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Dinky is a small bird who's best friend seems to be Boomer. His and Boomer's main goal during the course of the movie is to capture Squeaks, a caterpillar always able to somehow elude them.

He knows Big Mama, and helped out in the plan to get Tod adopted by Willow Tweed.

Voice actor : Richard Bakalyan

Tod is an orphaned fox who's mother is shot by a hunter not long after leaving him by a fence post. Big Mama sees the action unfold and feels sorry for the little fox, so she finds a way to make a plan. She calls on the help of Dinky and Boomer and they eventually get Widow Tweed to adopt the young orphan.

He befriends a young hound dog named Copper, who is supposed to be his enemy, but they become inseperable. Reality hits hard when Copper is sent off on a hunting trip and is taught to be a true hunting dog. He comes back telling Tod that their friendship can't last any longer due to the fact he's changed.

This makes a hard blow on Tod, but after digesting the news, Chief comes after him. Copper saves him from being killed but by escaping, Chief ends up getting hurt in the process, nearly killing him. This angers Copper and causes him to go hunting after Tod after he is dropped off into the forest by Widow Tweed.

During the hunt, Tod and his new female fox friend Vixey, are able to evade Copper and Amos Slade, but when the two hunters encounter a bear, Tod is split between running away for his life or risking it all to save his old best friend. He goes after the bear and after coming down a waterfall, he's hurt badly. Amos Slade tries to take advantage of this, and Copper returns Tod's favor by standing in front of him and preventing Amos Slade from shooting a bullet.

Their friendship is repaired in the end.

Voice actor : Keith Coogan (young), Mickey Rooney (adult), Jonah Bobo (2nd movie)

Copper is a hound dog who is brought home by Amos Slade, a hunter. While still in puppy stage, he befriends a fox named Tod, and they become the very best of friends. Reality strikes, though, when he is sent off on a hunting trip with Chief and their master, and he is taught how to be a hunting dog.

Upon arriving home, he reminds Tod of his new status, and Tod seems hurt by the change in their friendship. When Chief sees Tod on their property, Copper saves him from getting killed by Amos Slade. However, when his escape results in Chief almost being killed, he claims revenge on Tod.

After hunting desperately for Tod, Copper is faced against a bear to protect his master, but gets hurt in the process. He finds it hard to stand up to the bear, but Tod comes and saves him. Therefore, in turn, when the bear is gone and Amos Slade tries to take advantage of Tod's injuries, Copper stands in the way to save Tod. Their friendship is repaired.

Voice actor : Corey Feldman (young), Kurt Russell (adult), Harrison Fahn (2nd movie)

Chief was Amos Slade's first hunting dog, and is skeptical at first of Copper's arrival. It is obvious during the film that his jealousy courses easy, and he is always trying to impress his owner just to look better than Copper.

He gets injured during a part of the movie, which leads to Amos Slade and Copper wanting revenge, therefore leading to their hunt after Tod.

In the very end, his leg is healed, and his appearences in the second movie aren't many, though he does make some scenes there as well.

Voice actor : Pat Buttram (1st movie), Rob Paulsen (2nd movie)

Amos Slade is a hunter and the main antogonist in "The Fox & the Hound". Unlike most of Disney's villains, though, he doesn't usually come across as being evil. Instead, he hunts for a living and is very professional at it. He seems to be motivated by revenge, which leads him to hunt down Tod during the course of the movie.

He gets mad easily, and has the potential to hold a grude, but overall he is still considered one of Disney's 'nicest' villains, if not at all.

His two dogs, Copper and Cheif, aid him on his many hunting trips.

Voice actor : Jack Albertson

Willow Tweed is a simple old lady who lived alone until she found Tod upon Big Mama's plan to get her outside. She adopts the orphaned Fox and takes care of him as her own. After they experience a lot of trouble with Amos Slade, she realized she cannot keep Tod forever, and that he also must be wild.

She wants him to be safe from Amos Slade and his dogs, so she sets him free in a game preserve, a place free of hunting, however this still does not stop Amos Slade from entering in.

All is well at the end, though, and she seems to be getting along fine despite having been alone again. The movie's end predicts that she won't be as lonely spending some time with Amos Slade while his foot heals.

Voice actor : Jeanette Nolan

Vixey doesn't appear until later on in the movie, after Tod is dropped off in the forest, however she seems to know Big Mama, and is introduced to the male fox. Upon meeting him, she is intruiged by his way of going about things. They hang around each other while Vixey shows Tod the forest and their bond grows.

However, when Amos Slade and Copper come after Tod, she is forced to run away with him or else she'll get caught. In the end, their friendship was repaired and Vixey was free to live with Tod in the forest happily. They fell in love and continued to live in the forest.

Voice actor : Sandy Duncan

Big Mama is a motherly figure in the movie, an owl who lives close to Widow Tweed's home. She is generally warm, helpful, and friendly to everyone, as she seems to befriend not only Tod, but is also a friend of Boomer, Dinky, Vixey, and Squeaks.

She coordinates a plan to help the orphaned baby fox, Tod, and becomes a big help throughout the film. She advises Tod that being friends with Copper isn't a good idea, and even helps him find Vixey when he's dropped off into the forest.

She seems to possess a great amount of wisdom.

Voice actor : Pearl Bailey

Cash is the leader of the 'Singing Strays' group, and from the very beginning of the movie it seems to be that he doesn't get along with Dixie very well. They get into an argument and it spirals to the point where he asks Copper to join into the group, causing a gap to form between Copper and his best friend, Tod.

After talking with Dixie, Tod accidentily lets out a secret of Copper's that eventually leads to mass chaos during the fair, eventually leading Copper to get kicked out. Cash's band members feel sorry about it so they end up splitting apart the band.

In the end, though, Cash's band all comes together and Tod and Copper make amends.

Voice actor : Patrick Swayze

Dixie is a vital member of Cash's group, the Singing Strays, who gets in an argument with Cash towards the very beginning of the movie. She causes chaos after feeling she had been replaced by Copper, and finds information from Tod that proves useful to her cause.

After convincing Tod to help her, all destruction breaks lose at the fair, causing Copper to be fired from the gang. This causes turmoil in the gang, and they all end up breaking their seperate ways feeling sorry for Copper.

In the end, though, Dixie and the rest of the gang are re-united and all together again.

Voice actor : Reba McEntire

Floyd is one of the twins in Cash's gang, the Singing Strays. When the gang experiences tension due to Dixie's plans gone awry, and Copper's banishment from the group, the entire band falls apart and each go their seperate ways.

However, all is made right in the end, and Floyd, as well as all the other strays, join together to sing once more.

Voice actor : Jim Cummings

Granny Rose is a member of Cash's group, the Singing Strays, and seems to be the most distressed out of the entire band at Copper's firement from the group. This leads to the entire band's sadness and eventually each of them end up parting ways due to the chaos and tension.

Eventually, though, at the end of the movie the band makes up amends and forgives everything that has happened. Granny Rose, along with all the others, sings one last song.

Voice actor : Vicki Lawrence

Waylon is one of the twins in Cash's group, the Singing Strays. After the band experiences some tension between Dixie and an issue of Copper being fired due to all the chaos that went on at the fair, the gang seperates and parts different ways.

In the end, though, they all eventually come back together. Waylon and the rest of the dogs sing together once more.

Voice actor : Jim Cummings

Squeaks is a caterpillar who never seems to get a rest from Dinky and Boomer's restless hunt. They are constantly after him, up until the last part of the movie when he transforms into a butterfly and not only can the two birds not recognize him, but they cannot eat him anymore either, so he is happy he has nothing to run or hide from anymore.

He is characterized by his big eyes, and is recognized by that feature when he was both a caterpillar and a butterfly.

Voice actor : None

Boomer is a woodpecker who's best friend seems to be Dinky. Throughout the film, he and Dinky's main goal is to capture Squeaks, a caterpillar who always seems to be able to elude them.

He's also a friend of Big Mama and Tod, and helped out in the plan to get Tod adopted by Widow Tweed.

Voice actor : Paul Winchell

The deceased mother of Todd. Seen at the beginning of the film going through the forest with Todd in her mouth, trying to escape hunters. Found a small cache to put son for safety, then left to draw the hunter and dogs away. Was shot and killed in attempt.

Abigael est la fidèle vache de la veuve Tartine. Bien qu'elle n'ai pas beaucoup de patience envers Rox, elle se calme très facilement grace à sa maitresse qui l'aide a redevenir sereine. Cette vache est une excellente productrice de lait qui a aidé à remporter un prix à la veuve et aussi à sauver Rouky d'un mauvais pas dans le second film. En bref, Abigael est une brave vache !

This old Badger has one difficult personality, especially with whom tries to break his peaceful living inside his den. Tod met him after being left by Widow Tweet as he was seeking repair from the storm and the only place he found was the badger's den. No need to say that Tod's staying was soon interrupted by the Badger, who arrogantly sent Tod outside, rain or not. He is very territorial and told Tod to get away from the forest, since he never lived there and so he had no right to try to steal someone else's home (even if Tod didn't know who was the owner of the den or if there was someone inside).

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