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Frozen characters

Anna is the main character of Frozen.

When Anna and her sister, Elsa, were little, Anna got struck in the head by Elsa's powers, which turned a string of her hair white. The trolls were able to heal her, but they erased any knowledge of Elsa's powers, while keeping the fun memories intact. Anna grew up wanting to play with Elsa, but since her older sister shut herself inside her room, the two grew more and more distant.

Years later, during Elsa's coronation, Anna met a young prince named Hans, and fell in love with him. She asked Elsa for her blessing, but when Elsa refused, Anna confronted her about being distant all their lives. Elsa, in a rage, revealed he r snow powers and fled. Despite everyone else labeling Elsa a monster, Anna decided to go after her. Along the way, she met Kristoff and his reindeer Sven, and a talking snowman named Olaf.

Anna is shown to be caring and kind, but also full of spunk. She is able to carry her own, but in her heart, she loves her sister very much, even going as far as to give her life for her.

Voice actor : Kristen Bell

Elsa is one of the main characters in the movie Frozen. She was born with powers that allows her to create snow. One day, when she and her sister Anna were playing as children, she accidentally hit Anna on the head with her powers. After Anna was healed by trolls, Elsa hid her powers from the world for years.

Three years after her parents died, Elsa was crowned Queen of Arendell. At her coronation, Anna fell in love with a prince named Hans, and asked for her blessing in their marriage. After a brief argument, Elsa accidentally revealed her powers and fled to the mountains, leaving Arendell under a winter spell.

Anna persuded her and encountered her, trying to persuade her to come back. But once again, Elsa accidentally hit Anna with her powers, this time in the heart. Anna and her traveling partner, Kristoff, were forced to flee when Elsa created a monster snowman. Later, Hans led a team to capture Elsa and bring her back to Arendell.

As she once again began to flee the country, she was informed by Hans that Anna had died from a frozen heart. In her despair, she fell to her knees. Unknown to her, Hans wished to kill her, but as he brought down his sword, Anna (who was not yet frozen), ran between them and blocked the blade. Hans became incompacitated, but Anna froze solid.

Elsa, heartbroken, began to cry over Anna's frozen body, but as she did, Anna thawed. Elsa realized that there was a way to control her powers: true love. She unfroze Arendelle and became the country's queen.


Voice actor : Idina Menzel

Kristoff is a main character in Frozen.

He grew up with trolls and his pet reindeer Sven. He sells ice for a living. He first meets Anna when she is out looking for Elsa, and agrees to help her in her journey. He is very critical of Anna's love for Hans; he believes, as Elsa does, that true love cannot appear in a matter of hours.

After Anna is hit in the heart by Elsa, Kristoff takes her to see his troll family. Afterwards, he helps her get back to Arendelle to be with her true love. However, as he is leaving, he realizes that he loves Anna, so he goes back to save her.

Kristoff hates being called "Christopher", and absolutely adores ice. He writes songs and sings them with Sven, his only true best friend.

Voice actor : Jonathan Groff

Olaf is one of the main characters in the film Frozen. When Anna and Elsa were younger, they created a snowman and named him Olaf when they played in the snow.

Elsa created a living snowman as she fled Arendell as an adult, and the snowman based itself on the one she created as a child. Anna and Kristoff encountered Olaf on their quest to find Elsa. He joined them, and later, helped to keep Anna warm after Elsa froze her heart.

Olaf loves warm hugs, and throughout the film, constantly expressed interest in knowing exactly what "warm" was. After Elsa thawed Arendell, he was given a personal cold spot, which hovered above him no matter what, to make sure he would never thaw.

Voice actor : Josh Gad

Hans is one of the main characters in Frozen.

Hans is the youngest of 13 princes. He meets Anna at Elsa's coronation and falls in love with her. After Elsa freezes the kingdom, Hans is left in charge. He sends a rescue team to find Anna and Elsa when Anna's horse returns without her. Later, when Anna returns, she approaches him for a kiss, in order to unthaw her frozen heart.

Hans is shown to change his behavior to mirror those around him. He is giddy around Anna (who is giddy), a jerk to the Duke of Weselton (who is a jerk), and scared around Elsa (when she is scared).

Voice actor : Santino Fontana

Sven is Kristoff's reindeer, and a main character in Frozen.

Sven is both Kristoff's pet, worker, and best friend. He is shown to love Kristoff's job just as much as Kristoff does, and often helps out as much as he can. He obeys Kristoff without a second thought.

Sven loves carrots and singing with Kristoff.

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