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Star (WW)

Star (WW)


Created by : Wild Wind

Main type : Fan character

Realistic? : Realistic

Used in a fan creation? : NOT used in a fan creation

Permission to use : Public

Gender : Female

Character details : Many details

Main color : Brown

Animal/Human type : ---------


Detail Star (WW)


Name: Star

Meaning: A fixed luminous spot in the night sky

Gender: Female

Breed: German Shepherd/Malamute Mix

Age: Seen as Adult/Depends on Use

Generation: Between First and Second Generation (Older than Pongo and Perdita's pups, younger than Pongo and Perdita)


Special Markings: Light spot on front chest.

How To Render: Thunderbolt with a shorter muzzle, shorter, slightly thicker legs, with a scruffy chest and cheek fur, along with eye shape.


Sire: Unknown

Dam: Unknown

Sibling/s: Thunderbolt (half)

Other Relative/s: Unknown


Orientation: Straight

Status: Taken(ish)

Love Interest: Lil' Lightning

Friend/s: Thunderbolt (c) Disney, Lil' Lightning (c) Disney, Willie (c) Me

Enemie/s: Anyone who picks on Lil' Lightning (a.k.a. her little lighty xD)

Owner: Mr. and Mrs. Jameson (former), Mr. Bertin (former),  N/A


Star can be seen as a fun-loving dog who loves to play. She's not one to shy away from dangers and challenges, and rather enjoys them. Bold and brave, she'd go up to anyone on the street to say hello, no matter how unliked they are or how dangerous they claim to be, she'll provide them with company. She knows what it's like to feel alone in this world, and doesn't want anyone else to feel that way, regardless if they want her to be around or not. She enjoys teasing her friends all the time, namely her hotshot brother and his grumpy little ex friend Lil' Lightning. Though she may seem rather uncaring at first, and in fact hardly shows any type of affection other than playfullness, she does have a side that cares deeply about her friends, and wouldn't hesitate to defend them.

Like/s: Playing Around, Friends, Having Food, Snuggling

Dislike/s: The Pound, Judging Others, Rainy Days


Star was born to a well-known female dog who had been used to act in movies as well as breed future stars. Unfortunately, one day, after being deemed useless by her owners, she was abandonded in an alley tied to a fence. After struggling and barking for days, a male Malamute managed to free her, and she saw him as her hero. So, she followed him, despite his warnings, and the two soon grew close, resulting in the former starlet becoming pregnant. The two were happy for the time being, until her mate was hit hard with a car. After that, she was left alone without anyone, and felt rather depressed. However, it soon disappeared when she gave birth to her pups. One of them she named Star, for the bright patch on her chest that resembled her father's.

Star was raised alongside her siblings in the alleys of England. Her mother tried her best to pass on lessons to the pups, teaching them all she had learned from their father. However, she never revealed that she had once been a former television star. When the pups were about 10 weeks old, their mother went out to get food, but never returned. Being the bold pup she was, Star headed out on her own in a brave attempt to find their mother and soothe her siblings. However, she soon became lost amongst the streets, and not realizing the danger, was swept up by the dog catcher.

She was placed in the pound, where she caught the attention of a young couple called the Jameson's. They adopted her and brought them into her new home. She lived a good life there for the most part, being given love and attention. However, that didn't last long. The couple was expecting a new baby, and soon had no time for their beloved pet anymore. After that, Star found herself lonely and left in the backyard for hours whilst her owners attended to their new baby. Eventually, one day, a year after being adopted, she managed to escape the confines of the backyard, and she unknowingly ran away. Once again, she was taken to the pound, however, her visit lasted longer than the previous one.

She was eventually picked up by a man named Mr. Bertin, who was looking for a star for his circus. Star was eager to please, however disliked his method of training with the use of a whip. During her time in the circus, she met a dog by the name of Willie, who taught her all she needed to know about life and it's possibilities. No matter what happened, he was always there for her, to give her hope and support. Sadly, Willie soon died of strain, infuriating Star. During her next show, she attacked her owner viciously for over working her dear friend. They managed to pull her away from him, and deemed her unsuitable for their circus anymore. Once again, the pound was her refuge.

However, she was given a lucky break when she managed to slip through the fence and escape back to the streets along with a new friend by the name of Lil' Lightning. With Willie's words in mind, she began to live out her life happily with her newfound buddy, who was less than enthusiastic to have her around. But, they soon began to have a sort of dynamic together, with him being the brains and her being the brawn of the group. Lightning soon led her back to a famous German Shepherd by the name of Thunderbolt. After digging deeper, they found out they were actually half-siblings. She's grown fond of her newfound brother, who slightly disapproves of her relationship with Lightning.

Relation To 101 Dalmatians: Half-Sister of Thunderbolt, in a relationship type thing with Lil' Lightning.

Original Image (c) Disney


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October 17, 2015
Usa Is not currently on the site
Thanks! And, I'll think about it. It might be too many stars for one storyline though, hehe

October 17, 2015
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cute & can my star be her half sister in law, it's okay if you say no but she is still cute, & i like seeing other dog breeds on her beside Dalmatians if you know what i mean, :p ░x░ :o :)

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