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Detail Joe

Name: Joe

Nickname: The Joker

Age: 4

Breed: Husky/Gray wolf

Gender: Male

Sire: Unkown

Dam: Unkown

Siblings: Unkown

Friends: The Dane (Disney) and Open

Markings: A scar on his face from where a hunter slashed his face with a knife

Crushes on him: Shadow (Luv4Luke)

Crush: Shadow (When she is older)

Mate: Shadow (When she is older)

Enemy: Clark

Likes: Being free to do what ever he wants, and Shadow

Dislikes: Being trapped, humans and being around other dogs

Personality: Loves to play around, and is sometimes acts wild

Voice: Heath Ledger

Song(s): Set fire to the rain {Adele} (Joe and Shadow's theme), and Between the river and me (Tim McGraw)




Joe was born in a cabin in the woods, and he and his brother clark were the only surviving puppies out of the eight in the litter. Joe grew into a strong adult, and ran away from his home, looking for an adventure. He explored the woods, in hope that maybe there where other dogs or wolf living near by, so could have a partner or friend. When Joe was two, he ran into a hunter who thought he was a wolf, and slashed his knife across Joe's mouth. Ever since then Joe had become afraid of humans. Joe soon came across three dogs who appeared lost. Joe introduced him self, and learned that dogs names were: Buddy, Maggie and Shadow. Joe notice that the smallest dog was a puppy, and would try to get in his way. He knew she had a crush on him, but he was not about to tell her, that she was to young. The dogs departed and Joe never saw Shadow again.  Joe grew older, and wondered about Shadow, and about how she was doing. One warm day, Joe came across a black poodle that looked a lot like a dog he once knew., And then it hit him that he was staring at an older Shadow. Joe was surprised at how beautiful she looked, and asked her to be his crush. Shadow agreed and told him they were just going to be crushes, because she did not want a mate at the moment. Joe was glad he found a crush, who didn't judge him by the scar on his face, but loved who he was.

(More coming soon)



How he is related to 101 Dalmations: He became great friends with the Dane.



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