Pongo's decision


It is a warm day on the farm, Perdita walks heading toward the barn where surely she will find to her pups. Perdita decides to spend that time with her puppies while Pongo is not in the farm; he is with Roger in London.

Perdita opens the barn door and sees that several puppies are playing inside.

Puppies play pulls, struggles and other games characteristic of their age.

Perdita enters in the barn and goes to the bottom of the barn. Perdita sees that Lucky is watching television with Rolly, Cadpig and other puppies who crowded around the television.

"Hello puppies" Perdita says approaching to her puppies that turn their heads and look at her.

"Hi Mom" Puppies say looking at Perdita, the puppies move and allow that Perdita lie down in the middle of the group of puppies.

"What are you watching?" Perdita asks watching at her puppies.

"It's a show about famous dogs" Rolly responds watching to his mother.

"Really?" Perdita asks looking at Lucky, he nods.

"They must be expecting to see Thunderbolt" Perdita thinks watching to her pups.

She knew that her puppies admire much to Thunderbolt. She watches television with her pups, but the signal is interrupts and an image appears, it is a new bulletin.


After finishing the entry of the bulleting; there is a image of a burning house, there was a reporter who talked about what was happening.

"Here in central London there is a house on fire, firefighters try to control the fire" the reporter says while the camera focuses on the house.

A woman completely hysterically screams trying to return to the burning house, but she is stopped by a police.

"My baby is inside!" the woman cries as she struggles with the police.

The camera focuses on the woman who tried by all means to return home, then the camera moves and focuses on a Dalmatian dog running towards the entrance of the house, he enters inside it.

"Pongo" Perdita says to recognize to her mate entering in the burning house.

Perdita is worried just like puppies, they fear the worst at not seeing their father out of the burning house, Perdita sees like Roger sees at the house, he is looked very worried, and in his hand he still had the strap of Pongo.

A moment later a downstairs window gets broke when Pongo crosses through it, he had a lump of light blue color on his snout, it was the baby.

Pongo gets close to the firemen and the lady who takes the baby in her arms as she wept for joy, one of the firemen checked the baby while Roger approaches to Pongo and checks him to see that he was not hurt.

The reporter and cameraman get close to Roger and Pongo.

The camera focuses on the right foreleg of Pongo; there is a piece of glass embedded in it. One of the firemen gets close to Pongo and examines the wound.

The fireman looks at Roger and makes a grimace, Roger holds to Pongo while the firefighter proceeds to remove the piece of glass of Pongo’s foreleg, he is groaning in pain. The firefighter removes the piece of glass and then proceeds to bandage the foreleg of Pongo.

"I do not think it's something serious, but take him to the veterinarian" the fireman says watching to Roger, he nods. The reporter interviews to Roger about Pongo's actions and how he had saved the baby.

After a few minutes firefighters extinguish the fire, they celebrate like the rest of the people, one of the firefighters puts his helmet on the head of Pongo, he  wags his tail.

A few minutes later the new ends and returns to normal programming.

"Did you see that? Dad is a hero "Lucky says watching to his siblings.

"Dad was very brave" Penny says watching to her brothers. They were very excited; they begin to talk about what they had just seen.

Perdita does not pay attention at her pups’ conversation. She feels like a mixture of emotions are inside her: concern, anger, happiness, pride. It was very strange because she knew because that Pongo is safe.

About two hours later the puppies and Perdita heard like a car enters the farm. Puppies and Perdita quickly get out of the barn and run to the car, it stops in front of the house. Roger gets out of the car and opens the passenger’s door for Pongo that gets out of the car.

The puppies look that Pongo is wearing a fireman's helmet, he had a bandaged leg.

"Dad you were great" Patch exclaims as he jumps excitedly around Pongo.

"We saw what you did in television" Cadpig says noticing the look of surprise that his father has on his face.

"Did you have fear?" Rolly asks looking at his father.

"How did you find the baby?" Penny asks.

"Why are you using that helmet?" Two-Tone asks looking at Pongo.

Perdita looks at Pongo, she smiles seeing like the puppies bombard to Pongo with questions that are answered without that he loses patience.

When the puppies eventually get quiet, Perdita can approach to Pongo; she looks and nuzzles affectionately to her mate. Pongo does the same thing.

"Did I worry to you?" Pongo asks seeing to Perdita.

"Yes, but if it was not you, that baby would not be alive now" Perdita responds looking at Pongo.

"Is your foreleg all right?" Perdita asks looking Pongo’s bandaged leg, she sees that the bandage has a blood stain.

"Yes, the doctor said it was nothing serious" Pongo answers looking at Perdita, she nuzzles him.

"You seem more handsome with that helmet" Perdita exclaims smiling and watching to Pongo.

"One of the firefighters forgot it in the midst of the hubbub" Pongo says looking to Perdita. The puppies smile while cheerfully laugh.

Pongo spends the rest of the day with the puppies and Perdita.

The next day Pongo and Perdita are watching like the pups are playing, Pongo wants to join to the games but his injured leg stops him.

Pongo and Perdita hear a car coming down the road, they see to the road and gets surprised to see that a firefighter truck comes and stops near the entrance of the farm.

The puppies stop their games and observe that from the firefighter truck gets out a man dressed in jeans and a shirt with boots.

Pongo immediately recognizes the man, it was the fire chief. He smiles at Pongo and greets him. Pongo barks a moment while the fireman comes over and caresses to Pongo, then Roger and Anita gets out of the house and get close to the place where Pongo and the chief are waiting for them.

The firefighter greets to Roger and Anita, they think that the chief is a polite and nice person.

"What brings you to these parts?" Anita asks looking at the chief.

"I am in way to repair one of our trucks, we have been having problems with its electrical system" the fire chief responds looking to Roger and Anita.

"I see, I thought that passed to pick up one of your helmets" Roger says looking at the fire chief who laughs just like Roger and Anita. Pongo and Perdita laugh along with the puppies.

"That does not matter, we think that you dog can keep it" the chief says with a bit of seriousness in his voice.

"At the station we thought we would be a great help a dog like yours" the chief says watching to Roger and Anita, they gets surprised just the rest.

"Do you want that Pongo become a firefighter dog" Anita asks looking at the chief.

"Yes, he behaved in an excellent way when he rescued the baby, almost as if he knew what to do" the chief says looking at Pongo.

"Well, that's because Pongo has training like a firefighter dog" Roger says.

Perdita and puppies look at Pongo; he does not say anything while he is avoiding looking at his pups.

"Then why he does not work like firefighter dog?"  The chief asks looking at Roger.

"Well that's because there were some problems" Roger answers looking at the Chief Fireman, Roger does not give an explanation.

"What do you say about my proposition?" the firefighter Chief says looking at Roger.

"That's not something that I decide, Pongo must decide it” Roger says looking at fire chief who looks surprised and confused.

"Pongo has family here, I think he should decide; maybe you think that it is weird, but I think he understands" Roger says looking at Pongo and after that at the chief.

"It will seem strange but I understand because some dogs are very special, my friend saved his life thanks to his dog that detected a disease that without treatment could kill him" the chief says looking at Roger.

"In any case, can I back in a week to know the decision of your dog?" the chief says looking at Roger.

The chief says goodbye and goes back to the truck, Roger and Anita see like the truck goes away of the farm.

Pongo leaves the place while everyone is seeing him, Pongo spend the rest of the day completely alone, although Perdita tries to talk to him like the puppies.

At night Pongo in the superior part of the barn, he is looking at the sky through the window. Perdita is in the bottom of the putting the puppies in the bed.

"Mom, did you know that dad had dog training like firefighter dog?" Lucky asks to his mother.

"No, he never told me" Perdita responds feeling pain inside, she felt somehow Pongo had lied to her.

After a few minutes later, Perdita climbs by the stairs to the superior level of the barn. Perdita thinks that puppies were asleep, but there were not sleeping.  When Perdita disappears, they get up and huddle around a pipe, the puppies had installed a communication system between the bottom of the barn and

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