Jane and The Dragon Vs. How To Train Your Dragon

Jane and The Dragon Vs. How To Train Your Dragon

I've recently started watching an old tv show called Jane and the dragon. Then while i was searching sources i realized something.. HTTYD is alot like JatD. Here's a few reasons why.

Now some of you don't know what Jane and The Dragon is correct. Well itst alot like HTTYD. Only difference is this is in the viking days and JatD is in the times of kings and queens and knights. Perhaps this will be alot more helpful. 

My problem is that.. I think it may have been copyrighted from Jane and the dragon now don't get me wrong i love how to train your dragon but these have a lot of Similarities. Here is some of them.

Jane: The only girl in the kingdom who is training to be a knight. So she is kinda shunned by her fellow trainy knights for wanting to be one. As in her song before she had known dragon. Her will was to become a knight and slay one and her friends and family mocked her for it. She wanted to prove she could slay a dragon so one day the prince was taken from the kingdom so Jane made it her own duty to save him. She is set in the time of  medieval England.

The Dragon turned out more friendly then she could have possibly imagined and they had become the best of friends fighting together and defending one another. Thanks to the prince and the dragon Jane was put to become a knights apprentice. 

Hiccup: A boy who just wishes to be like everyone else but is shun because of multiple reasons. Not being brawn enough, strong enough, fast enough or have the gull to kill a dragon. Because of his determination he knocks a dragon out and goes to slay it only it backfires and he ends up letting it go and soon becomes his friend.

Not very shocking the similarities there are here. I will post up both summary's of the story and you decide if they seem alike then i will post pictures.

Jane and the Dragon:

Jane is a medieval middleclass girl being raised as a Lady-in-Waiting, but she’s got much bigger plans for her future! Training to become a Knight is what she’s all about - good thing she’s got a fire-breathing dragon as a best friend and a prince who owes her a big-time favour! (Based on the books of the same name by Martin Baynton.)

How To Train Your Dragon: 

The son of a Viking chief must capture a dragon in order to mark his passage into manhood and prove his worthiness to the tribe in directors Chris Sanders and Dean DeBlois' adaptation of Cressida Cowell's popular children's book.)

There seems to be a big similarity here now time for the pictures.

Jane and The Dragon: 

Jane and Dragon

Jane and the Dragon


Jane 12 years old




Full name: Jane Turnkey.


In Jane's day many girls didn't have last names until they took their husband's trade name, like Smith or Gardener. Sometimes they were named after the village where they were born.


Because her parents are nobles, Jane takes her last name from her father. Turnkey was the professional name of a dungeon master, and her father's family used to be turnkeys.


Later Jane discovers her grandfather (her mother's father) was a famous knight called Sir John d'Ark. He fought alongside Sir Theodore and died defending the Royal family. One day Jane will change her name to Jane d'Ark to honour his memory.




Dragon calls her Coppertop and Shortlife.

Her young friends sometimes call her Legs.

Pepper calls her Petal.


Job description:


A squire's time is divided between training and duty.


Training includes: Weapons training; horse riding; hunting; battle tactics; signals training; history; chivalry; languages; code of conduct.


Duties include: cleaning and maintaining weapons and tack; guard duty; patrols; helping tutor the royal children; general duties for senior castle staff.


Jane's History:


Jane was training to become a Lady-In-Waiting like her mother. She was taught to read and loved spending time in the royal library reading tales about warrior knights. She told everyone she wanted to be a knight, but no one listened - except Jester. He gave her a small suit of armour and Jane practised in secret.


Everything changed when Jane met her big green friend. Dragon had taken the Prince up to his cave, and Jane had ridden up to rescue him. She made friends with Dragon and brought the Prince safely back to the castle. As a reward the King made Jane a squire - a knight in training.


Gunther thinks Jane had already met the Dragon and had organised the whole thing


Full name: Unknown

Age: 300 years (approximately!)


Dragon would like to know his name, or even find out if dragons have names.



Jane has a lot of pet names for him including: Lizard Lips, Big Newt and Froggy


Job Description:

Dragon doesn’t have a proper job. He’s not in the service of the King so no one can order him to do anything. Dragon chooses what he does, and mostly he chooses to hang out with Jane. But he does understand that Jane has duties, and he tries to help her out when he can by flying her on patrol or keeping watch with her.


Dragon's History: 

Dragon was born in a cave about 300 years ago. He thinks it was the cave above the castle but he’s not completely sure. Dragon has had too many adventures in his life to record them all here, but he’s dictating his memoirs to Jane and she is doing her best to record them. These memoirs can be found in the Royal Archives in the castle library.


Favourite Food: 

Cabbages and Bog Myrtle. He likes Bog Mytle for two reasons. It’s an insect repellent, so his breath can keep flies away…and Dragon hates flies. It’s also very pungent (smelly), and Dragon loves smelly foods like cabbages. The tavern also uses it instead of hops to flavour some of the beers they brew in the village. They get angry with Dragon; they have trouble gathering it in the local wetlands because Dragon eats most of it!



Dragon wants to find out what he calls “the truth about dragons.” By this he means the real truth, not the stories and gossip he hears. He wants to know what they were like and why such terrible stories are told about them. And above all, he wants to find out what happened to them and discover if there are any others left in the world.


Favourite Song: 

Dragon has a great singing voice, but he doesn’t much care for what shortlives call music. The mooing of cattle is music to Dragon’s ears. He loves to sneak up as close as he can to a herd of cows and listen to them mooing to one another. Jane just doesn’t get it, especially because cows attract flies - which dragon hates.


Favourite pastimes:

Apart from creeping up on cows and hanging out with Jane, Dragon’s favourite pastime is watching shortlives getting upset. He can’t believe how angry they get over silly little things that ought to make them laugh.

Royal Family:


King Caradoc: Sir

King Caradok 30 years old


Full name: Caradoc Cedric Bartok Kippernook


The King was originally given a different name, but at a young age he adopted the name Caradoc. The reason is well known among senior members of the Court, but the story behind it is rarely discussed.



No member of the castle staff would use a nickname for the King. But the villagers have a few. He is known as: Kippers, Rattlebrain and King Softy.


Job description:

The King’s job is to devote himself to the protection and prosperity of his people. He holds court everyday to listen to grievances and settles disputes. He imposes fines and taxes and pays for the upkeep of the castle and the town.


The King’s History: 

Caradoc was born in 782 and was only 13 years old when his father died, too young to take the throne. When he was 14, Prince Caradoc met Gwendolyn, the daughter of a Scandinavian nobleman and fell hopelessly in love with her. He married her in 801 when he was nineteen years old, two years before taking the throne as King Caradoc.


Favourite food: 

The King’s favourite food is mashed potato. Potatoes are the castle’s best kept secret. It’s many hundreds of years before the rest of Europe will get to eat potatoes. They come from a remote undiscovered continent – undiscovered by shortlives, that is.



The King has one simple ambition. He wants everyone to be happy. He wants a happy kingdom full of happy subjects singing happy praises to their happy king.


Favourite ballad:

The King likes any ballad that makes him cry. Which is odd for a King who wants everyone to be happy. But he expresses it this way: ‘Let us turn to stories for sadness, that we can return to the world and celebrate our good fortune.’ One of his many commands to Jester is: ‘Let us weep a waterfall.’


Favourite pastimes:

Hunting, dancing and watching his wife embroider.

Queen Gwendoline: Jester

Queen Gwendolyn 28 years old


Full name:

Gwendolyn Hulda Ankarcrona Kippernook


Ankarcrona is her original family name and means anchore/crown.



No one has a nickname for the Queen, not even Dragon! Everyone is in awe of her beauty, kindness and gentle nature. 


Job description:

The Queen's role is to help her husband rule the Kingdom with as much wisdom as possible. She gives her advice quietly, and never in public. Jane suspects that she owes a great deal to the Queen. She thinks the King's continued support for her role as an apprentice knight, and her mother's growing acceptance of the situation, will have a lot to do with the Queens quiet influence behind closed doors.


The Queen's History: 

The Queen was brought up the daughter of a noble family across the North Sea in Scandinavia. When she was 12 years old (Jane's age) she accompanied her father to England on a trade mission. She met Prince Caradok who was 14 years old and the young Prince fell madly in love with her. They exchanged letters for many years and married in 801.


Favourite food: 

Pea soup and pancakes. One night Pepper woke to find the Queen herself in the Royal Kitchens at midnight making pea soup and pancakes. She told Pepper it was a traditional winter food where she grew up. Now Pepper makes it for the whole Court at least once a week, even out of season because Rake has learnt how to dry and preserve peas for the winter.



To help build a peaceful world for her children.


Favourite ballad:

She has a whole collection of songs from her homeland which she sings to herself, though never in public as they make her homesick and can bring her to tears.



Favourite pastimes:

Playing the harp. She is a beautiful player.

Prince Cuthbert: Ambition

Prince Cuthbert 8 years old


Full name: Cuthbert Hakan Kippernook


King Caradoc chose the English name Cuthbert as a good omen because it means famous. His mother chose the name Hakan which means ‘high and noble son’ in her Scandinavian language.



Jane and her friends have a great many nicknames for Cuthbert, none of them flattering and all of them too rude to be set to paper.


Job description:

He is the heir to the throne of Kippernium. His current job is to be a good student, to be tutored in all the skills befitting a future king.


Cuthbert’s history:

Cuthbert was spoilt from the day he came grumbling into the world. He was a sickly child and had a lot of attention from both his parents and from the entire court staff. He enjoyed being the centre of so much affection and even suffered wearing pretty clothes because it pleased his mother. Life started to turn sour the day his sister was born and he had to share all that love and devotion with Lavinia.



Most of Cuthbert’s ambitions are short sighted. They focus on what he can get every day to make life more bearable. So his ambitions are to avoid work, avoid study and find food. But deep down he harbours one ambition which is stronger than all of these, an ambition he has no idea even exists. He wants his parents to be proud of him.


Favourite food: 

Anything but vegetables. 


Favourite song:

His favourite song is ‘The ballad Of Cuthbert’s Cat.’ Jester wrote it for him when the Prince had a little kitten he was very fond of. Unfortunately for the Prince, the kitten was not so fond of her royal master and set off to find a better home for herself in the village. Now all Cuthbert has left is the ballad and a nagging suspicion that the cat was teaching him a lesson.


Favourite pastime:

Annoying his sister.

Princess Lavinia: Father

Princess Lavinia 6 years old


Full name: Lavinia Pernilla Kippernook


King Caradoc chose the name Lavinia to honour his father's passion for Roman culture - legend says Lavinia was mother of Rome. Her mother chose the name Pernilla, it means 'Little Rock' in her Scandinavian home tongue.


Job description:

Lavinia has given herself a job. It is her duty to make sure that everyone in the castle is happy. And the best way for them to be happy is to play with her - Lavinia.


Lavinia's history:

Lavinia has been the pride and joy of her parents from the day she was born. She is full of energy, full of life and full of opinions. She believes the castle is her playground and that everyone in it is a friend to play with. She has been educated by her mother and by Jester.



She knows she will be a great leader one day and wants to be a warrior like Jane. But she would also like to be a great cook like Pepper and to be a famous dressmaker who will create the most wonderful dresses in the whole wide world. Tomorrow she might decide to become something completely different.


Favourite food: 

Wild strawberries. Lavinia has loved wild strawberries from the moment she tried one of Pepper's strawberry tarts when she was just 18months old.


Favourite song:

Lavinia loves all music. Her favourite ballad is 'the Tale of Naughty Nettles' which tells of the story of how a pretty nettle became a stinging nettle, the most feared plant in the Royal Garden. Jester wrote it for her fifth birthday party. At the time Lavinia screamed and refused to visit Rake's garden for weeks. Jester had some serious explaining to do, but now Lavinia loves being 'pretend scared' by the song and asks for it all the time.


Favourite pastime:

Tea parties. Lavinia loves having tea parties with anyone she can sweet talk into playing with her. Only Dragon is brave enough to refuse an invitation to a Lavinia tea party.


Jester: Dragon

Jester 14 years old.


Full name: Jester.


Like a lot of young men in the middle ages, Jester was named after his profession.


First name: unknown.


In fact Jester does know his first name but he keeps it a secret.


Gunther thinks it must be embarrassing. In fact it's not - it's an interesting Roman name. Jester's family are travelling players, gypsies; originally from Italy. And one day Jester will reveal his true name to Jane.




Dragon calls him Floppy Hat and Jingle Boy.


Job description:


To entertain the Court with songs, jokes and riddles. 

To write ballads which record the great deeds of the Kingdom. 

To taste the food before the Royal family eat it.

To help the castle staff with their duties.


Jester's history:


The Jester arrived at the castle when he was seven years old. He was touring with his family of travelling players. The young boy was very clever; could dance, sing and play music - he could also read! He had outgrown his parent's ability to teach him so they asked the Court to take him into service. The King offered free tutoring and lodging for the position of Court Jester. Jester gets news about his family from other travellers and hopes that one day they will pass through the Kingdom again.




To see the world and write a magnificent ballad about his adventures.


Favourite food: Baked apples.


Pepper cuts out the apple core and fills the hole with raisons and honey.


Then she bakes it in the castle oven for an hour.


Favourite song:


'My tiny heart is broken.' A love ballad about a wilted lettuce that he wrote for Rake's last birthday.


Favourite pastime: Collecting rare documents.

Gunther: Family

Gunther 14 years old.


Full name: Gunther Breech


Gunther doesn’t know where his first name comes from but he likes the sound of it. He thinks it sounds like a strong warrior name. He knows that his surname is not well thought of in the area. The Breech family started their fortune by trading with the enemy forces when the castle was under siege two generations ago.



No one has a nickname for Gunther. Jane has a few names for him like beef-brain and donkey, but not a nickname.


Job description:


Gunther is an apprentice knight. His father wants him to work his way up in the world in order to increase the family’s status and trading power. So Gunther has to do all the duties of a squire and whatever training Sir Theodore and Sir Ivon set for him. But he also has to work for his father doing all kinds of labouring jobs.


Gunther’s history:


Gunther’s father is a wealthy merchant so Gunther has had good schooling and can read and write. He doesn’t know where his mother is. His father refuses to talk about her and gets very angry if Gunther asks about her. He has a few memories of her and has collected bits of gossip here and there. One tale is that she was the daughter of a rich trader and that the Merchant only married her to get her father’s business.


Gunther has several conflicting ambitions. He wants to be wealthy and powerful enough to be able to take control of his father’s business and force his father to work for him. He also wants to be a knight, but not just any knight, he wants to be the hero of the jousting circuit and have maidens swooning for him whenever he enters a contest. But he also wants to be liked. Gunther has lived in the shadow of his father’s behaviour and has grown up feeling the anger and the resentment shown towards his family. Gunther doesn’t want that, he really REALLY wants to be liked. He just doesn’t know how to force people to like him!


Favourite food:


Anything the King likes. Gunther wants to model himself on anyone who is wealthy or powerful. So Gunther would never admit to liking the simple food of the townsfolk (which he does.) Instead, he pretends to like expensive foods like black truffles and swan, both of which he hates.


Favourite song:


Gunther like comedy songs, especially about knights. And he is secretly writing some of his own. He’s quite good at it and is writing one at the moment called:

‘The halter polka’.


Favourite pastime:


Sleeping. Gunther works very hard doing chores for his father and practising to be a knight. So more that anything else, when he gets a free moment to himself Gunther likes to catch up on his beauty sleep.

Smithy: Castle


Smithy 14 years old.


Full name: Jethro Junior 

Smithy's family doesn't have a surname. And Smithy's first name isn't really Smithy, it's Jethro. He was named after his father who is also called Jethro. Around the town Smithy and his dad are known as Jethro Junior and Jethro Senior.



His friends all call him Smithy because of his blacksmith duties. 

His family still call him Junior. 

Dragon calls him Leather Legs because of his leather work apron, or Hammer Boy if he's beating metal when Dragon is trying to sleep.


Job description:

To repair and maintain the knights' armour and weapons.

To shoe, brush and care for the horses. 

To help with the repair and maintenance of the castle. 

To clean the stables.


Smithy's history: 

Smithy was raised on a local pig farm, the son of a pig farmer. Smithy quickly revealed a love and understanding of animals and gained a reputation as a pig whisperer. He was happy working for his father and wanted nothing more than to take over the farm when he came of age. But Smithy came to the attention of the castle when he was ten years old.


He had been out truffle hunting in the forest with his favourite pig. The Royal hunt came through and the King's horse shied when Smithy's pig looked up from the long grass. The horse reared and tried to bolt with the King, but Smithy stood up out of the grass, grabbed the reins and calmed the horse down. The King was so impressed that he offered him a job as a stable hand at the castle.


Smithy's family was thrilled at the honour. Smithy was not so sure, but agreed on condition he could bring his favourite pig to live at the castle with him. His family still live on the pig farm out beyond the causeway, and Smithy tries to visit them at least once a year.



To run his own manufacturing workshop one day. Smithy loves designing and building new tools, weapons and devices.

Rake: Royal


Rake 13 years old.


Full name: Drake Gardener Junior


His father called him Rake. His mother changed it to Drake because she thought it sounded a little more like a proper name.



His family and friends all call him Rake. 

Dragon calls him Gardener, Garden Boy and Dung Boy.


Job description: 

To maintain the formal Royal gardens. 

To grow exotic vegetables, fruits and herbs for the Royal table.


Rakes history: 

His mother was the daughter of a fisherman and his father worked in the Royal gardens. Rake was born on a bright spring morning between a patch of pumpkins and a row of radishes. His mother had come to tell Rake's father that the birth was near, but it was nearer than she realised. Baby Rake was delivered into a seed tray and taken to the royal fountain for his first wash.


Rake's Grandfather was the Royal gardener to King Aldric and designed and established the main gardens. Rake showed promise at a young age and when he turned 6 years old his grandfather made him an apprentice.


Rake was brought up by his Grandfather. His father left to fulfil a dream of being a sailor and Rake gets regular messages from the fisherman about his parents who work together on a trading vessel.


His Grandfather died when Rake was eleven years old. The old gardener left Rake his leather waistcoat and seed bag and Rake took sole charge of all the Royal gardens.



Rake wants his compost to be famous throughout the kingdom. His greatest pride and joy is his compost heap, a steaming pile of rotting vegetable scraps, straw and dragon dung. Rake helps Smithy muck out the stables, and in return he gets all the manure he needs for this beloved compost heap.


Favourite food: 

All vegetables. Rake believes vegetables are the source of everything good in life. And of all the vegetables he loves sweet baby carrots the best.


Favourite song: 

Rake loves a good love ballad. While he works he whistles some of them, and sings to the plants if no-one else is close by. His favourite ballad is 'The tale of Betty Potter,' a love story about a potter's daughter who falls in love with a white heron.


Favourite pastime: 

Cultivating exotic new plants brought to him as seeds by Jane and Dragon from their far off adventures.


Pepper: King

Pepper 12 years old.


Full name: Verbena Salter


Her mother chose the name Verbena because she was given scented oil made from the plant as a wedding gift. (See note below.)

Pepper’s last name, Salter, comes from her father’s family who were Salters for three generations. They salted the local herring to preserve it instead of smoking to make kippers.



Family and friends all call her Pepper.


Job description:

To run the Royal Kitchens and to serve the Royal family and guests at meals.


Pepper’s history:


His parents live at the wharf in rooms above rope-makers store. Her father works at the wharf unloading and delivering produce, especially fish. Her mother works in the smoking sheds where she hangs the herring for smoking and helps manage the wood stocks for the smoking fires.


Like most parents, Pepper’s mother and father wanted to make a better life for their daughter, and when she was ate 8yrs they took her up to the castle to try to find her work there. She became a maid in the Royal Kitchen.


When she was eleven, the castle staff was reduced and only Pepper was kept on in the kitchen where she runs everything herself. Pepper has a very busy day and only gets out when she goes to the local markets with The lady In Waiting to help buy produce. 

On these outings she always calls by to see her parents, and her father sometimes comes up to the castle to deliver goods from the boats.



Pepper has a very big ambition. She would like to fall in love and have lots of children. But she knows that when that day comes she will have to stop working in the kitchens. For the moment she is content to dream about getting married and having children.


Favourite food: 

Mashed potato. Pepper loves mashed potato because it is easy to make and everybody loves it. If she has some spare butter she will mash it in to make the potatoes extra creamy.


Favourite song:

Pepper loves music, especially dance music. Her favourite ballad is ‘The Green Rose’ which tells of the most beautiful red rose in a garden who became jealous when a tall red poppy grew higher that she did. She was so jealous that she strained and strained to grew taller and pushed the green colour from her leaves up into her petals


Favourite pastime:

If she has any spare time Pepper loves sculpting pastry into interesting pictures to bake on her pies. Instead of simple leaves she will make whole flower gardens from pastry.


NOTE: The species of verbena that Pepper’s mother was given as scented oil was an old variety that only grows in East Africa. A trader brought some to the wharf one day. It is called Lippia adoensis. As well as using it in oil it is used as a culinary spice in Ethiopia, where it is known by the Amharic name koseret.

Sir Theodore: Favourite

SIR THEODORE 66 years old.


Full name: 

Sir Theodore Boarmaster



Dragon calls him ‘Metal Legs’, ‘Clanky Legs’ and ‘Old Creaky.’


Job description:

Captain of the King’s Guard.


Sir Theodore’s history:

Little is known of Sir Theodore’s childhood. But as a young soldier he travelled to Bagdad in Persia. For hundreds of years the region had been the world’s centre of cultural, artistic and economic development. Sir Theodore gained high military honours working for the ruler, Harun al-Rashid.


He left Persia and came to Kippernium in 765 when he helped King Cedric regain the castle after the Wilderness Years. Just before King Cedric died, the old king appointed Sir Theodore as 'Lord Protector' to rule the Kingdom till Prince Caradoc came of age. Sir Theodore worked hard to re-build the castle and establish peace and stability in the kingdom. In 803 The King Caradoc took the throne and Sir Theodore stepped down as 'Lord Protector' and continued on as Captain of the King’s Guard.



Sir Theodore wants to ensure a lasting peace in the Kingdom. He has one ambition which he won’t reveal to anyone, but Jester thinks it has something to do with the small portrait painting he keeps near his desk in the knight’s quarters.


Favourite food: 

Turkish delight. He took a great liking to it during his years in Persia.


Favourite ballad:

Jester thinks Sir Theodore has mastered a number of musical instruments, though the old knight has never been seen to play any. The ballad he most often asks Jester to play after meals is ‘The Waking Of Gentle Sam.’ No one in the Court understands the song, for the words seem carry many layers of meaning. Jane believes that if she can understand the song, she will understand Sir Theodore. 


Favourite pastime:

Sir Theodore is a passionate falconer. He has trained many great birds in his time, but none has been as faithful and quick to learn as Trencher.

Sir Ivon: Jane


Full name: Sir Ivon Mackay



Gunther calls him ‘Beef Brain.’


Job description:

Knight of the King’s Guard.


Sir Ivon’s history:

No-one knows the true history of Ivon before he arrived at the castle. He has told Jane and her friends many tales of his adventures, battles and lady friends. But all the stories conflict with each other and Jane suspects none of them are close to the truth. Jester discovered that Sir Ivon’s surname means ‘son of fire.’ Dragon thinks the knight is an insult to fire.


In 792 Ivon arrived in Kippernium to participate in a Royal Tournament. He came dressed as a knight with all the right papers, a fine horse and a squire. He proved to be a great opponent in the arena and impressed Sir Theodore with his skills and courage. Sir Ivon stayed on in the village for a short while, got into serious debt with the tavern and has remained in service to the King to pay off his bills.



He wants to be remembered as a great warrior and wants to lead an arm to a great victory. Sadly for Ivon he has arrived in the kingdom at a time of peace and stability.


Favourite ballad:

Sir Ivon likes tavern songs. His current favourite is the Halter Polka.


Favourite food: 

Meat. The redder the better.


Favourite pastime:

Devising new weapons of war. He has devised dozens in his years at the castle. None of them work.

The Merchant: Years

The Merchant 41 years old.


Full name: Magnus Breech


The surname is not well thought of in the Kingdom. The Breech family made their fortune two generations ago by trading with the enemy when the castle was under siege.



Most of the castle staff call him The Merchant.


Job description:

He thinks of himself as a businessman. He has a warehouse in the town, a stall in the market and a sailing ship. He also has a smoking shed for kippers, a local quarry and some harvesting rights in the Royal forest. He trades whatever can make him a profit.


The Merchant’s history:

He is the only son of local traders. Both his parents are now dead, lost at sea when one of the trading vessels went down in a storm. The merchant was a very young boy and on board the ship when it sank. He and three crew were the only survivors. He was married to the daughter of a rich trader who he had been in partnership with. His wife has not been seen for many years and there is a great deal of gossip in the village about what might have become of her. He has one son, Gunther.




He wants to be accepted as an equal by members of the Court. He believes in buying his way to the top and in getting leverage by keeping people in his debt. He wants his son Gunther to be feared and respected by the entire kingdom.


Favourite food:


He loves to eat and believes that a large full belly is a sign of wealth and prosperity. His favourite food is black truffles.


Favourite song:


He like sea shanties because they are working songs and hearing them reminds him that his trading ship and its sailors are out on the ocean making him money.


Favourite pastime:


Reading. The Merchant believes books are the best road to a fast fortune. He knows that knowledge is power, and that the more books he reads, the more knowledge he will have.

Lady In Waiting: Job

Lady In Waiting 36 years old.


Full name: Adeline Turnkey.


Before marrying Jane’s father, Adeline’s family name was d’Ark.



Most of the Court call her ‘My Lady’. Jane does too, but she is also allowed to call her ‘mother’ in private. Dragon has several names for her including ‘Goose Neck’ because of her high, stiff collars, and ‘Chalky’ because of the powdered chalk she uses to whiten her face.


Job description:

Her main role is to attend to the Queen, to ‘wait’ in attendance ready to carry out duties. She is the Queen’s dresser and also looks after the Royal children. Because it is a small castle with a small staff she also has the duty of overseeing the smooth running of the castle.


Adeline’s history:

Adeline was born to nobles in the Royal Court, her father was John d’Ark, First Knight to the king. The year Adeline was born, 776, the royal family were still in exile in the catacombs. She was only one year old when her father died leading the diversionary assault on the main gate to retake the castle. It was year of the Great Returning and Adeline never attends the celebrations to honour that victory.



Her ambition was for Jane to become a lady in waiting, marry a noble and produce a great many grandchildren for her. That dream has gone and she finds herself a little lost and confused when thinking about the future.


Favourite food: 

Roasted chestnuts. One of her earliest memories is of dancing with her mother through a crunchy carpet of red and gold autumn leaves. They were out picking the fallen chestnuts which they roasted that night by an open fire. Adeline looks forward to autumn each year and to collecting chestnuts with Jane. It is one of the few activities they still do together as mother and daughter.


Favourite song:

Jester wrote a ballad celebrating Adeline’s father, John d’Ark. It is called ‘The First Knight.’ She refuses to let it be played in public, but Jester knows she secretly likes it, and he will play it on a late summer evening while sitting alone on the steps of the Royal Conservatory. He had done so once and Jane told him she had spotted her mother in the shadows of the balcony above, listening quietly.


Favourite pastime:

Cards. Adeline is a fearsome card player.

Chamberlain: Wants

Chamberlain 38 years old.


Full name: Milton Turnkey.


For several generations the Chamberlain’s family had been dungeon masters – called Turnkeys. It became the family name.



Jane calls him father, which he is. Dragon calls him Worryguts, which he is. Jane’s mother calls him Milton when she’s cross with him, and Milly when she’s pleased. He hates being called Milly but doesn’t tell his wife for fear she will stay cross all the time.


Job description:

To maintain the castle, advise the King, balance the Royal books and collect the taxes.


Milton’s history:

He was a bright boy and asked that he be taught to read and write by the Royal Librarian. He became a scribe to the old Chamberlain and discovered errors in the Royal Books. He thought they were honest mistakes, but it turned out that his master was cheating the Royal Books. Milton was promoted to be Chamberlain by Sir Theodore who was Lord Protector for young prince Caradoc and in charge of the castle affairs.



His ambition is for Jane, not for himself. He wants her to be successful in her dream to become a knight. But like any father, he is fearful of the dangers she faces every day.


Favourite food: 

Rhubarb and custard. He is never happier than when rhubarb is in season. Jane thinks she once saw him smiling at the meal table when he was offered seconds. Her father NEVER smiles.


Favourite song:

He prefers music without words. He loves the harp. But he secretly admires a ballad Jester wrote about Jane. It’s called ‘All You Can Be.’ And he will sometimes go and read it to himself. There is a copy in the Royal library.


Favourite pastime:

Chess. It is not so much that he likes the chess itself, it is more because Jane does; and it allows him to spend time with her sitting at one of the great tables in the throne room in front of a roaring fire.

Now Base these characters on some of the ones in here. You'll see that they are greatly related towards these characters. If not then perhaps your in denial but im here to prove something that seems real to me. I don't know how else to explain. So hope this clears things up for you. 

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Amelle Kyre
November 27, 2012
Is not currently on the site
Also JatD is based of books add well °x°

November 07, 2012
Is not currently on the site
well i saw the series but for a short time because they were boring the historys dont have any thing of common the only thing is that they heve dragons°x°

and well one is funny the other not and like Dunedain says the series have written a lot time ago and how to train your dragon is new

August 08, 2012
Usa Is not currently on the site
I used to watch Jane and the dragon quite a bit. I honestly don't see any similarities, except maybe for the animation style of the humans. I didn't think anyone watched the old show! Cool to find someone who knows what I'm talking about. I never met anyone else who watched it. It was a good series; I'm surprised more people haven't seen it. Dragon was, of course, my favorite, but I loved Jester and Smithy, too. Who was your favorite?

May 27, 2012
Is not currently on the site
If you are concerned about similarities between stories (and how some people say one story took its ideas from another story), visit http://tvtropes.org/ and read how story tropes are used over and over again because there is nothing new under the sun. Just because a story has a dragon does not mean the writer took the idea from other stories that have dragons any more than a story that has a hero took the idea from other stories that have a hero.

I encourage you to become a writer.

P.S. I think it funny that some people say a story that was written 100 years ago stole its ideas from a movie released recently. Except for H.G. Wells, who had a "Time Machine," I have no idea how that could be done.

December 11, 2011
Usa Female Is not currently on the site
I'm familiar with the show, but i don't think hat HTTYD was copied from JATD, true they have some what similar themes, but not enough for HTTYD to be copied from the old TV show. After all It's safe to say JATD's themes were taken from Pete's Dragon which is a old movie. then we must also remember that HTTYD was a Book first, Was JATD out before the HTTYD books? And some of the Similarities between the two are just because there common themes used in those time periods. "If not then perhaps your in denial" no many people have many different views and no one point of view is wrong or right until proven by Interviews with the movie makers.

"I think it may have been copyrighted from Jane and the dragon"
not really, story themes cannot really be copyrighted, characters can but not story themes and plots. If this was so many of your favorite movies, books, and TV shows would be long gone. I think people just treat this movie like they were treating " AVATAR " a lot of it's themes were a lot like other various movies from the past. But the fact is a lot of material now comes from elder TV shows, books, and movies from the past,bits and pieces are added together to make another great movie. it's how the film AND art world works.

also fact is, most Dragon themed Movies and shows are Always alike in some way....i mean would there be a movie if the dragon ate the hero or if the Hero was popular? no it wouldn't reach out to the viewers hearts, it can also just as easily be said HTTYD was like Eragon...which in some ways it was a lot like that as well.

It's also well known in the fan world that the main heroes look very much like "The Black Cauldron" kids. It's all time period theme relative. for the most part.

Also In the fan circles of JATD many people say some of it's material was taken from as i said "Pete's Dragon" but some other movies that people believe JATD was based on are "pippy longstocking" and "Annie" (personally i don't see that one) .

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