Predecessor of "Ginga".

Predecessor of  Ginga .

Possible origins of inspiration and influence.

So, in Japan, this manga is very popular. However, something could be a source of inspiration for such a big story. "Ginga" has a really terrible and incredible villain (ruthless, crazy huge bear Akakabuto), a magnificent opening theme (and title track intro), excellent animation. Although the manga evolved into a real saga, which has a lot of fans, I will not miss the time to find his ancestor. Someone might say that this is just a big coincidence, but "Ginga" borrows plot moves many of the original product. Believe me, a lot of similarities in the story and characters. I'm talking about the original "Ginga" (Ginga Nagareboshi Gin). Let's see.

Meet. "Daisetsuzan no Yuusha Kibaou" in japanese or "King Fang" in english. This is a very old anime was created In 1978. It was created by Togawa Yukio. The animation is very good. I've had time to look at it. And I like it.


Do you see the similarities?


Okay. Plot: The main character is a wolf and it thinks about revenge. The fact is that a huge one-eyed bear killed wolf's family (mother-wolf protected them, but it was killed along with its partner). The survived wolf cub (King Fang) was raised by people and grown as a hunting dog. But the wolf hears the call of the wild, and its main goal is to kill the bear. Soon he performs his job.


It is very atmospheric, cruel and strong cartoon.


Okay. The greatest similarity in the design of antagonists. This is a huge aggressive bears, besides one-eyed. Many hunters have tried to kill them, but they died themselves or simply were losing their dogs in a fight with a dangerous predator. The main character always has a connection with the antagonist (the killing of parents or friends). They have their own personal grudge. The child helps the main character (here, girl). The protagonist himself destroys the villain with the latest hits, becomes the new leader and leads the pack in the snow-capped mountains.


I showed the most obvious similarities.

Thanks for reading.

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November 08, 2015
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Also, the bear in King Fang's missing eye scar is a lot like many of Ginga dogs'. So many, there is a category on Ginga Wikia for them! xD

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