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Weed is the son of Gin and Sakura. His mother becomes extremely ill so he went hunting food for her, he encounters GB the English Setter who gives Weed the bird he caught. GB gets inspired by Weed's bravery when he tries to save Sasuke from the farm's guard dog. When he is fighting, Weed does the Battouga without knowing it and Smith witnesses this. Smith, GB and Weed set off to Ou after Sakura dies so that Weed can meet his father. GB becomes Weed's God father and gives him his name.

Gin and Weed are similar even though they haven't met. Weed shares similar characteristics and opinions. He helps his friends, strangers who are danger and he believes violence is not necessary to solve every problem. Weed thinks his father is killed when he runs into Gin's substitute, Tokimune. Tokimne gets killed infront of Weed's eyes and he gets very upset someone risked his life for him. He aids the Ou pack in any way he can to bring down Kaibutsu. When he and the Ou soldiers meet Jerome's group he is able to cross the canyon just like his father did in the past to prove he's a real soldier.

Weed's first kill is Kaibutsu when he pushes him off a cliff and positions him in the air so the beast would get impales on the log with the sharp branch below. Jerome then becomes his advisor and trains him each day to become a strong fighter. Everyone agrees that in Gin's abscense that Weed would be the new leader. Akame runs to Ou and meets Weed for the first time. He notifies Weed that Hougen is a new threat and has captured Gin and John. Weed leaves Mel and some other soldiers to take care of the exhausted Akame and to guard Gajou. Those not left at Gajou leave to gather soldiers to help defeat Hougen and save Gin. Each day Weed shows his care and compassion for others. His compassion gets Rocket to change from Hougen's side to join the dogs of Ou. Rocket tried to kill Weed but is is defeated by Jerome.

Rocket asks to join again after Jerome puts him in his place. When he asks for forgiveness and to join, Weed accepts but isn't fully forgiven until he risks his life to save GB and Weed hanging on the side of a cliff after being blown by bad winds. Weed later encounters Kyoushiro in Shiga and fights him. He tells Kyoushiro not all adults are abusive and that he is dissapointed in Kyoushiro trying to solve all issues with violence. He suggests raising the young dogs in his pack with kidness, that is a parent's job. The assassins Thunder and Lecter show up and injure GB, Rocket and two of Kyoushiro's followers. Weed fights Thunder while Kyoushiro fights Lecter. Weed's bearhound instincts wake up while battling the deadly assassins. His men inspire Teru to forgive his father who in the end stands up for his son and attacks the assassin brothers. Weed later lets Lecter and Thunder go after Jerome and Hiro beat them up. Kyoushiro then joins Weed's pack along with his 50 young followers. Weed's sense of justice, care and maturity gain him as an ally.

In the manga Weed's story continues. He meets new enemies, new allies, reunites with his long lost brothers Yukimura and Joe and he eventually finds a mate - a young kishu named Koyuki who in the end of the manga bears Weed's four pups, Orion, Rigel, Sirius and Bellatrix.

Voice actor : Sashi Kokuryu

He is the master of the Iga clan and the most experienced ninja dog. His follower's listen to his orders and Akame remains loyal to the Iga's purpose which is to protect secret Iga documents with in the House of Iga. Akame and the other Igas mistake the Ou pack for being members of Koga and lures them to the poisoned thorn trap. After seeing Ben and talking he recognizes who Ben is. The two dogs met in the past. Ben's master mistaken Akame for a squirrel and he got shot then brought back to the master's house to be healed. Ben released Akame when he begged Ben he needed to return to his children in the wild. Akame goes with his men to retrieve the medicine to cure the poisoned Ou pack. Kurojaki and the Koga dogs fight with Akame and Kurojaki gives two scars to Akame's neck with his scythe.
       Akame ordered his men to bring the medicine to the Ou pack and Gin goes back to rescue Akame. Later on that day Akame burns down the Iga house to end the feud with the Koga. Kurojaki and the Koga dogs jump into the fire fulfilling their mission being part of the Koga clan. Even Akame had to respect the Kogas that day for fufilling their mission as ninja dogs.
     Before the fight with Akakbuto, Akame and Gin devise a plan to take down one of the Bear's protecting Akakabuto's territory. They ram a shark branch into the bear's mouth, ultimately killing the bear.


He later serves as a tactician for Gin and becomes his left hand man. He was the one to bring up the idea of Ou leaders' substitutes while the real leaders are on a mission. Akame, Gin and John are on a mission in Nothern Alps when they are ambushed by Hougen's army. Gin orders Akame to escape and find Weed while he and John take the enemies.



Voice actor : Michihiro Ikemizu; Takeshi Matsuyama

Ginga Nagareboshi Gin

 At first John appears to be Gin's rival when he 'steals' the pheasant from Gin. He is a well-trained hunting dog that has travelled the world with his master, Hidetoshi and taken down various wild animals including beasts from Africa. He responds to commands in English. He angers Gin when he kills Akakabuto's cubs because Daisuke just killed their mother and as babies they were innocent. Despite the few quarrels, Gin and John become friends. John wanted to feel out the Ou pack and at first didn't think they were worthy enough to join but after challenging the leader he changed his mind and made himself loyal to the group. He joins back up with Ben's group by the Iga house and he kills some Kogas. John is a great asset to the group and kills enemies very quickly.

Ginga Densetsu Weed

In Ginga Densetsu Weed John is one of Ou generals. He gets imprisoned in Northern Alps by Hougen and his army. John manages to escape with Hiro, Reika and three dogs loyal to Ou - Tomi, Roshi and Lefty, but the group is quickly chased by back by Hougen's army. John, Tomi, Roshi and Lefty stay to fight the enemies while Hiro and Reika have chance to escape. John fights bravely, but he is criticaly wounded and he loses his life against Hougen and his men.

Voice actor : Hideyuki Hori

   Ginga Nagareboshi Gin

Ben the Great Dane is the leader of the first platoon in the Ou army. The leader greatly entrusts Ben as a soldier and friend. He goes to help gather males and has connections to the Kai brothers and Akame in the past. When the Kai brothers were puppies he saved them from a murderer and made sure they were alright. Akame was shot by Ben's master by mistake and Ben set Akame free so he could return to his pups and Iga clan in the wild. Akatora, Chutora, Kurotora, Akame and the Iga dogs join the pack due to their connection with Ben. Unfortunately when Ou soldiers first meet Akame on the Iga grounds they run onto the poison spikes in the area. Ben refused to take any medicine until the rest of his soldiers were healed. He has issues with his vision from the poison and eventually becomes blind. Without his sight he couldn't be a proficient leader so he chose Gin to take his place and become the leader of the first Platoon.
       He is left behind with Moss and Cross on a ship as Gin and the others gather fighting dogs from Shikoku. It is suggested that he goes back to his master so he can have his eyes healed. The humans do some work but being impatient, knowing the fight with Akakabuto is near, Ben breaks out of his cage and run to his pack. His vision seems to be fine and he prays it lasts until the fight against Akakabuto. He meets up with part of the pack in Mutsu where the dogs are cornered by the four Husky Generals of Mutsu (Kisaragi, Minazuki, Uzuki and Hazuki). The dogs battle and the Ou pack's bravery inspires the Mutsu pack to join. They only fought dogs while the brave, real males of Ou were going to take on a demonic bear!
      Cross is his mate and she becomes pregnant with his puppies. The day before the battle with Akakabuto she gives birth to three puppies and Riki asks Ben as a friend to stay behind with Cross so Nem can enjoy his children and be a good father. Ben does not obey however and Cross understands. Sniper encounters Ben and they fight. He drags Sniper down a cliff to kill that traitor. Hyena nearby is inspired by Ben and so he gains bravery and jumps down the cliff into his death. Luckily Ben survives and later is able to fight against Akakabuto. Ben is the first dog to sink his fangs into that evil bear. With his strength and determination he throws Akakabuto down from his rock castle for the rest of the pack to attack him.

Ginga Densetsu Weed

Ben lives in Kofu with his mate Cross, Kurotora and Kurotora's sons and nephews. He's an old, blind dog and plays a minor role. At some point in Ginga densetsu Weed manga Ben dies of old age.

Voice actor : Hideyuki Tanaki

Cross is the only female dog in the Ou pack and is accepted as a male. In her past before joining the pack, she gave birth to puppies. One day she went into Futago Pass with her hunting dog group and master. They were attacked by Akakabuto. She was wounded defending her master and all her friends were killed. Her unfaithful master got scared and abandoned Cross. After this incident she could no longer trust humans so she ran away and joined Ou's army.
      During the conflict between the Iga and Koga dogs, she saves Kurojaki's puppy after Wilson throws it down a cliff. The puppy becomes part of the Ou pack after Kurojaki commits suicide by jumping into the burning House of Iga. It's later revealed that Ben is Cross's mate and she becomes pregnant with his puppies. It does not stop her from completing her mission, fighting or running with the pack. She leaves Ben on the ship and swims to Shikoku to tell Gin news about the other platoons captured in Mutsu. On shore she passes out and Benizakura saves her. His master wants to keep Cross but she has to return to her pack. Benizakura releases her after Gin proves his bravery to him.
     Cross meets Oliver who helps her travel in cars since running hundreds of miles while pregnant takes a toll on her body. Oliver also is able to help the Ou pack a few times travelling in the back of large trucks to get across the country faster. The day before the Battle she gives birth to three puppies, Ben, George and Minnie. She understands Ben's fighting spirit and allos him to fight Akakabuto. Cross tells him to say goodbye to the pups,but he says he doesnt plan on dying. She watches the battle with their pups and they see their father face the evil bear with great bravery.

Voice actor : Hiromo Tsuru; Keiko Mizutani

Of the three Kai brothers, Kurotora is the most aggressive. In his past, Kurotora lost his eye from Martin the murderer as a pup. Ben later chased off the murderer and saved the Kai brothers. At the first meeting of the Ou pack he is nearly drowned when Gin makes him his opponent. Later on in Shikoku he is buried in the ground as part of a trap for Ou dogs by Bill and Sniper's pack on Shikoku island. Kurotora wouldn't have been caught if he ran away, instead he stayed and fought with the dogs because he refused to turn his back on an enemy.


In Ginga Densetsu Weed Kurotora is the father of three sons - Kagetora, Nobutora and Harutora. He is also taking care of Chutora's four sons, Dodo, Buru, Shigure and Shouji.

Voice actor : Ryouichi Tanaka; Tadashi Miyazawa

Smith is source of comic relief in the Ginga Nagareboshi Gin story. He's also the leader of the 3rd platoon. Often he jokes around but he is always loyal to his pack. He and Gin share a special bond. He saves Gin from Sniper's attack and injures himself in the process. Later he is wounded by a bear in the attack of Akakabuto's allies. He is saved by Gin when they get surrounded by a group of bears. After he healed up from resting he leads Takeda Gohei to the battle scene with Akakabuto and Gohei shoots Akakabuto making the giant bear collapse.

In Ginga Densetsu Weed smith is a serious character. He is a respected and feared old soldier. He's missing his right leg and it's revealed in manga that he lost it while saving GB from a truck. He meets Weed and travels with him to Ou where they find a giant moster dog Kaibutsu terrorizing the lands. Smith enters Gaijou to fight Kaibutsu and sacrifices himself hoping that the rocks will bury him and his enemy. However, Kaibutsu survives and Smith's heroic death turns out to be in vain.

Voice actor : Kyouko Tonguu; Ryusei Nakao

He's the son of Kurojaki. The collie Wilson captures him and throws in off a cliff as a revenge for Kurojaki killing his familly, but the pup is saved by Cross. After Kurojaki's death he is taken by Ou dogs and he goes under Moss's care. When Cross gives borth to her pups, Chibi stays with them.

In Ginga Densetsu Weed he is named tesshin and is an adult ninja dog who lives in a Koga village. He was taught Zetsu Ternou Battouga and was meant to be the leader of Ou after Gin's death in case he doesn't have any heir. He teaches Weed the Battouga, but he refuses to go with him against Hougen. However, he is presuaded to go by an elder dog Chouroru. Tesshin leaves to save Gin from Hougen's prison. He defeats Genba and damages his brain.

Voice actor : Unknown

Kaibutsu was a dog chosen for experimentation by a group of scientists. His body was modified and with great pain, Kaibutsu suffered every day for five years from experimentation and tests. Jerome, one of the security dogs from the lab would talk him through the pain every day through a vent. No other dog gave any notice to Kaibutsu. Kaibutsu. Over time, Kaibutsu's body grew to an abnormally large size and his hatred for humans grew as well. One day, he managed to escape from the lab. Jerome was one of the security dogs sent to find and hunt down Kaibutsu after his escape. In the wild Kaibutsu would hunt and eat humans and the people of Japan started hunting the wild dogs including the dogs of Ou because most of the people who saw Kaibutsu didn't live to tell the story.

   While living in the wild, Kaibutsu killed Tokimune (Gin's substitute) and everyone thought it was Gin, including Weed. Smith explained to the Ou dogs who Tokimune was. Later on Noss (One of Jerome's subordinates) is killed by Kaibutsu when trying to lure Kaibutsu out of Gajou for an ambush attack. Smith sacrifices himself while fighting Kaibutsu, he latched onto Kaibutsu as Gajou's heavy rocks fell on top of both of them. Kaibutsu survives and next day tells the dogs of Ou his back story while talking to Jerome. He can't see why he should be loyal like Jerome to humans, when humans tortured him. Kaibutsu owes Jerome so much for talking him through the pain all those years and doesn't want to kill him. He snaps when Jerome calls him P4 and Kaibutsu kills Heuler, Robert and Rocca. All of the dogs attacked the weak point in his chest, tearing it open wider with each attack. Jerome grabs ahold of Kaibutsu's heart with an attack but is uffocated by Kaibutsu massive jaws.

   Ken and Kagetora hold down Kaibutsu and Weed pushes Kaibutsu with his comrades off of a cliff. Using the wind, Weed moves Kaibustu around so he lands on a log below with a sharp branch sticking up. This kills the massive, experimental dog.

"Kaibutsu" means "monster". He never get a real name as he was taken by scientists only to be a test subject.

Monster was born to be an experiment and was soon taken away from his parents. He was never allowed to leave Transgenic P4, the part of the laboratory he was kept in. Genes of cow, human and several other animals were put into him. The purpose of the experiments was to create organs for organ transplantation.

Voice actor : Masaharu Satou

Ken is one of the three puppies of Ben and Cross. He's a good friend of Kagetora. The two live in Ou with a small pack and when Weed arrives, they join him in a fight against Kaibutsu. After the battle Ken and Kagetora are send to Kofu for Ben, Cross, Kurotora and his sons and nephews. Ken and Kagetora reunite with Weed and with advice from ben they defeat one of Hougen's generals - Batt.

Voice actor : Teruaki Ogawa

    Blue is a stray Siberian Husky who bosses around his pack. He acts kind and caring at first but the longer a dog stays in the pack, the crueler and more demanding Blue becomes. When Hook was a puppy, his older brother (still a puppy) rebelled against Blue's ways and was killed by Blue right infront of Hook. Blue has Mel as the newest and youngest member of the pack and he pushes Mel to steal food for him and fight off enemie including Weed. Mel stands up against Blue with Weed's encouragement. When Blue is being chased by Weed, Smith and Gb he jumps over a fence and into the road. He gets hits by a truck and Weed tries to save Blue from getting hit by another one. As Weed jumps to save Blue, Blue pushes Weed out of the way. Blue gets hit but, before he dies he tells Weed he wishes he could have met someone who was kind like Weed earlier in his life. Maybe he wouldn't have ended up so mean.

Voice actor : Unknown

Ginga Nagareboshi Gin anime

Gin is a silver brindle Akita Inu dog and he is the main character of Ginga Nagareboshi Gin.

The Story tells of him growing up to become a great bearhound. As a newborn puppy he sees his father Riki get thrown off a cliff by a giant bear Akakabuto. He is taken at a young age by Takeda Gohei to be trained as his new bear dog. His training is tough but he endures and becomes stronger than the rest of his siblings. Daisuke is Gin's good friend and trains with him after Gohei has to stay bed ridden to get better from injuries. Gin helps Daisuke make his first bear kill when he steals Doctor Hidetoshi's hunting bow and at this time Gin gets his characteristic head scars.
  When Gin encounters the wild dog pack of Ou he gets inspired and joins them, leaving Daisuke with a great pain in his heart. He saw the pack take down a bear and is willing to join because their goal is o take down Akakabuto. Their leader reminds Gin of his father Riki, but the he claims he doesn't know the silver puppy. Gin grows and matures, helping greatly with acquiring good soldiers. Other dogs are inspired by Gin's bravery. He displays great leadership skills and is picked to take over the first platoon after Ben loses his vision from the Iga dogs' poisoned spikes.

 In the final battle the wild dogs leader Riki finally recogizes Gin as his son. Gin learns a deadly attack called Zetsu Terou Battouga and kills the giant Akakabuto, but his father dies from the wounds and Gin takes over the wild dogs pack.

Ginga Nagareboshi Gin manga

The Ginga Nagareboshi Gin manga continues with Ging and his pack battling with wolves, but it doesn't have any great impact neither on Ginga Densetsu Weed anime nor mangas.

Ginga Densetsu Weed anime

In Ginga Densetsu Weed Gin is an adult dog and a leader of Ou pack. gin and his two trusted friends, John and Akame travels away from Ohu to search for Gin's long lost mate Sakura. They meet a dog named Hook who tells them that Sakura is dead, but she had a son named Weed who had gone to Ou to search for his father. On their way back Gin and his companions are ambushed by Hougen's army. Gin sends Akame back to find Weed, but he, John and the female dog named Reika are imprisoned by Hougen. Gin is wounded and kept in a ruined house untill Tesshin comes to his rescue. He appears under Gaijou in the final battle against Hougen, but he desn't help his son, as he believed it's Weed's fight and he should defeat Hougen alone.

Ginga Densetsu Weed manga

In the manga Gin's story goes a little diffrenet. Istead of being too weak to move and rescued by Tesshin, Gin escapes Hougen's prison by himself. The Ginga Densetsu Weed manga continues after defeating Hougen with Gin, Weed and their pack meeting Gin's other sons - Yukimura and Joe and helping Gin's old friend on Hokkaido defeat Russian army dogs who attacked their home.

Voice actor : Eiko Yamada; Hiroki Touchi

Jerome is one of the dogs specially trained to be a security dog at the lab where Kaibutsu was experimented. For five years he would talk through a vent to encouage Kaibutsu to get through the pain from experimentation, he said it would be worthit in the end. When Kaibutsu could no longer take the pain, he escapes the lab. Jerome and the other guard dogs are sent to find and kill Kaibutsu. He and his assassin friends (North, Rocca, Heuler and Robert) meet Weed and his pack. The dogs of Ou show their strength and spirit by jumping over the canyon near Gajou. Jerome's group decides to work with Weed's group to take down Kaibutsu since he was a common enemy. North shows Weed the way in Gajou and they plan to lure Kaibutsu out for an ambush. North is killed but this doesn't shake Jerome's nerve or the other Assasins. Smith sacrifices his life to make rocks fall on Kaibutsu.

Later the next day, Jerome and Kaibutsu have their last talk. Kaibutsu doesn't want to kill Jerome because he owes him those years of comforting words while in the lab. Jerome tries to explain a dog should be loyal to it's master no matter what they put their dog through, it's a dogs duty to be faithful. Since ancient times dog and man worked side by side. The words mean nothing, Kaibutsu has truly become a monster. Jerome' remaining subordinates attack Kaibutsu's weak point in the chest. They all fall in the line of duty and Jerome is nearly suffocated when he attacks Kaibutsu. He gets the monster's heart in his jaws. Kaibutsu gets pushed off the cliff and impaled on a branch below thanks to Weed. Jerome survives the fall and decides to live in the wild and serve Ou.

Jerome becomes Weed's advisor and keeps a close on Weed at all times. He teaches Weed how to fight. Jerome is good at judging character and could tell Rocket was one of Hougen's men. Weed gets captured by Rocket and his Borzoi brothers but Jerome comes to the rescue and defeats them. After Rocket realizes the good spirit that Ou soldiers have, he tires to join to be a real member of the pack. Jerome doesn't trust him after what happened even though Weed said he trusts Rocket to lead them throught  the Alps to gather more comrades to fight Hougen. When Rocket risks his life to save Weed and GB from falling off a cliff, Jeromes rescues Rocket and tells him he can lead the way.

When the Ou dogs are being shot at by hunters, Jerome jumps in the way and takes a bullet for Weed. His life is dedicated to his leader. Later on Jerome kills Thunder and Lecter which angers Weed. Weed did not want him to kill them. He gets exiled by Weed and all the other dogs get greatly stirred by this. As an exile Jerome gains followers and will always remain faithful to Weed.

Later on Hougen pushes Weed in to an ice cold river covered by ice. Jerome sacrifices his life to save Weed.

Unlike in the anime, Jerome does not die in manga. He reunites with Weed and aids the Ou army.

Jerome is captured Russian army dogs that attacked Hakuro's terirory in Hokkaido, but he presuades his guard, a female German Shepherd named Lydia to let him go and join Ou army. Lydia becomes Jerome's mate later on and in Ginga Densetsu Weed: Orion they they have six pups. Four are black and white like Jerome and two are blue like Lydia.

Voice actor : Masaya Takatsuka

Kagetora is the son of Kurotora and brother to Nobutora and Harutora. He's a good friend of Ken whom with he lives in Ou during Kaibutsu's terror. When Weed arrives, they join him in a fight against Kaibutsu. After the battle Ken and Kagetora are send to Kofu where Ben, Cross and Kagetora's familly live. Ken and Kagetora reunite with Weed and with advice from Ben they defeat one of Hougen's generals - Batt.

Voice actor : Eiji Takemoto

Weed, GB and Smith meet Hook after they encounter the Golden Retriever puppy, Mel, in a town. Hook explains why Mel ignored them even after Weed saved Mel's life. Hook told them Mel is a member of Blue's pack. He used to be member as well, Blue was kind to Hook and his older brother at first but later became crueler, demanding the puppies to risk their life to steal food. As a puppy, Hook saw Blue kill his brother after rebelling against his cruel ways. Hook was later captured and taken in by a loving master. Smith encourages him that he has a strong spirit to face Blue. Hook breaks free and aids the three Ou dogs from Blue's men.

After the death of Blue, Hook pledges to help Weed when ever can, no matter how far they are in distance. He later on gets attacked in the Northern Alps by one Nero and his men. Nero is a member of Hougen's pack. Gin, John and Akame show up and scare them off. Hook tells Gin he met his son, Weed and that he's in Ou with Smith. He also breaks the news that Sakura had passed away from illness. With the information from Hook, Gin sends Akame to Ou to find Weed and the rest of the soldiers.

Hook sees where Hougen and his men takes the injured John and Gin. He sneaks into the shed where the two Ou leaders are being kept and gives them snow to drink from, he tells them allies are on heir way to help them escape. While Hougen's men are busy killing Rocket's two brothers, the reinforcements show up (Tomi, Lefty and Roshi). When they sneak out with John, he gives Hougen's men the wrong directions to buy them time to escape. He wants to help Gin to escape, but Gin orders him to go aid John.

After burying John's body, Hook escorts Riki through the Northern Alps so they can bury one of John's fangs in Ou.

Voice actor : Kan Tanaka

Hiro enters Hougen's territory while travelling and encounter's his men who he fights. He castrates one of the two perimeter guards and they run away from Hiro. Somehow Hiro caught word of Hougen fighting Gin of Ou and wants to check it out for himself. He later makes his way to Hougen's house and defends Reika who tries to escape. Hiro aims to castrate Hougen, but he leaps over Hiro and threatens to kill Reika if he retaliates. Hougen's men beats up Hiro and brings him to where injured Gin and John are. 

Tomi, Roshi and Lefty show up to come save Gin and John. They also want to save Hiro but he says he doesn't like working his group. He changes his mind when he hears Gin and John talking about saving Reika. Gin cares so much about his friends and is willing to risk his life for those he cares about. Hiro had no idea how kind of a soul Gin had until then. He offers to help them save Reika. When they escape, he asks John to promise him that he won't die because John wants to split up. It is inevitable Hougen's men will go North towards Ou (the direction John and his followers are heading). Hiro heads West with Reika and they meet up with Weed's group. They show up as John is dying and Hiro tells John that the odds are turning in Ou's favor to bring him peace while he dies even though it actually isn't happening.

In the manga Hiro settles down with Reika and they have four pups. Three males, Kin (the one that resembles him the most), Tama (golden like him but with lesser brown ears) and Shou, who greatly resembles Reika and one female, Ami, twin of Tama.

In GDW:O, Hiro is among those captured and locked in a shed by Kurohabaki Jinemon. He is later saved and released into the mountains with his wife and children.

In TLW, Hiro fought against Moonsoon's bears and get wounded, only to follow Gin and getting fatally wounded by Moonsoon himself to protect Gin. The deceased Hiro and Gin fall down a cliff and get later fished up by a children and his father whose hooks got stuck into Hiro's corpse.

Voice actor : Kenji Nomura

Reika meets Gin during a snow storm as they are travelling through their hometown. She's friendly to them because her father was one of the dogs who faught against Akakabuto. She brings them to a shed where they take shelter in the storm. Rocket is sent to spy and find the leader of Ou. He runs into Reika who is on her way to bring Gin, John and Akame food. She lies to Rocket telling him she did not see a brindle akita. Hougen's men take Reika as a hostage and as a prize for Hougen. They then surround the three Ou leaders. Akame escapes to go to Ou for help and to see Weed. Hougen says they will kill Reika if Gin and John attack. They give in to save Reika and get beaten up badly. John and Gin get taken to a shed in Hougen's territory where they are held hostage and tortured.

Hougen is very interested and Reika but she ignores him. He calls her his girl and even hunts for her. When Hougen brings her a fawn, she escapes and Hiro shows up trying to defend her. Hougen manages to get ahold of Reika by jumping over Hiro. Hiro is beaten and dragged away to where John and Gin are being kept. Hougen threatend to kill Reika if he were to attack back. Reika escapes with John, Hiro, Lefty, Roshi and Tomi. She and Hiro head west and split up with John's group. She is so upset tht the leaders of Ou are risking their life to save someone like her. Reika holds a lot of guilt on her shoulders especially after John gets killed by Hougen.

After the dogs bury John and the other three that fought alongside John, Reika goes with Hook through the Northern Alps so they can bury one of John's fangs in Ou.

In the manga Reika settles down with Hiro and they have four pups. The male named Kin (only one named bpup with specified gender) and other unnamed pups are golden, one is brown like Reika and one is golden with brown ears like Hiro.

Voice actor : Rie Nakagawa

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