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Cats Don't Dance characters


Sawyer is the female feline of the film. She is tough, hard working, who has a talent of singing and dancing. But she had given up her dreams because Hollywood only looks for Talented people, not animals. But with Danny's help, she  fulfills her dream, and the two fall in love at the end of the film.

Voice actor : Jasmine Guy (speaking), Natalie Cole (singing)

Danny is a cat from a small town (Kokomo, Indiana), with big dreams to become a famous Hollywood star. He has a "can-do", positivite attitude throughout most the film. He was excited for his first role in Darla Dimple's film, Little Arc Angel, but was disappointed when he finds out cats only got one line "meow". He decided to "jazz it up a bit," there for angering Darla, who found him as a threat to her Stardom. He found out the hard way that Hollywood doesn't care about his, nor any of his friends, talents just because they are animals.

Voice actor : Scott Bakula

Tilly is a  very happy hippo, who tries to find the best in every situation

Voice actor : Kathy Najimy

Peabo "Pudge" Pudgemyer is the penguin that Danny meets when he arrives in Hollywood. He is Danny's first friend, and looks up to Danny like a big brother

Voice actor : Matthew Herried

T.W is a nervous turtle who always relies on the fortunes from fortune cookies

Voice actor : Don Knotts

Darla is CDD's main antagionist. She is one of Hollywoods biggest stars and is portrayed as 'lover of children and animals.'  This is pretty much as far from Darla as you could get. She states several times that she hates animals, and is really a brat who loves the spotlight. She has a servant "Max" who does whatever she says. Her newest movie is 'Little Ark Angel.'


Voice actor : Ashley Peldon (speaking) Lindsay Ridgeway (singing)

Wooly is an elderly elephant, who is really skilled at the piano. He wanted to write music for HollyWood movies, but instead they wanted him as their mascot. He was the one who informed Danny about their friends' broken dreams, and how Hollywood looks for "Talented people, not animals" and "The Spotlight will never be on fellows like you an me, and its foolish to think otherwise, Danny" He helped Danny remind them of why they came to HollyWood in the first place.

Voice actor : John Rhys-Davies

Frances Albacore is a sarcastic, cranky fish who dances with Cranston. The cigarette holder she always holds may be a nod to Cruella DeVille, who was also voiced by Betty Lou Gerson.

Voice actor : Betty Lou Gerson

Cranston is a cranky, elderly goat who surprisingly loves to dance. He is always seen with Frances and they always dance with each other.

Voice actor : Hal Holbrook

Max is Darla's enormous servant. He always obeys Darla, and never hesitates to punish who she tells him to.

Voice actor : Mark Dindal

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