Kemiro's suprise - Deprssion vs Joy

Kemiro's suprise - Deprssion vs Joy

I wanted to do a surprise for Kemiro(originally I want to make couples of Agnetha X Cash and Anni - Frid X Nigel) so I wanted to do Cash 's view of point of Agnetha (his mate and his singer in his band along with thier daguther Frida) and Dixie (ex singer in the band and she was almost his girlfriend)

For Cash's view of point about Dixie :"I cant' stand this country chick anymore! That spoiled so much , diva and prissy a lot she never gives love only takes and makes drama this daguther of dog makes me go mad!"

Cash's view of point about Agnetha :"I saw her , she was extremly pretty , we have our family of two dogs one is ours Frida and the other is adopted Ruby , I love them both the same but Agnetha is the gem in the crown that swedish angel could beat Dixie 's tail maybe.... but she is kind hearted and sweet and paitent and caring what to say about Agnetha, I love you I'm crying for joy about you my swedish angel and also I love our family"

I wanted to make it beacuse anytime I'm sad you make me happy my friend ^^

bases by Sana4789 on DA (Kiba the white wolf here)and Aleu15 and LineArtForFree on DA

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