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Detail Stuart

Name: Stuart


Nicknames: Stu


Breed; English Spaniel/Dalmatian


Age: Puppy or depends on use


Gender: Male


Parents: Spindle (Me) and Abby (Keyo(KV)


Siblings: Alice (Me), Autumn, Buffy, Savia (Keyo) and a few others


Friends: Rolly (Disney) and OPEN


Crushers: too young


Crush: too young


Mate: too young


Likes: Stu likes to explore. He likes to tease his brothers, and save his sisters from danger. Stu likes to be wild when his other siblings are asleep, and make a lot of noise just to keep them up.


Dislikes: Stu dislikes alot of things. He dislikes being in trouble, his brothers, feeling dirty, when he has to go to sleep, and not feeling loved.


Personalty: Stu can be sweet, and loves his sisters. When he can be, he is crazy and wild. He is a trouble maker, and does  not hesitate to exlore places that are forbidden.




Stu was the first born. When he got older, he caused a whole lot of trouble. Spindle had to keep his eye on the pup, because he would break most of the rules. Stu liked to be around all of his sisters. He somehow disliked his brothers, and thought his sisters needed protecting. On a day where the pups were aloud outside, Stu dug a huge hole in the yard. Feeling proud of himself, he realized he was all dirty. Stu went crazy. After a much needed bath, Stu decided it was best not to dig holes anymore. He decided maybe he should be the first to explore the up stairs. Stu made his way to the foot of the stairs, and stared up at the twenty some steps. The pup sighed, and started to climb each step. By the time he got up to the top, he was beyond tired. Stu curled up on the top steps, and fell into a deep sleep. The next time he awoke, he was with his other siblings in the living room. Stu shook his head, and looked over at where Spindle lay. Spindle gave his son a knowing smile, before getting up and leaving. His father knew of his adventure up stairs, but his mother didn't. Spindle thought it was best to keep it tht way, and promised his son he would not tell his mother.


More to come!

Head and body image: Me

Adopted from: Keyo

How he is related to 101 Dalmatians: Has become friends with Rolly.

Please do not trace over or use.



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