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Hello, my name is Pingo, I have 98 siblings my real parents are pongo and Perdita I have a weird life I am ignored and I am the youngest so I was the runt.

I don't get much attention but that bothers me a LOT, so I walk over to dad "hey dad?" I ask in a cute British accent I sounded hopefully

"not now Pingo I am busy" he shooed me away. I sighed and walked away sadly. and realized thunderbolt was gonna be on! so I ran to the best spot in front of the tv.

"dinner!" mom called I ran to the kitchen and found my food bowl so I ran over and was about to eat it when rolly came over and ate MY food right in front

of MY face, when everyone finished I saw patch sad so I walked over to him "patch you ok?" I asked him when he interrupted me and said,

"two more bags of kanine krunchies!" I looked over and saw it. and got excited so I ran over with patch but patch got the one that was FULL I got the empty one.

I walked into the tv room and someone was in MY spot so I walked over to dad to sit next to him but penny pushed me back and growled.

I sighed and tried to look at the tv but it was crowded I kept jumping up and down to try and see but the show ended right when I finally saw it.

everyone was going up but I stayed behind pongo walked over to me "cmon kiddo it's bedtime" I ignored him "pingo" he warned I did NOT want to see him mad.

"dad, why do you always ignore me?" I asked sadly " I don't" he answered I sighed and just followed him upstairs, If no one paid attention to me I guess I would

just have to fight for it. so once everyone fell asleep I snuck downstairs and went outside. and ran to the dog park I decided to go on the balance beam.

And I forgot to go home because I fell asleep. once I walked home in the morning I didn't worry about dad or mom. but I got a lovely surprise once I came home.

once I came in I saw roger tapping his foot angrily and Anita sad. good thing my mom and dad were still sleeping "uhhh, hi?" but to roger and Anita 

all they heard was a guilty bark I smiled sheepishly. when roger  broke the silence and said "where were you?" "uhhh, at the park," I answered roger and Anita just heard barks.

when by my surprise roger rubbed my head huh? I was confused I thought that he was just when I saw in his other hand he had a book called how to train your runt puppy

I looked at it annoyed but I saw a cute dalmatian on the cover but I loved the attention I was getting so I took advantage of that once he stopped rubbing me I whined

as if I was trying to say "please give me more attention" roger laughed and went to do piano practice he even let me in his music room upstairs I was so excited.

he started to play Cruella devil and I wagged my tail and sang along. "breakfast!" Nanni yelled so I ran down and ate mine quickly roger was at the table reading a newspaper.

It said "local runt dog does balance beam amazingly!" and It showed a picture of me. "my golly pingo!" he said excitedly pongo came over and looked.

his facial expression changed he walked over to me with an unreadable expression and slouched down and said "sorry dad" I was scared of what he was gonna do.

but I was surprised he smiled brightly at me and said "I am proud of you" I wagged my tail "today is just full of surprises!" I say and hug him.

But I didn't know that my perfect day would turn bad.

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