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Despicable Me characters

In the modern dog-eat-dog world of supervillains, it's all about staying one step ahead of the competition.  And one of the world's most successful, and despicable, is Gru*.  Not that he showed any signs of it in his youth.  All he ever wanted to do as a boy was to be an astronaut, and go to the moon.  But with a mother like his, and an apparently absent father, poor little boy Gru's dreams were repeatedly crushed, setting the stage for a life of villainy.  Gru and his mother clearly are not native to the United States (where they live), and their broken English accent would seem to indicate that they originated from somewhere in central to southeastern Europe.

(* Gru is actually his last name.  Officially, Gru's first name is "Felonius", as seen on the computer screen during the background check Miss Hattie conducts on him.  His birth date is also given there, in the background information, as September 28, 1960.  Which would make him eight years old when the minions first arrive in America, and nine years old during the moon mission which he became so obsessed with as a boy.)

In his life, Gru has made quite a success of being a most despicable supervillain, setting his sights on really, really big capers designed to generate fear and respect.  Of course, he had to start somewhere...and that somewhere was in London, in the United Kingdom in 1968.  There, at the tender age of eight, he pulled off a daring caper by snatching the royal British crown out from the clutches of the greatest super villain of the time, Scarlet Overkill, who herself was attempting to steal it for her own nefarious purposes (and he did so with the help of the freeze ray he and his mother had purchased earlier from Dr. Nefario at Villain-Con).  In later years, he set his sites gradually higher: Las Vegas, for example, where he managed to steal the miniature versions of the Statue of Liberty and the Eiffel Tower.  In time, he moved onto bigger targets, and this brought him more noteworthy successes--such as the Times Square Jumbotron!  Gru also loves all of the high-tech vehicles, gadgets and weapons which he uses in his trade, most of which have been either provided and/or invented by Dr. Nefario.

Above: Eight-year-old Gru, in an audacious and daring move, swipes the British royal crown from the clutches of super villain Scarlet Overkill, after some very creative use of Dr. Nefario's freeze ray.  Thus he began a very successful career as a super villain in his own right.

But just as in other facets of life, young up-and-coming go-getters will rock the boat...and one day one particular fellow really rocked Gru's boat.  The super-smart, but rather nerdy young supervillain calling himself "Vector" stole the Great Pyramid of Giza, which made all other villainous acts pale by comparison.  Not to be deterred, Gru revived an old plot of his which would cast the pyramid theft under it's shadow steal the moon!  With his faithful and inventive assistant Dr. Nefario, and his army of little yellow minions, he set his plan in motion...

...just as three little girls came knocking on his door, looking to sell him some cookies.  And those three little girls (Margo, Edith and Agnes) changed his life forever...stirring in him some latent goodness.  Gru, you see, was never truly evil, even if he was rather despicable.  The girls brought out the good in him, and it wasn't long before Gru was not only adopting them as their new father, but falling in love with a lady spy whom the girls saw to it that he'd happily marry.

Voice actor : Steve Carell

Vector is a young, up-and-comer who exemplifies the new generation of supervillainy.  Dark & gloomy just isn't his style...he's more into the austere, super-polished, high-tech style of supervillainy, befitting his nerdy demeanor.  And it seems to be working pretty well, as he's just managed to steal the Great Pyramid of easy feat!

Vector, as it turns out, is actually "Victor", the son of the president of the Bank of Evil, Mr. Perkins.  He has discarded what he refers to as his "nerd name" for a super-cool villain name: "'s a mathematical term--a quantity represented by an arrow with both direction and magnitude.  Vector!  That's me, 'cause I'm committing crimes...with both direction and magnitude!  Oh yeah!"

Vector's lair, which he refers to affectionately as "the Fortress of Vectortude", is a nearly-impenetrable, super high-tech facility decorated in stark white and orange colors, matching his favorite warm-up suit and running sneakers.  He has a round living room with a wrap-around couch, huge HD television (complete with video games) and a massive shark tank...containing one very massive and dangerous shark!  Behind his lair he has placed the Great Pyramid of Giza, cleverly disguising it with some mysterious stealth technology to reflect the sky.

Like his arch-enemy Gru's assistant, Dr. Nefario, Vector is a clever inventor, and has created many of his own gadgets and weapons, the latter of which seem to revolve mostly around aquatic life (such as a pirahna gun, which shoots out live pirahnas, and a squid launcher, which shoots little live squids).  How effective those weapons are AS weapons is anyone's guess...but they seem pretty handy at distracting his enemies.  They also, unfortunately, seem to sometimes distract Vector as well, as he often ends up struggling to retrieve his aquatic ammo--they're pretty slippery (and those pirahnas have teeth)!

Voice actor : Jason Segel

Doctor Nefario has been in the evil scientist business for a very long time, and it shows.  With an incredibly inventive mind and a knack for problem solving, he is still occasionally distracted by the rigors of old age, which result in his often misinterpreting Gru's requests for new weapons or devices for his despicable plots and missions...with occasional comedic effect.  Doctor Nefario is completely and utterly dedicated to a life of evil, and is generally not comfortable around children.  He spends most of his time down in the depths of Gru's secret lair, usually in the laboratory and machine shops...creating various concoctions, weapons and machinery...and fixing stuff broken by Gru, the minions and the girls.

Above: Dr. Nefario in his younger years, demonstrating his many inventions (including the freeze ray) on the exhibitor floor at Villain-Con in 1968.  Gru and his mother look on.  Is this the start of a long-standing and villainous friendship?


Dr. Nefario routinely wears a white lab coat, black rubber gloves (with the Gru logo on them), a pair of goggles, red and yellow plaid pants, a yellow shirt and black boots.  He has a substantial double chin, a sharp hook nose, a pot belly, large and long ears, and a thin, wispy tuft of white hair atop his head.

Voice actor : Russell Brand

Margo is the oldest of three little girls, sisters in fact, who have lived for most of their lives in Miss Hattie's dismal orphanage, forced to sell cookies for her...and without seeing any benefit from the profits.  Margo is a very smart and sophisticated young lady, and takes it upon herself to protect her younger sisters and be their leader.  She's also quite outspoken, and not afraid to take a stand when she feels it necessary.

Margo and her two younger sisters, Edith and Agnes, regularly attend dance classes and recitals, and have a great deal of pride in it.

Voice actor : Miranda Cosgrove

Edith is the classic middle child...rebellious, mischievous and moody.  She is fond of disobeying and arguing with her older sister Margo, and teasing her younger sister Agnes.  Like Margo and Agnes, she has spent most of her life in Miss Hattie's depressing orphanage.

Edith is also something of a tomboy, preferring to stomp her way through rain puddles and imagine herself more as a fearsome ninja than a graceful princess or ballerina (even though she and her sisters regularly attend dance classes and recitals).  And yet, when the time comes to really train as a little ninja, after being adopted by Gru, she proves quite adept at it.  Edith loves getting into things, regardless of the probable consequences...and then blaming others when things go wrong.  She also loves wearing her favorite knit chulo cap (with its long tassels), and a matching sweater.

Voice actor : Dana Gaier

Agnes is the youngest and sweetest of three sisters who have spent most of their lives at Miss Hattie's miserable orphanage.  Agnes has an endearing innocence, and an overpowering love of unicorns.  She often finds herself the target of teasing by her older sister Edith, while she is also closely protected by her oldest sister Margo.  However, she can be a tough and brave little girl when the situation calls for it, and she has a scream that can stop a monster dead in its tracks!

Voice actor : Elsie Fisher

Mr. Perkins is the president of the secretive "Bank of Evil", a financial institution dedicated to providing supervillains a place to conduct all their banking needs, and to obtain loans.  However, unlike a normal bank, the Bank of Evil can be very unforgiving of delinquencies in loan repayment and any lagging results of granted loans.  Mr. Perkins runs the bank with an iron fist, as have his predecessors (all family, it would appear).

What is not generally known (at least to Gru and the general public) is that the young supervillain Vector is actually Mr. Perkins' son...and Mr. Perkins secretly wants his son to push Gru completely out of the limelight and take his place as the next big thing in supervillany!

Voice actor : Will Arnett

Miss Hattie is a generally soft-spoken woman with a pronounced southern-American accent who runs "Miss Hattie's Home For Girls", an orphanage.  However, that soft-spoken demeanor she has hides a much more unpleasant personality.  She has a short temper, and a tendency to treat the orphan girls in her charge very harshly...often punishing them for the slightest offenses by confining them in the "box of shame" (an overturned cardboard box with only a small flap cut open for a window).  She also requires the girls to clean things for her, and to sell cookies under a strict quota...for which she then keeps all of the profits.  Her only concern is her own reputation and her bottom line (how much she profits).  She cares nothing for the girls she supervises...even if she enjoys using her position to be unnecessarily discerning when adopting out the girls to potential new parents.

Voice actor : Kristen Wiig

Gru's mom* is a gruff and abrasive woman...tough as nails and old-world in her mannerisms and style.  She raised Gru pretty much on her own.  But don't be fooled...nurturing was neither her strong suit nor her preference.  Every time young Gru would attempt to gain his mother's approval or affirmation, she would shoot him down with some snide or disdainful remark.  She's not a very nice lady, or a very good mother, except when she's comparing others to herself.  But she loves Margo, Edith and Agnes very much, and that's something in her favor.

(* On the page for Dispicable Me, in the trivia section, it says "in the Gru family tree, you can see Gru's mother's name is Marlina, and his father's name is Robert."  Of course, other than seeing Robert and other ancestors in Gru's family tree, we never actually get to see any members of his family, during the movie, except his mother.)

Gru and his mother clearly are not native to the United States (where they live), and their broken English accent would seem to indicate that they originated from somewhere in central to southeastern Europe.

Of course, she's also an accomplished martial artist...

Voice actor : Julie Andrews

Kevin is one of many of Gru's minions, and seems to work in the research department of the laboratory.

(NOTE: Officially there are two Kevins in the Despicable Me franchise.  Each is an entirely different type of minion.  This particular Kevin appears only briefly, and is referred to by name, specifically by Gru, during his initial speech about his plan to steal the moon...and then during the scenes where Gru is actually stealing the moon.  Kevin, after having been shrunk--when Gru uses the shrink ray on him to show Mr. Perkins that he in fact has it in his possession--appears a few times in shrunken size, and then returns suddenly to normal size at Dr. Nefario's desk, which alerts the doctor to the dangerous temporary effects of the shrink ray.)

Voice actor : (Uncredited)

Jerry is a minion who serves as one of Gru's infiltration specialists, which means he's also a pretty fair martial artist.  And yet, in spite of that all, he's a good babysitter too, and can slip out of his professional demeanor into that of an innocent and playful caregiver.

(NOTE: Officially there are two Jerrys in the Despicable Me franchise.  Each is an entirely different type of minion.  This particular Jerry appears frequently in Despicable Me, and is seen assisting Gru and Stuart in infiltrating Vector's lair. He is referred to by name, specifically by Gru, when he and Stuart are asked to look after the girls.  However, he does not appear specifically in Despicable Me 2 or Minions.)

Voice actor : Jermaine Clement

Stuart is a minion of many varied talents, but seems to serve specifically as one of Gru's infiltration specialists, and is handy with disguises and role-playing (not in the gaming sense) as well.  He has a tender side, however and, like Jerry, ends up making a pretty effective babysitter and playmate for Margo, Edith and Agnes.  He's also pretty darned addicted to video games!

In the minions darkest years, before they ever came to meet and work for Gru, Stuart teamed up with Kevin and Bob to set out in search of new and better opportunities for their brethren, as well as the biggest, baddest villain to serve...finding themselves briefly (and tumultuously) in the service of Scarlet Overkill, the greatest super villain of the late 1960s.  When he was younger, during his adventures with his fellow minions, he displayed a passion for playing guitar, and was a pretty fair musician.  Just don't put an electric guitar in his hands, or he may work himself up to a fever pitch, throwing out famous guitar riffs and then pulling a Pete Townshend-style stage move!

Above: Stuart, on stage in front of London's Buckingham Palace in 1968, absolutely shredding on an electric guitar, a gift from the United Kingdom in return for his part in defeating Scarlet Overkill and restoring Elizabeth II to the throne as rightful queen of the British Empire.  


Voice actor : Pierre Coffin

Tim is a minion who serves as one of Gru's infiltration specialists, and is an expert in disguises (often preferring to disguise himself as as father in a three-minion infiltration team playing the role of a family unit).  Tim is a bit more snarky and sarcastic than the other two members of his team (Mark and Phil), and is seldom afraid to show it.  But he also loves creature comforts whenever he can gain access to them.

Voice actor : Pierre Coffin

John fancies himself as a keeper of the peace, amongst Gru's minions, whenever conflict arises between two or more of them; he also serves as an adjudicator of disputes.  When serving in that latter capacity, he often likes to don a referee's cap and whistle, so that his fellow minions clearly understand his purpose and his authority.

Voice actor : (Uncredited)

Mark is a minion who serves as one of Gru's infiltration specialists, and is an expert in disguises (often preferring to disguise himself as as a mother in a three-minion infiltration team playing the role of a family unit).  He also loves karaoke!

Voice actor : Pierre Coffin

Phil is a minion who serves as one of Gru's infiltration specialists, and is an expert in disguises (often preferring to disguise himself as as a kid or baby in a three-minion infiltration team playing the role of a family unit).  Phil is more light-hearted than the other two members of his team (Mark and Tim), given more readily to finding amusement at almost anything.

Voice actor : Pierre Coffin

Dave is one of Gru's most trusted minions, skilled in the operation of mechanical devices and vehicles, but not terribly accomplished in the handling of weapons.  He's also a fair hand at infiltration into enemy strongholds though, like most minions, he tends to be easily distracted from the mission at hand.

Of course, apart from his official duties (and in terms of personality), Dave is a gentle, friendly and altruistic little guy.  He longs to own his own puppy, and is an affable and sociable individual who enjoys others' company.  There is very little mischief or naughtiness in this particular minion.

Dave is also something of a romantic, and develops a substantial crush on AVL agent Lucy Wilde.  He quickly realizes, however, that he has to give that up when Gru eventually falls in love with and marries her.  There are no hard feelings between Dave and his boss, however...Dave happily performs lead on a cover of All 4 One's "I Swear" at Gru and Lucy's wedding reception!


Voice actor : Chris Renaud

Bob is a clever and multi-talented member of Gru's vast ensemble of minions.  Unlike the other minions, he appears to be rather younger (at least in voice and appearance), and has a more innocent, boyish personality.  His eyes each have their own iris color...his right eye being green, and his left being hazel brown (a condition known as "complete heterochromia iridum".  He is also a little shorter than other minions of his body type (the short, round, heavy minions).

Despite being a boyish and apparently young minion, Bob's been around a long time.  He set out with
Kevin and Stuart, some time before the minions met and came to work for Gru, in order to find some new and exciting opportunities for their people--as well as the biggest, baddest villain to serve--finding themselves briefly (and tumultuously) in the service of Scarlet Overkill, the greatest super villain of the late 1960s.  Back then, Bob was very shy and apprehensive, and carried around a teddy bear he called "Tim" (see picture below).  He also, during his youthful adventures in London, adopted a friendly sewer rat as a pet (whom he called "Pussy", perhaps thinking it was a cat).  It appears that he has come into his own since he and the other minions came to work for Gru. 

Bob should never be underestimated, however.  He actually spent one day as the king of England, having pulled the fabled sword Excalibur from the stone!

Bob with Tim, his beloved teddy bear:


(NOTE: Officially, and to the best of our knowledge, there is only one Bob in the Despicable Me franchise.  Most people will recognize him as the young minion with two different-colored eyes, as seen in the opening menu animation sequences, and closing credit sequences, of Despicable Me 2; and then as a featured minion in Minions.  However, there is a Bob listed in the credits for Despicable Me, but no minion precisely matching his description.  The closest one is a heavy-set minion who appears in the same manner as Bob does in Despicable Me 2, in the opening and closing sequences of the menu and credits, respectively.  But the eyes are one color, and he's a bit taller than the Bob who appeared in the later movies. 

We therefore have made our best guess, pending any further clarification from official sources only, of these two minions being simply different versions of the same character which evolved, between the two
Despicable Me movies, into what he currently is represented to be.  Below is a screen capture of Bob as he appeared in the Despicable Me opening and closing sequences, where you can see the minor physical differences.  There is a lot of unofficial and non-canon information floating around on the internet and on various websites, purporting to be official and accurate...especially about individual minions.  None of those websites or graphics have made it clear that they have confirmed, with the copyright owners--Universal Pictures and Illumination Entertainment, that any of the material they posted is factual.  We, on the other hand, have contacted Illumination Entertainment in Los Angeles, and Illumination Mac Guff in Paris, to request clarification on this matter and others, and will correct any mistakes or erroneous information--IF THERE EVEN IS ANY HERE--as soon as they communicate with us.  Thank you for your patience and understanding in the meanwhile!)


Voice actor : Pierre Coffin

Fred McDade is Gru's hapless (and often clueless) next-door neighbor...who is quite often caught off-guard, yet is still never fully surprised, by the many unusual (and occasionally downright odd) happenings coming from his eccentric neighbor.  Gru's "dog", Kyle, often piddles on Fred's plants, something which Gru actively encourages.  Partially because he had enough of Fred's dog doing the same on his property, but also because Gru's just downright despicable.

Voice actor : Danny McBride

A news anchor for MSNBC, this fellow is all about the story, and the drama.  And the slicked back TV hair!

Voice actor : Rob Huebel

Kyle would seem, from his behavior and basic body structure, to be a dog.  However, there are some very uncanine things going on with him.  Kyle is actually a little monster who seems to have some dog-like features, characteristics and behavior patterns.  He's not terribly friendly with strangers, and even can be a bit nippy and anti-social, from time to time, with his master Gru, with Dr. Nefario and the minions.  He even starts out that way with the girls (Margo, Edith and Agnes), but they quickly win him over after Agnes showers him with her irresistible charms.  He has since become very fond and protective of them.

Voice actor : (None)

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