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Icon made by the awesome Kelsey the Zombie <3

Hey everyone, I'm Draco, an EX-global mod on the sources. I've been a member and mod on this site for a long time. And while I had a lot of fun at times, I'm just at the point where I need to move on. The sources are barely active at best these days, and it just doesn't hold my interest any longer.

I'll always remember the fond memories I had around here though, of friends, art and the like. I'll be keeping my art up for now, but thats it. 

Submission wise I am no longer active on any source. If you'd like to check out my full gallery, it can be found on DeviantART. Feel free to follow me there or on Discord. Username is the same for both accounts, and I'm active.


I support rare sense, critical thinking, and encourage using your brain. Think before you speak/type.


Requests: CLOSED

Art Trades: CLOSED


Nava The Wise: Draco....a wonderful person to know and a friend....I have told her some feelings of mine and she understood them perfectly....She is like.....AWESOME I cant think of words to say for her...she is like the best person to know and become a friend with.....she will listen to any problem just like me...she will help and protect any of her friends...she is very cool person and means alot to me for the way she is....she is like off the Chizang..XD but all kidding aside...She is one hell of a person and mod....she deserved it..and to this day I am glad to know her and keep her as a friend...I just hope it will last along time.


Draco~ "Theunbeatableprobablythemostdeadlyandposiblythemostgruseman duglywaitthatsredundentohwellanywayhoridlyunavoidableillegal inseventeenstatesincludingMaineandColoradotypeE17Glompofdoom 


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Main information

Member since : 02 February 2006
My group : Senior Mod
Country : usa Usa
Age : 30 years (2 March 1988)
Gender : female Female

Last comments

November 30, 2016
Usa Male Is not currently on the site
O' Cap'n My Cap'n!
You certainly may. lol I have many others like it, and covering many other topics, as you might imagine. XD Any are yours if you would like.

July 16, 2016
Finland Is not currently on the site

April 21, 2016
Usa Female Is not currently on the site
Senior Mod
So basically a little obvious RazorxCallie that isn't inappropriate? haha

April 21, 2016
Usa Male Is not currently on the site
It seems like there's a void in the fanart; there doesn't seem to be anything relating to Jake/Razor and Callie that doesn't fall under either "is that the best you could do?" or, "How long has your mind been in the gutter?" Think you can serve something up?

April 20, 2016
Usa Female Is not currently on the site
Senior Mod
@Jake Razor - sure, if it's not intended to be a request Lol. I'm not taking them at the moment. Mainly I'm just doodling them in more my style, less cartoony. 83


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