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Written by BaltoSeppala :


Okay folks, one more little (read: FINAL) update on the situation with the Minions Source color scheme and brightness fun.  lol  We've considered how things looked since it was requested, by a miniscule number of people, that we change the brightness of the yellow because it was apparently so overwhelming...


In discussion with the moderators, and also with some experienced, artistic and creative members, we've made a command decision: the new setting wasn't working.  It was toned down...dark.  Muddy.  (In the exact words of one of those queried about this, "it just looks...dirty as it is now to be honest").  And she is right.

Yeah...the yellow definitely looked unpleasant the way it was in the revision.  Definitely not reflecting the light-hearted nature of the minions and the movies.  So you know what?  It's back to the way it was, and it's staying that way. 

So if the yellow you see now is so terribly bright that it's burning your retinas (how that could be, however, I cannot possibly imagine), then I have a recommendation: there's a brightness control on your device.  Have a go at that.  lol  It might help if it's that much of a concern.

For the rest of you, we're back to the way we were meant to be!  And now I can assure you, it's set in stone!  Done.  Finito! 

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July 19, 2015
Usa Male Is not currently on the site
O' Cap'n My Cap'n!
And thank you to the moderators (Troll Berserker and Draco specifically) for attending to that little situation so quickly. We certainly don't need any of that going on here, and the site builders of Minions Source are deeply appreciative of your handling of this.

July 19, 2015
Usa Female Is not currently on the site
Senior Mod
Guys, stop arguing here. Mighty has already posted an update saying she will give those who don't like the yellow and purple layout a new one to choose from. Please see that for more information. Anyone else posting and/or arguing in here will be warned or banned if needed.

As of right now, currently this layout is not going to be changing. If you dislike it, thats fine, just use the new one that will be available soon.

July 15, 2015
Usa Male Is not currently on the site
O' Cap'n My Cap'n!
Yeah, even with my middle-aged eyes, the colors and brightness level weren't bothering me. I don't know what their issues really were, but everyone's different I suppose. But it's okay...we're back to normal now! And I'm definitely happy too!

(Of course, I'd be tons happier if people would start visiting here and commenting and contributing!)

July 15, 2015
Site Builder (Content), Site Builder (Gr... Usa Is not currently on the site
letĺs go lesbians!
I honestly thought it was fine before. I have young eyes, and there are other members that do too, so it didn't bother me much to begin with. I'm just happy Minions is finally settled in.

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