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September 21, 2014
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While it does give them a more sisterly dynamic and is more confrontational, I have to say it does not stand very strongly with our final version of Elsa. It stands to reason that after everything that's happened, she wouldn't throw her ice magic around willy-nilly xD

If she was closer to her ORIGINAL self, which seemed to be more mischievous and headstrong (not necessarily evil) it would've worked better. From what we gathered, she did not seem as wanting to be accepted for who she was as our current Elsa. Plus they would've had to keep Anna being ignorant to Elsa's feelings about wearing her gloves and hiding herself, and that would've done no favors for Anna's character. At least to me, it would've made her seem rather cold-hearted about it LOL

But the Reprise works better in my opinion, not just because we have those wonderfully powerful vocalizations from Idina Menzel, but also because visually it represents Elsa's anxiety a lot better. You can sense the oncoming danger as the song builds, not like Life's Too Short, which is honestly more "playful" and having a dramatic scene right after that and then jumping back into the fun with Fixer Upper, it would've taken away a lot of the movie's impact.

September 21, 2014
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"Life's Too Short" would be much better in the movie than "For The First Time in Forever reprise"

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