bottom of the barn and the window of the barn, the puppies had installed the system in case that if they are doing a mischief, a puppy would alert them from the window.

Now the puppies can hear the conversation that would have Pongo and Perdita.

Perdita approaches to Pongo and sits beside him; she notices that Pongo's looks is directed towards the sky.

Perdita licks Pongo’s cheek, he startles but she feels relieved to see his mate watching him fondly.

"How is your leg?" Perdita asks looking at Pongo.

"It is better" Pongo answers looking at Perdita.

"Did you put the puppies in the bed?" Pongo asks looking at Perdita, she nods. She looks at Pongo; he is looking at the sky again.

"Pongo…” Perdita says looking at Pongo.

"Sorry about this afternoon, but wanted to be alone" Pongo says looking at Perdita.

"I understand that ... Why you never said me that you were trained to be a firefighter dog" Perdita asks looking at Pongo.

"I guess I wanted to forget that, because it is a painful memory" Pongo responds looking at Perdita. Pongo instantly captures the look of curiosity of Perdita.

"You want to know" Pongo says looking at Perdita.

"Oh no of course not" Perdita says immediately, she do not want obligate to Pongo to reveal his past.

"In my family, being a firefighter dog was a tradition, it is my father, my mother, their parents ... well you understand” Pongo says looking at Perdita, she nods.

"My brothers and I grew up in a fire station where dad worked, mom would live with us until we were ready to leave, then she would return to her station" Pongo says looking at Perdita, she is listening intently just like her pup.

Pongo sighs sadly remembering those days when he was a puppy.

"My father loved us, but for him it was more important his work than his family" Pongo says looking at Perdita; she gets surprised by Pongo’s words.

"We understood it, but sometimes mom and he fought for that reason, my mother wanted that my father spend more time with us" Pongo says.

"When we were growing up we started our training, my brothers did very well with that, but I ..." Pongo says watching to the starry sky.

"Although I gave all that I had, I could not do anything right; Mom tried to help me and support me in my training like Dad, but I did fail to have sufficient skills to qualify as my brothers, they were assigned to different stations" Pongo says looking at Perdita.

 "I did not know what would be me; I could not be a firefighter dog, but one day Roger came to the station, he knew to the chief; he and Roger talked for a few moments and then Roger took me to his house" Pongo says looking at Perdita, she sees bitterness and sadness on Pongo’s face.

"That was the last time I saw my parents, I cannot forget the look of shame and disappointment of my father to see that one of his children would only be a simple dog house" Pongo says looking at Perdita.

She is surprised to see how tears are falling from Pongo's eyes.

"I knew it was the shame of the family" Pongo says as he began to mourn for surprise of Perdita and the puppies. Lucky, Cadpig and Rolly cautiously up their heads over the stairs; they see that their mother is consoling to Pongo, he is crying gently to not awake the puppies.

Lucky like his siblings could not believe that Pongo cries, they had always seen their father as a strong and courageous figure. Perdita places her paw on Pongo's snout to raises his looks.

Pongo sees love in the look of Perdita; she is wiping tears of Pongo.

"I doubt that you are the shame of your family, do not think they have any idea that you care and protect to your mate and so many puppies" Perdita says looking at Pongo.

"When I did meet you and became your mate, I always knew you were a dog brave, noble as you acted to save the baby from the burning building, you're all that a female could ask" Perdita says looking at her mate.

“The puppies found their hero in you, it is something that is clearly demonstrated, they and I are lucky to have you for take care of us” Perdita says looking at Pongo, he feels joy in his heart.

Pongo and Perdita look to each other, he kiss her gently. Both Dalmatians are united in a kiss that last some moments.

"Have you made a decision?" Perdita asks when she breaks the kiss.

"No" Pongo answers sighing.

"Now you know the truth, I can tell you that part of me wish to stay on the farm, but the other part wants to be a firefighter dog" Pongo says looking at Perdita.

"Would do it for your father and your family?" Perdita asks looking at Pongo, he nods.

"I know how you feel, in my family, well a part of my family is the same thing" Perdita says looking at Pongo, he sees to her with curiosity.

"My mother's family is like yours, their family tradition of being firefighter dog, my mother even though she liked the idea of helping people, but she thought that be a firefighter dog was not for her" Perdita says.

"Her family was very upset with her because she was refusing to be firefighter dog because she believed that her destiny was elsewhere, they distanced themselves from my mother..." Perdita says laughing softly while Pongo is looking at her.

"She is a determined and strong dog, my mother saw that she had no support from her family, so she left her home and lived on the street for about one year" Perdita sees looking at Pongo that gets surprised just like the puppies.

"One day she entered the home of my father, it was a mansion, she had turned the trash to find something to eat, but my father heard it and went to investigate, he found to my mother" Perdita says looking at Pongo.

"She attacked him, my father just simply dodged the blows and bites of my mother, his owner heard the commotion and came to see what was happening, they were able to reduce my mother, my dad's owners saw that she was purebred, so they decided stay with her to have puppies with my father" Perdita says remembering as her mother had told the story of her life.

"My mother knew what the owners of my father wanted, she tried to escape, but they chained her, they fed her without getting too close, because she was aggressive" Perdita says looking at her mate.

"Then my father began to approach my mother, she rejected him trying to bite him" Perdita says softly laughing while she is looking at Pongo, he also smiles thinking about the story of Perdita.

"My father is stubborn and headstrong, but that does not mean that is a bad dog, he is very kind and caring like you, Pongo" Perdita says looking at Pongo.

"My father took his time not speed things up, my mother was losing all hope of escape so she  was resigned, she began to take affection to my father and ended up falling in love with him" Perdita says watching to her mate.

"When my mother told us her story, we were very excited, everyone wanted to become firefighter dog, my mother told us that we should not be it if we did not want, there is more than one way to be happy: we must find our way" Perdita says smiling to Pongo.

"What happened to your brothers?" Pongo asks to Perdita.

"The owners of my parents have as much or more money than Cruella, but they are very charitable persons with the people in need" Perdita says looking to Pongo.

"They believed that the world had given them so much; they should give something back, so they saw in me and my brothers that opportunity" Perdita says.

"Since we were puppies, the owners of my parents hired veterinarians and other people to study us and see our qualities, and decide for what thing we had skills" Perdita says while she is watching the sky through the window of the barn.

"To my older brother Mardoc likes children and has great patience for them, which is why he became a dog for special children" Perdita says looking at Pongo.

"What do you mean with special children?" Pongo asks.

"Some children, for some reason, born with physical or psychological limitations that prevent them from developing normally as other children do" Perdita says looking at Pongo, he nods slightly.

"My brother works with them to help them, I saw how he was helping a child learn to walk, Mardoc was the child support, sometimes he lost his balance and did grab my brother's fur to not fall,  I never saw  him groaned in pain for that" Perdita says smiling softly as she remembers her brother.

"He must be a great dog for children" Pongo says, Perdita nods.

"In one occasion he suffered multiple wounds to protect a child" Perdita says looking at Pongo, he gets surprised to hear Perdita.

"What happened?"  Pongo asks.

"One of the kids pulled the tail of a street dog without knowing that it hurts a lot, Mardoc tried to explain things to the dog that tried to bite the child, but my brother pull him away before the attack of another dogs" Perdita says watching to Pongo.

"The boy fell back on the floor, the dog and his friends tried to bite him but my brother would not let them, he placed himself on top of the kid and covered him" Perdita says looking at Pongo, he is surprised.

"My brother did not move even though the dogs were biting and hitting him, he just licked the boy's face to calm him down, then several people that saw what happened they took away to the dogs, they were taken to the pound ... that dogs never left

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