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Detail Chip


Name: Chip


Nickname: Tomboy


Age: 2 months old.


Gender: Female


Mother: Chip wasn’t told her mother’s name and doesn’t care to remember. She thinks only of Perdita, her adoptive mother, as her mom now.


Father: Unknown and unspoken of. Chip has always wondered who her father was. Her adoptive father is Pongo.


Siblings: Of her litter? Splatter, Bessie, Pox, Scruff and Magnifique (or Maggy). She is adopted into the mismatched dog family of the 101 Dalmatians, so that makes puppies like Lucky, Penny, Roly, Patch, Pepper, Dipstick, Wizzer and Jewel her siblings too.


Breed: Dalmatian, liver spotted.


Mate: None! Far too young.


Crush: She hasn’t one yet, it not being her type of thing.


Friends: Her entire family, adoptive and within her litter. Chip is closest to Cadpig. She also befriends dogs she runs into in the park, like Grumble the Old English sheepdog. She is acquaintances with Brittanique the poodle, but not exactly a friendship.


Personality: Chip is headstrong and wise, thinking things through in a no-nonsense way. She is the girl her brothers and sisters come to when they need advice or help. She can be a bit bossy, but usually it’s for people’s own good. Her temper can flare up when she’s frustrated. She’s the type to win any argument. As her nickname states, she is a massive tomboy, preferring to spend her time roughhousing rather than getting her fur brushed.


Likes: She likes to hear stories best of all, and coming up with plans, be it to steal some dog biscuits from the pantry or escaping Cruella De Vil. She can be a bit prideful and a know-it-all, so when her siblings ask for her help, she is more than happy to oblige. She loves a good riddle or puzzle.


Dislikes: Hearing about her mother angers her. She would prefer to forget all about her Pet Shop days. No puppy likes Cruella De Vil, and Chip is not an exception. Chip hates it when she doesn’t know the answer to questions.



The first eight weeks of her life, Chip spent her time with her five siblings and mother in Percy’s Pets in London. Horace and Jasper (Cruella’s evil henchmen) were sent to Percy’s Pets to collect Dalmatian puppies for their mistress’s coat. They were taken to Cruella De Vil’s old mansion where ninety-three more puppies were being held. All of the puppies were in danger of being skinned for the mad lady’s precious coat, but luckily, and with a bit of help from local farm animals, one of the Dalmatian litter’s parents came and rescued them, taking all of the orphaned, kidnapped or bought pups home to the Radcliffe’s apartment and adopting them. This included a very happy Chip and her siblings. Chip was more than happy to keep the many pups calm and direct them to escape routes or hiding spots.


Relation to 101 Dalmatians: Chip and her five other littermates are members of the one-hundred-and-one Dalmatians, and live with the famed Radcliffe family.


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