The Giveaway pt. 1

The Giveaway pt. 1

Now that all 101 puppies are all grown up, they are being taken to the brand new park to run around and stretch their legs. Anita and roger are hoping people will want to buy some of the Dalmatians so there will be more room for more puppies if perdita or any of the girls they keep have any. Of course they are keeping lucky though, he is a big help around the house like pongo.

Lucky: Ladies first Danielle! *smiles big*

Danielle: Why thank you Lucky, I hope the park will be as fun as the old one! it was like a maze in there. Remember when patch got jealous of us and pushed you into the pond and you got a fish stuck in your collar! *laughs*

Lucky: I meant to put that fish in there! it was my friend!

Danielle: Ok fish boy lets go and stretch our legs, race you to the lake!

Lucky: You're on!

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May 22, 2012
Usa Is not currently on the site
Lol I love Lucky's expression, he's so cute!!! good job, keep up the good work:cool:

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