whom he names Toothless due to its retractable teeth--and finds out that all he's being taught about dragons is wrong. He uses his skills learned with Toothless to manipulate the dragons back to their cages without harming them, which ends up crowning him as the top of his class.

As he is about to run away from home, his friend Astrid happens upon him interacting with Toothless. He takes her on a ride on Toothless and they end up going to the Dragon Nest, which his father Stoick has been looking for for years. He decides not to run away, but instead show the Vikings the dragons' true nature.

However, his plan goes bad, and it ends with Toothless being captured and Stoick leading the Vikings on a trip to the nest. Hiccup is forced to teach his classmates how to ride dragons, and they fly off to save the Vikings and defeat the dragon "queen". Once they get there, Hiccup saves Toothless (with some help from his change-of-heart father) and manages to defeat the oversized dragon--though he loses his left foot in the process.

Hiccup and Toothless began living together in Berk, having united dragons and Vikings once and for all.

Voice actor : Jay Baruchel

Fishlegs is one of the Dragon Riders of Berk and owns a Gronckle named Meatlug.

Fishlegs is big and chubby and very informed about the dragons, infact during the trainings with the other boys, he kept talking about the dragons weaknesses, strenghts, etc, which made his friends annoyed by him. He was very useful when the group has to face the Red Death because he could identify the weaknesses of the enemy dragon.

Voice actor : Christopher Mintz-Plasse

Stoick the Vast is Hiccup's father, and the leader of the Vikings. It was said that when he was a baby, he tore a dragon's head off its shoulders with his own hands. He is known for his strength, spunk, and one-sided conversations with Hiccup.

He longed to find the Dragon Nest, and it became an obsession of his. He was flat-out embarrased to have Hiccup as his son, due to Hiccup's un-Viking personality and looks. However, he was very brave and several times helped save Vikings' lives, including his son's.

One day, after coming back from an attempt to find the Dragon Nest, he found out that Hiccup had not only passed dragon training, but was at the top of his class. He was extremely proud of Hiccup for this, but after he found out Hiccup was only fighting dragons through unorthodox means--including keeping a Night Fury dragon of his own in secret--he denounced Hiccup as his son and used the Night Fury, Toothless, to lead him and the other Vikings to the Dragon Nest.

He only realized his mistake when a monstrous-sized dragon emerged from the nest, threatening to kill all the Vikings. Hiccup arrived and tried to rescue Toothless, and seeing his son's love for the dragon, he broke Toothless free of its bonds himself. After Hiccup and Toothless defeated the dragon, he apologized to his son and made amends. He then decreed that the Vikings and dragons would live together in harmony from then on.

Voice actor : Gerard Butler

Astrid is a young girl Viking who is determined to be the best in her dragon training class. However, her attempts are thwarted by Hiccup, who uses unorthodox methods in passing the class. She begins suspecting that Hiccup is cheating somehow, and follow him to a cove on day--only to find out that he has been keeping his own dragon, Toothless. While at first she is terrified of the dragon, she slowly warms up to Toothless after Hiccup invites her on a flight.

After Toothless is captured, Astrid helps HIccup rescue him and eventually helps the rest of the Vikings defeat the "queen" of the dragons. By the end of the film, she has developed a romantic relationship with Hiccup, and has a dragon of her own.

Voice actor : America Ferrera

Gobber is the town's blacksmith. He is in charge of creating weapons for the Vikings to use when facing off against dragons, and isn't afraid to go against dragons himself. He lost his hand and leg to the dragons years ago. And one more thing: Hiccup is his incompetent apprentice.

Gobber seems to understand Hiccup pretty well, and isn't at all embarrassed by him being unable to fight dragons. In fact, he seems to see Hiccup's weakness as a gift, perhaps one that could come in handy. 

He is in charge of training young Vikings to fight dragons, and is very surprised at Hiccup's progression. When it is revealed that Hiccup has a dragon named Toothless, Gobber doesn't seem to be too surprised.

He fights alongside Stoick in the final battle of the film, risking his own life to save the rest of the Vikings. He also makes a prosthetic leg for Hiccup after the latter loses his in the battle.

Voice actor : Craig Ferguson

Ruffnut Thorstron is one of the main characters of the HTTYD movie and TV series but not existing in the books. She owns a Hideous Zippleback along with her twin brother Tuffnut, Barf and Belch.

She and her brother are often see fighting eachother over the same weapons (a shield for example) and are both wild, reckless and adrenaline junkers. She wasn't very fond of Hiccup at the beginning but once he shown a great ability to treat dragons, she bacme one of his fans, eventually flirting with him before Astrid interrupted her.

Voice actor : Kristen Wiig


Tuffnut Thorston is one of the main characters of the HTTYD movie, books and TV series. He owns a Hideous Zippleback along with his twin sister Ruffnut, Barf and Belch.

He and his siter are often seen fighting eachother over the same weapons (a shield for example) and are both wild, reckless and adrenaline junkers. He wants to look brave and intimidating but, when something happens (with the Zippleback and the Terrible Terror during training) he runs away scared saying that he was terribly scarred. He joined the fans of Hiccup once he shown to have the ability of treating dragons.

Voice actor : T.J. Miller

Snotlout Snotface is one of the main characters in the HTTYD movie, books and TV series. He own a dragon, a Montrous Nightmare named Hookfang (Fireworm in the book).

Snotlout takes very seriously his dragon training class, always wanting to be seen as the thoughest, flirting with Astrid and telling out loud the ways he would kill a dragon, even to take venegance for Gobber's missing parts. But when Hiccup shown them how to befriend dragons, he was afraid and tried to get a spear head but he was blocked by Astrid. All his disliking towards Hiccup from the begging of the movie faded down and it bacame admiration when he was the first one of their class with dragons.

It wasn't mentioned in the movie but Snotlout is actually Hiccup's cousin as his father, Spitelout, is Stoick's brother.

Voice actor : Jonah Hill

Stormfly is a female Deadly Nadder owned by Astrid.

Stormfly was one of the dragons kept in captivity to help the young vikings to train. When Hiccup told his friends that dragons were not enemies, Astrid chose her to ride and, therefore, she became Astrid dragon. In "Gift of the Night Fury", like the other dragons, she goes away to laid eggs and returns with three hatchlings.

Hookfang is a male Monstruos Nightmare owned by Snotlout.

Kept in captivity with the other dragons, he wasn't used for the training but he was the prize for the first of the class, who had the honor to kill him. Hiccup was the one chosen but decided to not kill him and, instead, he shown the Vikings that dragons are not bad. Unfortunately, after Stoick shouted to his son, Hookfang was scared and started to attack Hiccup, who was saved by Toothless. Hiccup gave Hookfang to ride to Snotlout, who was very scared at the beginning.

In the TV series, Hookfang rarely obeys his rider. Deep inside he cares but he doesn't really stand the childish behaviour of Snotlout, which makes Hookfang act with disrespect.

Meatlug is a female Gronckle owned by Fishlegs.

Like the other dragons, Meatlug was kept in captivity for the dragon training lessons and was chosen by Fishlegs to be his dragon during the battle against the Green Death. Fishlegs believed her to be a male but in "Gift of the Night Fury" it is revealed otherwise since she laid several eggs that exploded and almost destroyed berk when they hatched. She and Fishlegs have a very deep bond, almost like the one that Hiccup and Toothless share.

Barf and Belch is the Hideous Zippleback of Tuffnut and Ruffnut.

Barf is the left head while Berch is the right one. Unlike their riders, Barf and Berch are able to work together and, like the other dragons, they were kept in captivity for the dragon training and were chosen by Tuffnut and Ruffnut to ride against the Green Death, becoming the twins' dragon.

The Green Death (or Red Death as renamed in the movie) is the main antagonist in the HTTYD movie and the antagonist in the first book.

The gender of the dragon is unknown but it's always picked as female, to make her the Queen of the dragons. She forced the other dragons to bring her food and was about to burn alive all the Vikings that arrived in her island. Hiccup and Toothless killed her but her death also took away one of Hiccup's legs.

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