'Woe is me'

'Woe is me'

''The widow, cursed with the darkest of days, and who shant see kindness for a fort night, left to rot like carrion in this world of constant discord,'' she exclaimed, haughtily padding about the area. Her once beautiful arrangement of fur upon her head had begun to whither and crumble like the remains of a castle, and her once beautiful and shiny coat now hung dull on her pelt. She bore loose skin underneath her jowls and around her eyes like a Bloodhound, causing wrinkles to appear wherever they pleased. Her once whole accessory of a collar and bow, marking her the bell of any ball, was now worn, tattered, and hung loosely from her form.

Her state of mind was very similar to her appearance, for every day her sanity began to dry up, withering like a plant left in the sun too long. For as the days continued, one after another, her heartbreak and grief only fed this parasite, making her worse and worse every day.

Nearby, she was observed by Zelda, who was once her companion and now only watched her to make sure the distressed female didn't get out of hand. Her long tail flicked lazily as her dark eyes followed Dixie, who paced back and forth, talking to herself in this strange way. Growing impatient, the gray cat breathed a sigh before sitting up. ''Would ya stop talkin' all Shakespearean-like?''she asked, her raspy voice joining Dixie's. The female whipped around to confront this new voice, her eyes widened in disbelief and anger.

''You know nothing, you foolish cat, about what shall come. Everything will crumble around us! Society is just waiting to break!'' she exclaimed, coming nose to nose with the cat. However, Zelda only blinked slowly, showing just how disinterested she was in this conversation. ''Yeah yeah, whatever. Just keep it to yourself,'' she responded, getting up. She hopped to the ground then padded off, Dixie glaring at her before she resumed her pacing, muttering to herself as she did.


Yes, so this is Insane Dixie, as we like to call her. She's based off of Anna's version (http://www.animationsource.org/fox_hound/en/view_fanimage/Anna_Andersson_Insane_Dixie/68.html&numart=26537&display=9). It's the same version, but I wanted to put her into my perspective. Either way, Dixie is crazy xD

Original Inspiration (c) Anna Andersson

Dixie, Zelda, Original Images (c) Disney

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February 15, 2016
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You welcome and isn't SHE always crazy ^^

February 14, 2016
Usa Is not currently on the site
Kiburi Baaydaye
Thanks :) I'm glad you like it

February 14, 2016
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Awesome. just amazing ^^

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