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Created by : Wild Wind

Main type : Fan character

Realistic? : Realistic

Used in a fan creation? : Used in a fan creation

Permission to use : Protected

Gender : Female

Character details : Many details

Main color : Brown

Specific type : ---------


Detail Katniss

Name: Katniss

Meaning: A type of plant

Nickname(s): None

Gender: Female

Species: Wolf (Canis Lupis) and Dog (Canis Lupis Familiaris)

Breed: 50% Timber Wolf (Wolf) and 50% Hound (Unknown Type)

Received: Mostly Wolf Genes

Birth: Unknown, The Woods of Sladeville, Tennessee

Age: Pup-Yearling-Young Adult-Adult-Elder

Owner: None

Mother: Unknown Timber Wolf

Father: Copper (c) Disney

Siblings: A Few

Half-Siblings: Unknown

Adopted Siblings: None

Uncle(s): Unknown/None

Aunt(s): Unknown/None

Cousin(s): Unknown/None

Crush(es): Slightly on Bjoren (c) Anna Andersson

Crusher(s): Bjoren (c) Anna Andersson/Open

Mate(s): Bjoren

Ex-Mate(s): None

Pups: Zara, Daxton (c) Me (both)

Step-Pups: None

Adopted Pups: None

Fur Patterns/Markings: A brown pelt, with darkish brown eye patches, and darker brown ears and eye brows. That also includes a cream tipped tail, cream muzzle, chest, underbelly, and paws.

Eye Color: A yellowish gold with a light yellow sclera

Accessorie(s): None

Nose: Dark Grey

Personality: Generally a loner, she doesn't really talk much to others, and if she does, it's most likely an insult. She isn't friendly, therefore making her impatient when with other animals, and will tell you if she doesn't like you. She has no room for whiners or tattletales, and pretty much hates those who complain about their lives. Pretty simple minded, she doesn't think very far ahead in life, other than shelter and her next meal. Katniss stays away from humans and dogs, having a general dislike for anything that doesn't come from the woods. Extremely wary, it will most likely take her a long time to trust anyone, especially dogs. She is fierce, with a short temper, who often finds herself keeping away from others, practically isolating herself from others. Even then, she is VERY protective over things that are important to her, mostly food. Completely stubborn, she won't back down from a fight, and she will not stop until she has won the fight.

Likes: Pretty Much Nothing

Neutral: Food, Wolves, Hunting, Howling, Sleeping, Big Mama, Her Mother, Sinthia, Tod, Vixey, The Porcupine, Fighting, Bjoren

Dislikes: Amos Slade, Hunters, Copper, Dogs, Humans, Towns, Dixie, Cash, Waylon, Floyd, Badger, Dinky, Boomer, The Bear, Granny Rose

Home: The Nature Reserve/Regular Woods

History: Katniss came to be when her mother happened to be passing by Copper's home, and had a fling with him. Copper had no idea that she would become pregnant from it, and she stayed in the area to give birth. Katniss was the only pup in the litter to look like a wolf, the others getting more attributes from Copper. Nonetheless, he accepted them, and against their mother's will, he brought them to Amos. He gladly took them all, except Katniss, as she looked too much like a wolf. Copper took her back to her mother, and told her what had happened, but she was furious at what he had done, and left, bringing Katniss with her. Growing up, she only had her mother, who taught her how to hunt and survive in the wild. Her mother's hatred for Copper, Amos, and all humans was passed on to her daughter, Katniss, who shared it with her.

When she was only a year old, her mother left the reserve to find food, and was shot and killed by a hunter and his dogs, making Katniss' hatred become even more intense. During this time, Big Mama had seen it go down, and offered to help Katniss. But, she refused, still bitter after her mother's sudden death. Big Mama wouldn't stand down, and she finally managed to convince Katniss to go and visit Tod and Vixey. She lived with them for only a few weeks, but she still didn't like them, or their daughter Sinthia. Leaving later on, she continued a solitary life, only talking to Big Mama, Dinky, and Boomer, whom she found quite annoying, to say the least. When she was nearly two years old, while on a hunt, The Bear came after her and attacked. She managed to escape, with only a few minor injuries to show for it, which quickly healed.

When she traveled around, following deer or some other prey, she came across other wolves, whom quickly got rid of her, especially when there was a pack involved. After traveling for a long time, she went to see Sinthia, mainly because she was in the area. One day, when following a deer herd, she heard some dogs nearby, and normally she would avoid them, but, thinking they would ruin her hunt, she went to check it out. The group of dogs turned out to be The Singin' Strays, and she quickly left the area, thinking that hunters might be around. That night, she went far outside the boundaries of Sinthia's territory, and spent a night in an abandoned burrow, and the next morning, she met The Porcupine, who happened to be sleeping in the tree above her, and Badger, who proceded to kick her out.

It was later on that she was often followed by a yellow male dog named Bjoren, whom seemed to like her, even though she wasn't too fond of him herself. Soon, he began to live with her, which annoyed her very much, since he had no idea how to live in the wild. She had to do all the hunting, and often found him in the way. One time, she led a hunter away from him, and ended up getting shot in the shoulder. Big Mama, Dinky, and Boomer helped to get the bullet out, and she managed to find healing herbs. Though she didn't like him much, she still felt a need to protect him for some reason. Like one time, she tried to abandon him, but ended up fighting The Bear, since he attacked Bjoren.

Eventually, she and Bjoren became mates, even though she wasn't too excited about it. Soon, she became pregnant, and gave birth to two pups. But, one of them, the runt Daxton, seemed destined to die, so she convinced Bjoren to take him away and leave him to die. So, she raised Zara, and trained her to be a hunter, but she always seemed sidetracked. When Zara was an adult, she fell in love with a dog from the fair grounds. Katniss wasn't pleased, and ordered her daughter to stop seeing him, but she refused. Katniss finally had to take drastic measures: she kicked Zara out, much to the disapproval of Bjoren. Finally, while out hunting with Bjoren one day, they came across the Bear, who attacked Bjoren, and killed him, leaving Katniss in shock.

Relation to The Fox and The Hound: Copper's daughter, rejected by Amos Slade, helped by Big Mama, knows Dinky, Boomer, The Porcupine, Tod, Vixey, and their daughter, fought The Bear, kicked out by Badger, and has seen The Singin' Strays in the woods.

Rendered: Copper's body, legs, paws, and tail, except the build is thicker and scruffier, her tail is longer and fluffier, with longer, thicker legs, bigger paws, and Tod's head, with wolf-shaped eyes.

Renders (c) Me

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