Chancey’s POV


“Up and at ‘em Cadet” Tripod urged and shoved me, I opened my eyes and forced myself up. I stretched and yawned “alright, I’m comin’” I had long since gotten used to Tripod waking me up at the crack of dawn to go train. I sprinted after him, stumbling only slightly, it was still hard getting used to only having three legs. Tripod continued to push me past my limits and make me stronger. He was a perfect drill sergeant, it was no wonder he was Bark Brigade Captain. It was business as usual, Tripod demanded fifty-five of everything, and fifteen on the obstacle course, and finished off with five extra laps in the Slop Area. After a quick power wash (Tripod attacking me with a water hose to get the gruel off) we raced to Bark Brigade, a little tired, but happy. “Hey” Tripod said stepping out in front of me “I got something for ya.” My tail was wagging instantly “really?” I asked happily. “Yeah, here, I remember you said you wanted one” he handed me a sky blue sweatband, it even matched my collar, it was perfect! I had gotten a collar as soon as my bandage came off to hide the nasty scar that was left behind from the barbed wire collar, I didn’t want anyone to see it, I didn’t want to see it myself, brought too many bad memories. I put on quickly “How’s it look?” I asked with a giggle. He looked a little nervous, but brushed it off easily enough. “Great” he said and we started walking again.

As soon as we got there I spotted Lucky, I charged and tackled him to the ground “Hi Lucky” I laughed beaming brightly. He shoved me, also smiling “hey Chancey, nice headband” I wagged my tail “thanks, Tripod gave it to me, he’s the best!” Lucky just rolled his eyes “sure he is” I laughed at his expression. “Aw, are you jealous?” I cooed sweetly, but before he could answer, Lt. Pug started Role Call. Bark Brigade was also business as usual, and before I knew it I was running to the Slop Area to meet Tripod for Evening Training. I decided I’d work on my stealth and try to sneak up on him and attack him, but it didn’t work out so well. See, just about the time I pounced he turned and we tumbled over each other into the Slop Area with him on top of me. It took me a moment to realize how close he was to me, but when I did I blushed hard. Confession: I developed a severe crush on Tripod and I was too nervous to tell him about it. “Guess I need to w-work on my s-sneak attack huh?” I stammered slightly in speech, but I don’t think he noticed. I did notice, however, he did have a slight blush, but I didn’t mention it. “I think you should. You just earned two earned two extra laps.” Two laps put me at seven given he always made me run five extra laps. “Two?” I asked, he raised a brow. “Would like me to double it?” I hurriedly shook my head, I was already at seven, I didn’t need nine. “No sir” he laughed at this “good, now get to it, Cadet.” I shoved him up off of me, he landed back first in gruel, I got up laughing and started running my laps. “It doubled!” he called to me “yes sir!” I laughed out humorously. After work out, and my nine additional laps, Tripod power washed me, and I attacked him with water hose, I didn’t get to do it often, so I had fun with it when I could.

I yawned as we walked, it had been a long day, and I was tired. “Hey, Chancey”


“w-Would you like to g-go to the Fall Ball with me?”

I paused and looked at him funny. “Me, You want to take me?” I had heard about the ball, I had even helped Cadpig set up some decorations, on my one free day from training, I guess I just can’t catch a break. “Yeah, of course, who wouldn’t?” He panicked at this. “Wait, you don’t already have a date do you?” I giggled at him “I do now.” He smiled at me, obviously relieved to hear that. “Great, thanks Chancey” he said and walked into the barn, I felt like doing cart wheels, he asked me! He asked me! I kept screaming to myself internally, oh, I’d never get to sleep at this rate.

I was absolutely giddy the next day, chalk full of energy, and eager to please. Tripod was very amused; there was no doubt he knew where all the giddiness was coming from. Morning Training seemed to breeze by and I was now sneaking up on Lucky, who was sitting impatiently awaiting Role Call, I pounced, successfully pinning him to the ground and laughing merrily at his expression. “In my clutches again, eh, Lucky?” I asked teasingly. “Well as long as it’s your clutches” he said with a laugh and I giggled as I let him up. “So, listen, Chancey I-“ Lucky was shoved to the side as Mooch approached. “Get your dancin’ shoes on Spotless; I’m takin’ you to the ball with me.” I glowered at the mutt “no you’re not” I stated firmly, since I saved Mooch from the car, he’d tried desperately to get me to join his gang, but I knew he was nothing but trouble. “For your information Mooch, I already have a date.” He looked surprised, so did Lucky “Who?” the chorused, completely dumbfounded. “Tripod” I said “Tripod’s my date” Mooch looked furious, Lucky looked depressed, like he might cry or something. I wanted to know why, was he ok? Lucky took off, back to the barn, I guessed “Lucky?” I called after him worriedly, he didn’t respond. “Role Call!” I wanted to go after him, but I had to stay, I’d never missed a single day of Bark Brigade since that first day. “This isn’t over” Mooch growled walking off to join his gang, but I wasn’t paying attention to him, I was looking after Lucky who was just entering the barn. “Cadet Chancey!” I turned my head to see everyone giving me a strange look. “Huh? Oh, here!” I called, Tripod caught my eye and he looked worried. I didn’t do well in Bark Brigade, I was shouted at repeatedly, and constantly messing up, I couldn’t help it, Lucky’s tortured face kept popping up in my head. I wanted to know what was wrong with him, I’d never seen Lucky upset before, I mean sure he fought with Mooch (and occasionally Tripod), but this was different, he wasn’t angry, he looked…traumatized. As soon as Bark Brigade was over I started to head out to the Slop Area, but Tripod stopped me at the hill about halfway to it. He seemed worried, not him too. “Tripod?” I asked uncertainly. “What happened to you today? You seemed distracted” I shook my head sadly. “Lucky’s upset, and I don’t know why” I told him what happened this morning and he listened quietly. “He was going to ask you to the ball” Tripod said, I was taken aback, Lucky and I were good friends, and sure, I’ll admit I used to have a slight crush on him, but not anymore, this wasn’t making any sense. “Oh” I said shortly “ok, let’s go train.” Tripod worked me hard, and I did extra laps for poor performance today, I soon forgot about my problems, and had a good time working out with Tripod.

The workout the next morning was also good, I hadn’t talked to Lucky, or Mooch, since yesterday at Bark Brigade, so let me tell ya, when I sat down with Tripod (I’d begged him to sit with me) before Role Call I was a nervous wreck. The Fall Ball was in two days and I didn’t want to ruin my friendship with Lucky. When I caught sight of him, and he saw me with Tripod, he looked a little disheartened, I looked over to Tripod, he nodded, and I dashed over to Lucky “hey Luck” I tried to greet him as if nothing was wrong, but we both knew it wasn’t working. “Hey, Chancey” I could hear the sadness in his voice and I canted my head to the side. “What’s wrong Lucky? You seem a bit down.” Lucky let out a nearly depressed sigh “I was going to ask you to the Fall Ball, but you’re going with Tripod…” My ears fell, and tail drooped “aw, Luck, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to upset you” Lucky shook his head with a smile. “It’s ok, but why Tripod? I mean he doesn’t really seem like your type” I actually felt a new emotion, and I didn’t like it, I was angry, I had never been angry before. “Tripod’s perfectly “my type” Lucky, I would know.”

“Yeah, well maybe if you’d hangout with someone that wasn’t Tripod, you’d find a different” he growled lowly, I wanted to cry, I really didn’t want to fight with Lucky, but he brought on himself. “What, Like you? Sorry Lucky, but you’re not exactly boyfriend material anyway!” My voice was raising, I was sure everyone was staring, this was so embarrassing! “Oh, and you think you’d make a good girlfriend? I don’t think so, you’re far to stuck up” I glowered at him, I barely noticed the other pups circling, listening intently.  “Oh, and you aren’t, face it Lucky, you’re nothing but a runt, who wishes he could be the top dog!” Lucky snarled “Well at least I’m normal, and I know people will like me” my eyes narrowed, what was he getting at? “At least I have spots, face it Chancey, you’re nothing but a three legged, spotless, runty freak!” Tears stung my eyes, how dare he? I did it before I could think about it clearly, but I

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