dogs never left that place” Perdita says looking at Pongo, he is surprised just like the puppies.

"My brother never complained about it, he knows that it's part of their job," Perdita says. Pongo and Perdita are silent for a moment.

"What happened to the rest of your brothers?" Pongo asks to Perdita.

"My brothers Dante and Brice became firefighter dogs" Perdita responds to Pongo that is listing.

"My sister Shawna, she has a very acute sense of smell that is greater than my own sees and my brothers, I know from where Rolly has his smell sense" Perdita says looking and smiling just like Pongo.

"She was trained as a rescue dog, she uses her nose for find people lost in ruins, forests or caves" Perdita says.

"Then there's my sister Juno, she loves to help the old people, so she works in a nursing home where she gives love and affection to people that sometimes have no family, she accompanies and take care of them until they leave this world "Perdita says looking at Pongo.

Pongo was surprised; he did not know Perdita’s family play very important roles for several people.

"Finally I am here, when my brothers and sisters were assigned to their respective jobs, I felt very sad and frustrated" Perdita says looking at Pongo.

"I had not show a special quality to be assigned to a mission like my brothers or sisters, but my father told me that I would have a special mission in this life that sooner or later will be reveal to me" Perdita says.

"My mother agreed, she told me that sometimes the most important missions are not necessarily the most famous, these missions often go unnoticed, but are very important" Perdita says while Pongo is listening carefully.

"When you and I had the puppies, I thought that was my mission, but when the eighty-four pups appear so I realized that's was my real mission, to be the mother ninety nine pups" Perdita says looking at Pongo.

She smiles at Pongo, he does the same thing.

"I was not chosen as my brothers because life had reserved me another important task, I think it's the same in your case" Perdita says looking at Pongo.

"Do not you become a firefighter dog, because you had to be the father of all our children and to do everything for them, even giving your life" Perdita says looking at Pongo, he rinses a tear in his right eye to think that the words of Perdita were true, perhaps his fate was on the farm with his family.

"I hope what I said will help you" Perdita says.

"Of course that it helps a lot" Pongo says, he kisses to Perdita, they break the kiss after a few moments.

"We better get some rest, you still have four days to make a decision" Perdita says looking at Pongo, he is surprised.

"Will you not stop me, if i decide to be a firefighter dog? Pongo asks.

"No, if you live happy being a dog firefighter dog" Perdita responds a bit of sadness in her voice.

"Do you think you can take care of the puppies you alone?" Pongo asks looking at Perdita.

"Sure I can" Perdita responds looking at Pongo, Perdita and Pongo lick to each other with love.

"Let’s go to sleep" Pongo says looking at Perdita, she nods.

Perdita and Pongo walks toward the stairs, puppies quickly assume their positions to pretend that they are sleep so their parents would not scold them.

Pongo and Perdita down by the stairs, they go to the house.

"What happened to your parents?" Pongo asks while he is walking with Perdita.

"I guess that they still live in that mansion on the hill" Perdita responds smiling as she imagines to her parents resting peacefully in the shade of one of several trees that were in the house of their owners.

Pongo and Perdita get in the house; they go to the living room and lie down together. Perdita and Pongo fall asleep quickly while they are looking at each other with love. Pongo sleep thinking about the decision he would take.

The days pass quick,  Pongo is pondering the decision that he should be given the next day, he was deep in thought when she feels a  move on his paws, he looks down to see that Cadpig is on his paws.

"What it is happening Cadpig?" Pongo asks watching to his daughter.

"Eh ... my brothers sent me to talk to you" Cadpig responds watching to his father.

"They chose me to tell you that we expect that you take the decision with which you are happy Dad, if you decide to be a firefighter dog will feel very proud" Cadpig says watching to Pongo.

"Really?" Pongo asks looking at Cadpig, she nods.

"You take care and protected us, so we thought it's fair that you be happy regardless of your decision" Cadpig responds while he feels an affliction in his heart.

"Well Dad, I'm going, we are going to play so they are waiting for me" Cadpig says as she turns over and starts running.

"Wait a minute Cadpig" Pongo exclaims looking at Cadpig, she stops and looks at her father.

"Why her brothers did send to you to talk to me?" Pongo asks looking at Cadpig.

"They believed they would not the courage because they would start to mourn" Cadpig responds while she is flushing a tear from her right eye, she run again leaving to Pongo surprised.

The next day the fire chief visits the farm to learn the decision of Pongo.

"What decided your dog?" the fire chief asks looking to Roger and Anita, they look at Pongo that it is to their side.

Pongo moves toward where Perdita and the puppies sitting, they are very happy when he sits next to them.

"I think that says it all" the Fire Chief says looking at Roger and Anita.

"But we want that your dog be our honorary firefighter dog" the fire chief says looking to Roger and Anita, they are confused.

"As you will understand our job is not only fight fires, also teach children about the dangers of playing with fire and stuff, we thought we might have better results if I Pongo join us in some of our visits, children love dogs” the fire chief says looking at Roger and Anita.

"What do you say about that, boy?" Roger asks looking at Pongo; he wags his tail and barks.

"I think that's a yes" Anita says looking at Roger and the chief of the firefighters, he is happy.

"Excuse me; did you do the favor that I asked for?" Roger asks looking to fire chief.

"Yes, I talked to one of the men of fire station where Pongo born, he told me that Pongo's parents are still alive and working, his brothers too, but one of them were gave out of duty when he was wounded in a fire" the Fire Chief says looking at Roger.

Pongo was very surprised to hear about his family, he thought that maybe he would see them again in the future.




Pongo, Perdita, Roger, Cadpig, Lucky, Penny, Patch, Two-Tone are © Disney

Mardoc, Dante, Brice, Shawna and Juno are my characters

The story is mine.

Written by Janus Oberoth



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