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Created by : CommonDog

Main type : Fan character

Realistic? : Realistic

Used in a fan creation? : NOT used in a fan creation

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Gender : Male

Character details : Many details

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Detail Ash

Name: Ash

Gender: Male

Age: He's a young adult

Friend(s): Tod and lots of oher foxes(unnamed)

Personality: Ash is shy(at least that's what everyone says). He tries at all costs to not open for anyone too much because he was hurt before by someone he got close to, also one of the reasons why he has lots of trust problems.He loves to take care of kids and would spend all his life doing it if he could.

Parents: Unkown, but he was taken in by a vixen named Petunia

Siblings: Unknown

Crush: He had a small crush on Vixey

Crusher(s): Some female foxes.

Mate: No one

Kittens: None

Enemie(s): Any human and/or hunting dog (he avoids them at all costs since his little "incident")

Species: Fox

Breed: Mixbreed between foxes


Ash doesn't remember his past, but if he does he only has small memories or small parts of it. he was taken in by a vixen that goes by the name of Petunia, she was the mother Ash never had. She taught him how to survive, and to stay away from the most dangerous species in the world, humans.

He wondered what they looked like so one day he looked everywhere in the forest until he got to this small farm where he met a fox named Tod, that fox told Ash that not all humans were bad, not all of them at all, but Ash didn't want to believe him so he went to see it himself, how the lady in the farm treated Tod. nd he was surprised with what he found out. Tod was a pet, or was at least treated like one.

In the meantime Ash grew up and stopped seeing Tod since he had found another friend that lived near him, but besides Ash already had his own problems since the hunting season was just a few days away. He ran far, far away from were the humans were, deep into the forest, where he couldn't be found. That's when he met Vixey, he didn't trust her at first, but they started to take care of each other, but then Tod came into the wild which was completely unexpected. 

The only thing Ash did was find a new home since Tod had told him that the human neighbour knew where he was and was going to come. Ash ran away with no hesitation. But as soon the hunting season ended he came back,but he wasstill curious, and was naive enough to go the man's house, where Ash almost got killed by the dogs. He came back to visit Tod and Vixey, but mainly Vixey, and he found out that they had kittens, Ash spent mosst of his time taking care of them sicne he loved kids.


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