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Olivia (NR)

Olivia (NR)


Created by : NightRose

Main type : Avatar / Fursona

Realistic? : Realistic

Used in a fan creation? : Used in a fan creation

Permission to use : Public

Gender : Female

Character details : Many details

Main color : White

Animal/Human type : ---------


Detail Olivia (NR)

Name: Olivia 
Nickname: Via(given to her by Chief) 

Age: Depends on use 
Generation: Chief's 
Parents: Unknown 
Grandparents: Unknown 
Grandchildren: None
Siblings: None
Mate: Chief 
Crush: Chief
Puppies: None
Friends: Chief, Chief's owner. 
Foes: Foxes, birds and rabbits 
Breed: English Setter cross Sulki 
Gender: Female 

Personality: Sweet and very playful. She is loyal to her owners and is very well behaved. 
Likes: Talking to Chief through the fence and hunting 
Dislikes: Being bored 
Images made by me 
Relation: Chief's mate. 

History: Olivia was a rescue puppy. She was to be put down that day but luckily she was adopted an hour before. Olivia loved her owners and their little girl. The neighbours had a puppy around her age, his name was Chief. 

Olivia and Chief quickly became good friends and played all the time by running up and down their side of the fence. One day, Chief's owner took him on a hunting trip with him. Olivia missed Chief. She playing with her girl when Chief and his owner returned. Olivia ran up to the fence to greet him. Her girl giggled and went to the fence to say hello to Chief's owner. 

Chief's owner invited her and Olivia to come along with him on his next trip if she wanted to and her parents allowed it. 

From then on, Olivia and her girl went on every trip with Chief and his owner. Olivia found hunting fun and was happy to be around Chief. Chief and Olivia eventually became mates and the fence was removed so that the two could vist each other. 

One hunting trip, Olivia and Chief where sitting in Chief's owner's truck while he went to get firewood. Olivia's now teenage girl was playing in the snow, unaware of the bear behind her. Both chief and Olivia ran to help her. Olivia's girl was now safe in the truck. Chief and Olivia chased off the bear. Olivia was extremely injured. Chief's owner tried to help her as much as he could, but Olivia ended up dying from her injuries. 

Olivia's girl was sad. She still visited Chief as if he too was her dog. One day Olivia's girl stopped coming by. She had gotten sick and would be in hospital for a long time. Chief and his owner ended up moving away. 




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