The Giveaway pt. 6

The Giveaway pt. 6

Anita has decided to put penny up for adoption along with other Dalmatians too. They used the stage that thunderbolt had and used their own banner and dog symbol for the Dalmatian foundation.

Anita: Who wants this lovely female dalmatian? If you want her wait at the left side of the stage please and my husband will help you out for the draw.

Penny: I hope i get a good home just like my home with rodger and anita..... -whimpers-

Danielle: WE have to do something lucky!

Lucky: We can't do anything Danielle, i'm afraid there's nothing to do but let her get adopted. Besides we'll still be able to see her, i had overheard Rodger explaining to a little girl that she has to bring her new dog to the park on the weekends to visit us.

Danielle: Well its better than never seeing her again.

Note: Sorry it took so long to get back on AS, we've been extremely busy and we had extreme weather lately. Sorry for the wait guys and the bad handwriting on the banner, i was rushing through it ;)

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