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Nostalgia Critic - Cats Don't Dance

Written by Karlamon :


This year he reviewed Balto, and now this? It seems like Channel Awesome’s Nostalgia Critic (played by Doug Walker) has reviewed yet another animated movie featured on Animation Source. This time it’s the much-requested Warner Bros. cult favourite Cats Don’t Dance! This episode is a much-shorter editorial-like review to see if the movie holds up well, and he admits liking as a good kid’s film.

[Warning: Video contains some profanity.]
[Review beings at 0:35 after PSA on the FCC.]

It is however strange to think that Doug would end up actually reviewing Cats Don’t Dance, considering he listed the movie in his “Top 11 Movies I'll NEVER Review” video back in 2011. But considering the format change in the series revival, it’s understand for him to look back at this nostalgic cartoon. Check out the review, and see for yourself!


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July 13, 2017
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Grande MÚchante Admin ~
Really interesting =P I don't usually watch these videos (took time and concentration x)) but it was really great to see something like that for Cats Don't Dance! It's such a good movie, it totally deserves it!
( lol The Tom + Sawyer joke was amazing xD)
He's so right about Darla Dimple, she's an amazing character ! x) And Max *o*! My, I love that movie x)!
"It would be so much easier to shoot it once and reuse the movie" soooo true xD But Wooly wouldn't have any more job then D=! x)
Very clever for the emotions with the colors indeed, that's the part of the movie I love the most!
M.J. was supposed to be a part of Cats don't Dance?! =o Wow, I didn't know!
At least, it's a movie which gives you back a smile and hope < 3 It's a cool critic =)

Thanks for sharing the new, Karl! =)

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