Fan fic part

Fan fic part

A part in a fan fic I'm writing.

Shadow, Buddy and Maggie stood on top of a rock to see where they were. Shadow looked down and she gasp loudly seeing the drop into a deep gully with a deep river flowing through. "Shadow, stay closer to us." Maggie said sternly. Shadow sighed, and stuck her tongue out at Maggie. "Your not my mother." She said stepping back. "Maggie is serious Shadow, you need to come away from the edge." Buddy said. Shadow glared again, but lost her balance, slipping off the edge. "SHADOW!!" Buddy yelled. Buddy jumped after her, and went a long way, before hitting the water. Buddy swam under, and grabbed Shadow's collar in his mouth. He swam to the surface, and made his way to a shallow part. Maggie met them there, and gasp seeing the blood on Shadow and Buddy's body. "Are...You ok?" Maggie stammered. "I am, but Shadow is not." Buddy said looking worried (More coming soon)

Buddy: Me

Shadow: Luv4Luke

Maggie: Luv4Rosco

Line art and render: Me

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