GNG-like stories of Yoshihiro Takahashi

GNG-like stories of Yoshihiro Takahashi

Other stories that are also about bears and bearhounds

Besides Ginga Nagareboshi Gin, Yoshihiro Takahashi created a few other stories involving canines and villain bears. I'm not going to take King Fang's topic since Marroah already made a nice article about it here. I'm just going to make a short reminder, that it was an anime released in 1978 (5 years before Ginga Nagareboshi Gin), very similar to GNG in plot, about a wolf seeking revenge on one-eyed bear.

At 1983, before Ginga Nagareboshi Gin was released, Yoshihiro Takahashi published a short story called "Saraba! Kita no Okami'". It takes place shortly before Hokkaido wolves went extinct and tells a story of a boy named Ichiro who lives in hunter community. While on a hunt with his friend, he mets a wounded wolf puppy and decides to help him.


Meanwhile Ichiro's mother was attacked and killed by a bear. Soon as Ichiro learns about his mother, he rushes back to the village, taking the wolf pup, that he names Chibisuke, with him. Back in the hut elders, women and children are waiting for men to come back from the hunt. The hut is attacked by monstorous bear named Kinge who begins to kill the remaining villagers, but then Chibisuke calls for help from his father's pack. Ichiro stands amazed as the pack of fifty wolves are going against their nature and killing a bear to rescue humans. Chibisuke and his pack leave and the wole manga ends with a nostalgic narration about wilderness being unrightfuly taken away from the wild animals.


It shares similarities to both King Fang (wolves and the bear) and some similarities to upcoming Ginga Nagareboshi Gin can be seen as well in enormous number of Emperror's pack, brought together to take down a bear.


Another story named Bear Hunter Fubuki was released after Ginga Nagareboshi Gin, as an extra story in Ama Kakeru Toki (1991)

It tells a backstory of Fubuki, father of Yamato from Shiroi Senshi Yamato and it can be even described as a ripoff of GNG.


We have an old bear hunter named Jūzaburō. The story begins with a flashback of him losing his eye, his grandson and his bear dog Fuji to a monstorous brown bear. Then story jumps to Jūzaburō picking one of Fuji's pups right ater they were born to train him. Fubuki gets a harsh bearhound training, the one we know perfectly from GNG. One day Jūzaburō gets sicks, but he's determined not to die untill he kills his dog's and granson's killer. A hunting party arrives in the village to hunt down the same bear that's now terrorizing the villagers and kills their livestock.


One of the hunters owns a Tosa dog named Raiden, but when it comes to a fight with the bear, he dies imedietely, because, much like Riki-oh, Raiden was fearless and didn't know when to back off. Jūzaburō fires twice at the bear's eyes, making him blind and Fubuki pushes the bear into the river and pierces him to a tree trunk. Jūzaburō jumps after them, trying to save his dog's life but he is the one that didn't make it. Fubuki stays at his owner's grave, waiting for Jūzaburō to return, but then villagers tear down old man's house, he finally understands that he needs to move on and leaves, never to be seen again.

Bear Hunter Fubuki resembles GNG in almost everything. I guess we can say it's a GNG-kind of story as if it was only to bear hunter and his dog.

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