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Nightlight (roxie)

Nightlight (roxie)


Created by : roxie

Main type : Avatar / Fursona

Realistic? : Unrealistic

Used in a fan creation? : Used in a fan creation

Permission to use : Public

Gender : Male

Character details : Many details

Main color : White

Animal/Human type : ---------


Detail Nightlight (roxie)

Name: Nightlight

Age: Depends on use

Generation: Toothless's


Parents: Nightlight's mother was a Nightfury and his father was a Lightfury. Both are unknown and both his father and mother are currently dead.

Grandparents: Unknown

Grandchildren: None yet

Siblings: None


Offspring: None yet


Personality: Nightlight is likes to consider himself brave.

Likes: Hunting and other dragons 

Dislikes: Humans

Friends: Lightfury and Toothless

Foes: Humans

Relation: Friends with the Lightfury

Image made by: me

Design: He is cross between Night and Lightfury. Resulting him to be both black and white. Half of his face and half of his right ear are black. He has black spots on the right side of his face and ear. Nightlight has light blue eyes. His left wing is black as well as his feet. He has black spots at the base of his other wing. The end part of his tail is black and the rest of him is white with some black spots on his tail. 


History: Nightlight grew up with loving parents. He has a Nightfury mother and Lightfury father. This resulted into Nightlight being black and white. 

He played with the other dragon kids. Both Nightfury and Lightfury, along with many other types of dragons. His best friend was Lightfury. She was fun but often go into trouble. 

One day whilst Nightlight and Lightfury were playing, Lightfury found human things. Curious the two started to explore the new interesting things. They were spotted by dragon hunters. Both Nightlight and Lightfury escaped home, but the dragon hunters followed them. 

All the Nightfurys were either captured or killed along with most of the Lightfurys. The dragon leader found a new home for the dragons, were they would never be found again. One Nightfury escaped but went on his own. (Toothless) 

Nightlight's parents were killed in the accident and Lightfury distrusted humans from then on. 

Lightfury still go's out into the world to explore but Nightlight stays home. Looking after the other dragons. 

One day when they were adults, Lightfury came back with a Nightfury. This shocked the dragons. They thought all the Nightfurys were dead



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