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In the original film, Pongo is the narrator. Pongo is first seen trying his best to find his master (dogs call them pets) Roger a suitable wife. So far there's no luck until Pongo sees mates that will suit both him and Roger. Pongo gets Roger to follow them into the park. Pongo tries to get there attention but it ends in a terrible. Although it seemed terrible the two Roger and Anita falls in love as does Pongo and Anita's dog Perdita. Years later the happy couples move into a small hame and Perdita becomes pregnant. The family is then visited by the villainous Cruella De Vil. She comes in the house smoking and she frightens Perdita and that gets Pongo truly upset. On a stormy night in October the puppies arrive, fifteen to be exact. Cruella De Vil comes once again requesting the puppies, but due to Roger's braveness, Cruella is sent away. She gets her henchman Jasper and Horace to kidnap the puppies although they do not like the idea. Pongo and Perdita then go on a journey to find their puppies and reunite with their families. He and Perdita rescue the puppies and reunite with their families just in time for Christmas.

Pongo reappears in the film's sequel along with everyone else. Pongo is accidentally the true reason his son Patch felt as if he was nothing more than a dalmatian puppy. Pongo is shocked at the fact that one of his own has once again disappeared. He blames himself for Patch being missing, because he lost count. He along with Perdita, Roger, and Anita head back to London to look for him. When they do, he tells his son how much they missed him.


Voice actor : Roger Carel

After their 15 puppies are stolen Perdita immediately goes off on a dangerous journey to rescue the puppies alongside Pongo. The winter conditions make the journey tough, but they eventually meet with a sheepdog called the Colonel, who takes them to the puppies. Upon seeing the other puppies alongside their own fifteen, they decide to take them all to London, knowing that Roger and Anita would never turn them out.

Perdita reappears in the film's official sequel where she is once again devastated to hear one of her puppies is missing once again. She tries to get Pongo to stop blaming himself for Patch being missing and tells him the important thing is that they find him before Cruella does. When she finds Patch she's revealed he's safe and tells him how worried they were about him.

Voice actor : Cate Bauer


There aren't many known instances of Dipstick's personality as a pup in the animated or live-action movies, however the series gives him a whole new look and at least some indication of personality.

Whatever Mooch does or wants him to do and doesn't seem to mind; even being hung from a clothespin and shaken like a leaf as evidenced in the series episode Love Em and Flea Em. He is often seen laughing at Mooch's jokes at the cruel expense of someone else, and loves playing practical jokes on others. He also loves junk food, often aiding Mooch and Wizzer in stealing from the pantry in order to obtain it. However, he doesn't appear to like getting in trouble, as seen in the episode Twelve Angry Pups. When Spot quizzed him on who he'd been with and what he'd been doing, he broke down in noisy tears, most likely afraid he was going to get in big trouble. He also exhibits a gullible and naive streak as evidenced in Walk on the Wild Side, being unable to recognize Swamp Rat or Rolly in disguise when it was clearly obvious.

Lars is a stylish, but rather strange, artist who loves nothing more than painting spots. It is suggested he had some romantic feelings towards Cruella De Vil and, when the Baduns bring the puppies to Lars, he falls in love with them. He is inspired to paint, but Cruella declares that he is going to make a masterpiece out of puppy fur. However, Lars refuses, finding what Cruella has in mind to be sick and twisted. Enraged and disappointed, Cruella has him tied up and goes back to her original plan of making a puppy fur coat. At the near end of the film, he is seen reporting Cruella to the authorities as he recounts exactly what happened.

Jewel was one of the original fifteen puppies in the movie, and the second to be refered to by name. Her name comes from how the spots around her neck resemble a jeweled necklace. She and her siblings were kidnapped by Horace and Jasper for Cruella to make them into a fur coat. With the help of her family, she escapes them along with her siblings.

In most of the tie-in merchandise, such as toys and books, she is very girly in character, contrasting Two-Tone's tomboyishness. She has been shown to be a bit annoyed at Whizzer's antics as well.

Two-Tone is one of the original fifteen puppies of Pongo and Perdita. Like the rest of her siblings, she is kidnapped by Horace and Jasper for Cruella, and is brought to De Vil Manor to be made into a fur coat. She ends up escaping with the rest of the Dalmatians. In most of the tie-in material, Two-Tone is shown to be close to her brother, Whizzer. She is also shown to have a love of music and is a bit of a tomboy, to contrast with Jewel's girly personality.

Despite being a minor character, Two-Tone is one of the most popular characters among the fandom.

Voice actor : Tara Strong

Cadpig is a character featured in the 101 Dalmatians TV cartoon. Of the original fifteen puppies born to Perdita and Pongo, she is the youngest, and the runt of the litter. In the original book, she was also the puppy who almost died at the beginning and was revived by Mr. Dearly (in the movies, this scene was given to her brother Lucky).

She is noted for keeping up a constant chatter of relentlessly upbeat, self-inspirational philosophy. However, Cadpig's New Age-ness really masks a passive-aggressiveness that's much more aggressive than passive, as her upbeat, cheerful and positive outlook on life is merely a thin veneer for some underlying hostility. Cadpig is one-fourth of a group of misfits lead by her brother Lucky, which includes another sibling, Rolly, and a chicken named Spot who believes she's really a Dalmatian trapped in the body of a chicken. Outside of the gang, she's good friends with Two-Tone.

Despite Cadpig's naive belief that she can view the world through rose-colored glasses (as the axiom says), she is quite capable of facing a daily barrage of life's problems, especially those caused by Cruella De Vil and her lackeys, Horace and Jasper Badun, as well as the discipline inflicted by Lt. Pug of the "Bark Brigade," and Mooch the Mutt and his gang of rowdy pups.

Voice actor : Kath Soucie

When their 15 puppies are stolen by Jasper and Horace Badun, Pongo and Perdita decide to use the Twilight Bark to ask for help from the Dogs from London. The Great Dane is the first one who heard Pongo, he decides to help them and manages to spread the news. When he is informed of the puppies whereabouts and calls Pongo and Perdita to tell them the news. They meet at the London's Bridge where Dane instruct them to search for Towser and that he wil lead them to Colonel and that Colonel will take them to De Vil's palace. He wishes Pongo and Perdita good luck and tells them that everyone will be alert. His help is useful to Pongo and Perdy, as they found their puppies.

Voice actor : George Pelling (VO)

Dottie is mate to Dipstick and mother to Oddball, Little Dipper, and Domino. Her owner is named Chloe Simon.

She is more of a minor character in this story, but she is a very caring and is very close to her family, even in troubled times when she gets kidnapped by Cruella.

Dottie also appears in the video game: 102 Dalmatians: Puppies to the Rescue. Though she has only a minor role in that as well, and only warns Oddball and Domino not to go near Cruella, but the two pups ignore her orders and go to rescue their siblings anyway.

Dottie can be shown wearing either a red or purple collar, and have a pink or black nose.




Voice actor : Barbara Dirikson

Tripod is the only main or recurring puppy in the series who has not been in the movies or the original book, and he has the most speaking roles than the other minor pups. According to the episode, "Dalmatian Vacation Part One: Road Warriors", he is not one of Pongo and Perdita's original fifteen puppies, and was one of the adopted eighty-four. Despite having three legs, he is very athletic, considerably moreso than the other Dalmatians (missing his front, left leg). He is Lt. Pug's favorite member of the Bark Brigade, and takes his brigade very seriously. According to "Mall Pups", he's captain of the brigade. Lucky sees him as his rival until the episode "Lucky All-Star", after they help Roger pull his car out of the mud. After that, he usually hangs around Lucky and the other pups. Originally, he was quite cocky, however after becoming more friendly with Lucky, this aspect of him starts to vanish. There has never been an explination behind his missing leg, though it's suggested that he was either in an accident and it was amputated, or it was a birth defect.

Voice actor : Toran Caudell

At the beginning of the film, Roger is seen working on a song. Pongo, having grown bored with their bachelor lives, conspires to set his pet up with a girl. After seeing Anita and Perdita, Pongo decides they would be perfect, as they were both beautiful. Pongo sets the clock ahead, so that Roger believes that it is time for their walk. Roger is then forcefully dragged along as Pongo attempts to get Roger and Anita to meet. Eventually, Roger and Anita end up in the pond of the park, entangled by the leashes of their dogs. Roger attempts to apologize to the upset Anita, and the two end up laughing. A time skip shows that Roger and Anita fall in love and marry, and the two settle in a small house near the park with Pongo, Perdita, and Nanny.

Weeks after the pups have been born Roger & Anita takes Pongo & Perdita out for a walk. While they are gone, the puppies are stolen by Jasper and Horace, hired hands working for Cruella. Roger is shown to be saddened. He suspects Cruella's involvement, but neither he nor the the police are able to connect her to the crime.

Roger is seen near the end of the film, around Christmas time, wondering why Pongo and Perdita had run away (Unknown to him, they had gone to rescue the puppies). After hearing his Cruella song on the radio, he turns it off. It is revealed by Anita that the song had become Roger's first big hit, and had brought in more money than they could dream of. When a group of "Labradors" come bursting into the home, Roger is confused, but he quickly realizes that they are actually Pongo, Perdita and the puppies. Roger soon realizes that there are more than 15 puppies, and as Anita and Nanny find puppies, he adds up the totals to reveal that there are 101 dalmatians all together. Together with Anita, he decides to use the royalties from his song writing to buy a country home big enough to keep all the puppies.

Voice actor : Ben Wright

Anita is the owner of Perdita. Like her dog, she is rather calm and soft, unlike the more eccentric men. When Pongo and Roger meet her, she is reading a book, and is unfazed, which quickly despairs Pongo. While she prepares to leave, she is found tied up to Roger and falls in the pool with him.

She was a schoolmate to Cruella de Vill, and the two apparently shared a friendship at one point. By adulthood, Anita seems to be exhausted during Cruella's meetings, and admits at one point that Cruella is eccentric.

Voice actor : Claude Chantal

Nanny is brought on as a cook and housekeeper after Roger and Anita settle down in a new apartment near the park. Within only a few months, she becomes very close to the family, and is especially joyful when the puppies finally arrive. When Cruella de Vil visits to offer a buying price for the newborn puppies, she joins Roger and Anita in standing up to her and subsequently to refuse her offer. Nanny is primarily responsible for watching the puppies when Roger and Anita are out, usually to walk Pongo and Perdy. During this time, she grows quite attached to the young dogs. One night while Roger and Anita are out, Horace and Jasper arrive to steal the puppies for Cruella, posing as electricians to gain entry. Nanny is not fooled by their ruse and refuses to let them in with the masters of the house gone. The two crooks ram their way into the house and although she puts up a tough fight, Jasper holds her in the attic while Horace abducts the puppies. After the two thieves leave, she runs downstairs expecting to see the family valuables gone, but discovers the puppies have been stolen, to her horror. She runs out into the street hysterically calling for help.

Cruella de Vil is the antagonist of the story. Completely psychotic, she only lives for one passion: fur coats. That is why, when she learns that a large litter of Dalmatians were born to the dog of her old friendfrom school, Anita, she went to the scene even before they were born to see. Completely mad, she wants at all costs to buy them but Roger refuses to sell them.

But Cruella knows no limits. While Anita and Roger are out for a walk, she sends her two associates Jasper and Horace to kidnap the pups while Nanny house-sits. After that, she takes them to a Manor in the country. 

Voice actor : Lita Recio

Jasper enjoys drinking alcohol, playing darts, and watching What's My Crime? with Horace. He is the taller of the two. He and Horace are hired to dognap Pongo and Perdita's 15 puppies to be used in making Cruella's fur coat Jasper, however, quickly rejects these ideas in favor of his own. Although Jasper and Horace carry out Cruella's deeds, they do not enjoy it and do it only for money. In the second film, the duo finally stand up for themselves and reform.

Horace is shorter, fatter, and loves sandwiches and cakes. He and Jasper are hired to dognap Pongo and Perdita's 15 puppies to be used in making Cruella's fur coat. Neither one seems to be very smart, but Horace appears to have more insight, and is often shown to correctly guess what the dalmatians' plans are. Although Jasper and Horace carry out Cruella's deeds, they do not enjoy it and do it only for money. In the second film, the duo finally stand up for themselves and reform.

Voice actor : Paul Boniface

Basic Information

The captain is the horse who hears barking in the evening and that wakes up Sergeant Tibs, who was sleeping on his back & he informs Colonel. When Jasper and Horace arrive in their barn, he helps with unparalleled efficiency by giving them a shoe kick in the behind to send them into the straw. This slows them down until the puppies take the advance.
Featured In: "101 Dalmations" (film)

Species: horse

Appearance: tall, with a broad head; is grey in colour, with a slightly darker mane, hooves and tail

Personality: friendly, kind

Relations: unknown

Friends:  The Colonel, Sargent Tibs

Foes: Jasper and Horace



Voice actor : Thurl Ravenscroft (VO)

Tibs is in the middle of a nap when he is awaken by the Captain with an urgent message from London. Tibs and his Colonel learn about the fifteen missing dalmatian puppies. Tibs remembers hearing puppies barking over at Hell Hall (The De Vil Place). He and the Colonel travel to the manor. Tibbs enters investigating the area and soon finds 99 dalmatian puppies including the original fifteen. Before Tibs can save the children, Cruella De Vil's minions Jasper and Horace find the tabby cat and begin to attack. Thankfully, Tibs escapes. Later on, Tibs and the Colonel try to make contact with Pongo and Perdita the parents of the missing fifteen, but to no avail. Out of nowhere, a car makes it's way to the De Vil Place resulting into Tibs and the Colonel going to investigate yet again. This time around, Tibs learns the diabolical plan of Cruella De Vil; to make dog-skinned coats.

Tibs successfully sneaks the puppies out the main living room but their disappearance is discovered by Jasper and Horace. A chase follows. Tibbs and the puppies are soon corned and nearly killed until Pongo and Perdita burst in and battles the minions. Tibs and the puppies escape with the Colonel back to the barn. There, Tibs and the Colonel watch the happy reunion, but all takes a turn for the worse when Jasper and Horace once again appear. The dalmatians escape, leaving Tibbs, his Colonel and the Captain to battle Jasper and Horace. However, their battle leads to Horace and Jasper finding paw prints of the dalmatians.

The colonel is the dog that decrypts the bark of the evening that passes Towser. He gives orders to Tibs and they save puppies and bring Pongo and Perdita to the place where they are locked up.

He is the Chief of operations.

Voice actor : Jacques Berlioz


Rolly is known for his excessively large appetite. He can be gentle and care-free at times but after his family, food may be his true love. Even after just eating, Rolly can be seen asking for food and the only one of the puppies constantly starving. He may even put his life in jeopardy for a decent meal every now and then.

Rolly is one of Pongo and Perdita's fifteen puppies. He is the heaviest of the puppies, and is constantly hungry. He is usually heard asking his parents for food, even after being rescued from Jasper and Horace Badun by his parents. When the Dalmatians attempt to disguise themselves by rolling in soot to look like Labradors, Pongo quickly sends Rolly back, as Rolly was only half covered. At the end when the puppies returned home, Rolly was seen yet again asking his mother for dinner.

Lucky is one of Pongo and Perdita's fifteen puppies. He is the puppy who died soon after his birth in both the animated and live-action films, but was revived through the efforts of Roger Radcliffe. (It should be noted that, in the original book, Cadpig was the puppy who almost died.) Afterward, he was one of the weakest puppies, and was a rival to the more active Patch. Lucky is usually seen sitting in front of the television, and has a tendency to stand in front of it. In general, he is seen to be more of a follower than a leader.

Voice actor : Mimi Gibson

Patch feels unimportant being that he is said to be just another one of the 99 puppies. Patch runs away and meets his hero Thunderbolt. They spend time acting like heroes around London but when Cruella De Vil returns and captures his siblings, Thunderbolt and himself, he learns Thunderbolt is just a television star and all the powers and villains on TV were fake. Patch uses his wits and boldness to save his family and defeat Cruella De Vil with the help of Thunderbolt. Patch reunites with his family and given the attention he awaited.

Voice actor : Micky Maga


At first, Thunderbolt is seen as arrogant and selfish, seeming only to care about his job and his popularity. He is very popular with other dogs and Patch is his biggest fan, knowing all of his episodes by heart. As the film goes on, he becomes more kind and helpful, he and Patch start to become friends, willing to those in need and is not afraid to admit that he is just an actor. He is also cunning and highly skilled with acting, as he is able to trick the villains into believing he is having a heart attack.

A post-credits scene shows Thunderbolt with his new sidekick Patch in his TV show, The Thunderbolt Adventure Hour.

Li'l Lightning is Thunderbolt's little sidekick, who is severely unappreciated by Thunderbolt. Eventually, he becomes angry at always crawling in Thunderbolt's shadow, and tricks the German Shepard into running away by convincing him that the executives plan to replace him with a younger dog, then plots to manipulate the director into re-writing the show slanted towards him. When Thunderbolt and Patch return, endangering Lightning's chance at fame, he reveals himself to be the traitor that he was and has the two dogs locked away. In the end, however, he is over-powered and taken away to prison

Voice actor : Jean-Claude Donda

Towser is a dog who lives at Withermarsh and one night gets a message from a dog that fifteen puppies were stolen. Towser decides to send the message to his friend the Colonel at the Barn across the street to which the Colonel gets the message and decides to check the haunted house Hell Hall formally known as DeVil Mannor where Sgt Tibs the cat heard puppy parking. The Colonel also gives Towser the word to stand by to which Towser believes that maybe the Colonel has found something.

Voice actor : Tudor Owen (VO)

Lucy is a goose who lives at Withermarsh with her friend Towser the dog. One night, she hears barking and asks Towser what's going on with the gossip, but Towser tells her that it's not gossip. It is news from London saying that fifteen puppies were which Lucy replies that the last puppies that were around there were Nellie's puppies and that they're now grown up. Towser decides to send the message to his friend, the Colonel, down at the barn across the street to which Lucy points out that Towser won't be able to reach the Colonel at this hour, but Towser tells her that he will and bark all night if he has to.

After the dalmatian family arrives in a village they are greeted by the Labrador who informs them about his owner having a truck that will take them to London as soon as it is repaired. But soon the three dogs notice that Cruella, Horace and Jasper are at the village; Pongo has the idea of covering in soot to distract the villains, the Labrador says that's a good idea. After all the puppies are covered in soot, Labrador helps Pongo and Perdita escort the puppies to the trucks in groups. Soon as the truck is fixed Cruella discovers the ruse and orders her minions to catch the puppies, the Labrador attacks Jasper and Horace giving Pongo and Perdita enough to get in the truck with all of the puppies.

Voice actor : --

After the dalmatians escape from Horace and Jasper, they are lost in a snow storm. They are found by the Collie who tells Pongo that they have a shelter for them in a farm. Collie leads them to the farm where he brings food for Pongo and Perdita, he informs them that he put them in contact with a Labrador whose owner owns a truck, then he goes outside to guard the door in case if Horace and Jasper appear.

Voice actor : Tom Conway (VO)

Spot is one of the main characters in the 101 Dalmatians series. She's a chicken who lives on the farm and joins Lucky, Cadpig, and Rolly on their adventures together. Spot has been known to act somewhat like a dog, particuarly becuase she wants to be one, hence the name "Spot." She is the comic relief character at many points in the series, and at other times can be the responsible adult. Spot is also good at being a detective, also being the brains of the gang.

Voice actor : Tara Strong

Freckles was one of the original fifteen puppies in the movie. His name comes from the spots sprinkled arounf his nose, resembling freckles. He is shown to be playful and usually curious about anything that's going to happen. Like his siblings, he was kidnapped by Horace and Jasper for Cruella to be made into a fur coat. He and the rest of the pups are rescued, and they end up making it home before Cruella nabs them.

Penny is one of Pongo and Perdita's original puppies, and one of the few girls of the litter. She is characterized by being 'Daddy's little girl'. Penny is the lightest of all the puppies, and has relatively few spots. The spots she does have, including those on her ears, are very small and round.

Voice actor : Sandra Abbot; Kasha Kropinski

Whizzer was one of the original 15 puppies given birth to by Pongo and Perdita. Despite being very brave, he had a constant bladder problem, often urinating in places he shouldn't, hence his name. He was kidnapped by Horace and Jasper to be brought to Cruella. When being kidnapped, he bit Jasper's hand to try and defend his siblings. Another showing of his bladder issue is when he's escaping from DeVil manor, and relieves himself on a fashion magazine with Cruella's picture on the cover. He escapes and returns home.

Voice actor : Christine Cavanaugh

Oddball is the granddaughter of Pongo and Perdita and the daughter of Dipstick and Dottie.

Oddball was born, like all dalmatians, without spots. But the thing is, she never got them! She always wondered why she was different from everyone else, and when she looked in the mirror for the first time, the truth became clear. She tried all different ways to make it look like she had spots, which included wearing a spotted sweater and also some black paint.

Oddball learns to be comfortable in her own skin, or in this case, her own fur. And she learns that it shouldn't matter what others think of her, it only matters what you think of yourself.


This spotless pup also stars in the video game: 102 Dalmatians: Puppies to the rescue along with her brother Domino. Sadly, Little Dipper does not make an appearence. She is voiced by Molly Marlette.

She can be shown with a pink nose instead of a black nose as well.

Little Dipper is the grandson of Pongo and Perdita and son of Dipstick and Dottie. He's also Oddball's brother.

Little Dipper was named for the black tip on his tail and his black splotchy paws. He also has a bone as a collar tag. He and his two siblings journey on an adventure to avoid Cruella and her henchmen. And eventually bake her into a delicious cake!


Domino is the grandson of Pongo and Perdita and son of Dipstick and Dottie. He's also Oddball's brother.

Domino was named for the domino-like spots on his ears, and he has a domino for a collar tag. He and his two siblings journey on an adventure to avoid Cruella and her henchmen. And eventually bake her into a delicious cake!

Domino also appears in the video game: 102 Dalmatians: Puppies to the Rescue. He is voiced by Frankie Muniz. IN the game, Domino and Oddball have to rescue their siblings from Cruella's crutches after their parents told them it was too dangerous.



Voice actor : Frankie Muniz

Mooch is a sheepdog that appeared only on 101 Dalmatians: The series.

He had lived in the farm way before the Dalmatians family moved in and, even if there still are sheppes, Mooch prefers to loaf around the farm instead of doing his job. He is probably one of the main antagonists of the series due to his bad attitude that made him and Lucky enemies (although they are able to work together if it's needed).

Voice actor : Danny Cooksey

*This pup is NOT part of the origional 15 puppies of Pongo and Perdita*

Rebecca is a dalmation pup under an evil spell. She is from the town Devil Ville, which is a cursed town that appears only every 100 years. In this town the curse is that people lost their grip on reality, and therefore reality starts to vanish. Rebecca meets Lucky and the gang when she enters the farm, and through their courage, Rebecca breaks her own spell, and tries to help the other people that have been under this spell as well, before the world destroys itself. Rebecca is also a love interest for Lucky, and he wanted her to come back with him and live on the farm after the curse has been lifted, but Rebecca refused because she felt that she needed to make sure no one was under this horrible curse again.

Voice actor : Alice Ghostely

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