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Detail Pox


Name: Pox


Nickname: Chickenpup


Age: Two months


Gender: Male


Mother: Until they were eight weeks old, Pox and his three sisters and two brothers lived with their birth mother, whom Pox misses very much. When Horace and Jasper kidnapped them, the litter never got to see their mother again. Now Perdy is their adoptive mother.


Father: Pox never met his birth father. The only one he has ever known is his adoptive father, Pongo.


Siblings:  His adoptive siblings are the other ninety three Dalmatians, like Lucky, Roly, Cadpig, Patch and Dipstick for example. But his original litter is made up of Splatter, Bessie, Scruff, Chip and Magnifique (Maggy).


Breed:  Dalmatian, of course!


Mate: None. Simply too young.


Crush: He has no crush as of yet.   


Friends: All of the farm animals who aided the 101 Dalmatians on their way home from the De Vil Manor. His new family, the Dearlys. He is closest to his brother Splatter.


Personality: Nervous and jittery; Pox is not called Chickenpup for nothing. He is afraid of everything short of his own shadow, faints frequently and is convinced that he is allergic to half the matter on planet earth. He is very shy. When he is calmed down, he is quite smart, and picks up on facts and details that others fail to notice. Under his panicky mindset, Pox is rather creative and a good listener. Something wonderful about Pox, though, is that the little lad might be afraid of everything, but he hates to see others in fear. Often the only way to calm Pox down is to show him someone else who is afraid, and he immediately gets over his fear and tries to help.


Likes:  Little Pox enjoys hearing Pet Roger sing, warm places, peace and quiet, swimming, and the Thunderbolt Adventure Hour television show. The fearful runt wants to believe in a hero who is fearless, and secretly wants a chance to show others that he could be brave, too. Pox’s best friend and brother is Splatter, who is patient enough to sit through his whining.


Dislikes:  The dark, cold places, loud noises, big creatures, being yelled at, being bullied…anything that is not in the “Likes” column, Pox is generally afraid of.



The first eight weeks of her life, Pox spent her time with her five siblings and mother in Percy’s Pets in London. Horace and Jasper (Cruella’s evil henchmen) were sent to Percy’s Pets to collect Dalmatian puppies for their mistress’s coat. They were taken to Cruella De Vil’s old mansion where ninety-three more puppies were being held. All of the puppies were in danger of being skinned for the mad lady’s precious coat, (Which caused Pox to faint every time it was mentioned) but luckily, and with a bit of help from local farm animals, one of the Dalmatian litter’s parents came and rescued them, taking all of the orphaned, kidnapped or bought pups home to the Radcliffe’s apartment and adopting them. This included a very happy Pox and his siblings.


Relation to 101 Dalmatians: Pox is adoptive brother to 93 of the 101 Dalmatians, blood related to five others, and adoptive son of Pongo and Perdy Dearly.


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Thank you.

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hes adorable! would love to give him a crush >w

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