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Hi there, I'm SnowLioness. I am a young artist but yet am not good at it. I enjoy watching the lion king, and my favorite way to spend time is hanging out with friends. If you need someone to socialize with, feel free to talk to me! I have never roleplayed, but would like to try it. I am online not very often, but keep in mind that it might change. I love to talk to people, as long as they know english, and I am a total chatter box. I am mostly only on the lion king source, because I'm not too crazy about them other movies. I have a white bunny with red eyes and his name is Timbit. I love him. I also have a cat named Brownie, he is a ragdoll we found as a stray and was scared of the sound of our door! Now he always thinks it means food. He's so friendly, you pet him a few times, and he's your pal! I love him too. I hope you had fun reading, probably not, but who cares. Have a nice day, and by the the way, you can call me Snowy or Snow

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March 12, 2015
Site Builder (Content), Site Builder (Gr... Usa Is not currently on the site
let’s go lesbians!
I deleted my bases long ago, it doesn't matter to me what happens to them, I only render now upon paid requests and other commissions

January 04, 2015
Canada Is not currently on the site
Well, sorry for the late reply but I thank all of you for hoping things get better.

December 28, 2014
Bangladesh Female Is not currently on the site
Oh, hello! Sorry for the late reply. I knew you were her sister but I never had much conversation with you.
And this is very bad you got robbed. I feel sorry for you. By the way, how was your christmas?

December 26, 2014
Germany Is not currently on the site
Wow, that's terrible. It makes me sick to think there are people out there who do things like this and don't care about anybody else's misfortunes after their acts. They always think about themselves. I dearly hope things get better for you guys! :(

December 20, 2014
Canada Is not currently on the site
Hi everyone... I hope you're doing good, because I sure am not. It is 10:12 PM, December 19th. Yes, 6 days before Christmas. We got to the grocery store when my mom got a phone call saying someone broke into our house. We were brought to our BFFS house, and my mom and dad were talking to the cops. When we got back, part of the glass on our door was broken, they obviously smashed it and stuck their arm through to open the door. There was mud on the floor, they took moms iPad, dads iPad, our laptop, and they cleaned out moms jewellery box and took a red basket we had to carry out the stuff. Mom said they didn't go upstairs cause everything was in place, no mud. But, my portable TV was gone! I don't get it... Why our house? On the outside there is my dads car, which is beat, and our house looks so old! Dad said he will buy me a new TV, but what really doesn't make sense, why was there no mud upstairs? Why didn't they take me and my sisters iPads? I think they might have played around with mine... It was acting like I'd never used iMessage! Oh well... Later we found out that another house just outside of town/city, another house was robbed. Weird stuff! Well, goodnight everyone. I won't be able to make anything for a while... Bye! :!


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