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Cats Don't Dance 20th Anniversary project!

Written by Karlamon :


Happy 20th Aniversary to Cat's Don't Dance!
[Image by Nakou]

Happy 20th Anniversary to Cats Don't Dance!

♫ ♪ ♫ ♪ ♫ ♪ ♫ ♪ ♫ ♪ ♫ ♪ ♫ ♪ ♫ ♪ ♫ ♪

It's time for us to present the many fantastic entries to the Cats Don't Dance 20th Anniversary Project! Teaming up with the French side, we were able to gather 17 creations (13 drawings and 4 images) from 10 unique users for as well as 5 participants in the collaborative project!

We boldly thank all our participants for their contributions that celebrate the Warner. Bros classic, which includes Pô-le-PandaFigaThankUBbAngel17CandyShalaskaEst22Ronno, Nakou, and BrisbyBraveHeart (of deviantART)!

DannyThis article is loosely translated from the French side version that Nakou wrote up (I also thank her for helping with some translations). However, I must make a disclaimer that I have unfortunately not yet seen Cats Don't Dance. Finding a VHS/DVD copy in my country is very difficult (but maybe I could try iTunes), so my knowledge on the characters isn't the best.

I am again sorry for the big overdue delay in this article due to personal commitments, but now it's time to begin! To start things off, lets us watch this video once again by Nakou that puts the some of the project entries on centre stage! Following that, I'll look into each creation individually, and at the end of the article, I'll announce the next project.

Let the show begin!

Lets first start with the big collab image. As part of the theme, we've allowed entries to crossover with Illumination's Sing, which many consider to be the spiritual successor of Cats Don't Dance. Here in Moon theatre, we have the two teams joining up under the direction of Pô-le-Panda (Max and Danny), Est22 (Rosita and Sawyer), Figa (Tilly and Johnny), Ronno (Ash and Pudge), and Nakou (Darla Dimple) to pull of one awesome show!

Cats Don't Dances with Sing
(Translation: "Happy Birthday Cats Don't Dance!")

Whats this? A Wild West showdown between Simba and evil uncle Scar that Pô-le-Panda organised? This looks like a job for... T.W you might be a bit slow to stop this braw, so get out of there while you still can!

Simba, Scar, and T.W 

Well, good thing T.W stopped that, and nobody was hurt, so lets move on to Figa's entry, where Danny and Frances become dance teachers of Applejack. And when it's Madison time, you know what song they're going with!

Danny, Frances, and Applejack 

In one of her several entries, Figa decided to get with somewhat of a parody of Dirty Dancing's "Time of my Life" where Sawyer and an anthropomorphic Thomas O'Malley take over the roles of that movie. And from what I see, these two seem to be doing a good job at replicating the dance!

Sawyer and Thomas O'Malley 

Would you believe this? It seems that Figa has revealed a big secret that Max and Mr. Big both aspire to become classical dancers. Will they succeed? We wish them the best!

Max and Mr. Big
Teacher: "More delicacy! More grace"
Max: "Dang it!"
Mr. Big: "Poor God...")

T.W demonstrates that he can present his hip-hop talents, which even impresses Buster Moon! 

T.W and Buster
(Buster translation: "Fantastic!")

And with Figa's final submission, we see that Sawyer and Ash have found they share their interest of Rock music. With a Guns N' Roses guitar and a Queen bass, they perform some impressive covers, and even Joan Jett's "I Love Rock n' Roll"!

Sawyer and Ash

Now we get an interesting crossover from Nakou, where is in the Buffy the Vampire Slayer universe as she slays vampires. Thankfully these aren’t the romantic sparkly ones, so this is true business for her.


One of the English side users who joined us for the dance is ThankU. In his first of two entries, he pairs up Danny and Clawhauser dancing together. Who dare says that cats don't dance? These two prove that wrong!

Danny and Clawhauser 

While in Zootopia, Danny has found another feline to dance with. And how much more of an honour it is to groove with the mayor of Zootopia himself Leodore Lionheart?!

Danny and Mayor Lionheart

For her part, another English side user BbAngel17 gave two characters the real Hollywood treatment by dressing them up in style for the big show. Here we have Sawyer in a beautiful blue dress.


And then we have Tilly in her yellow dress. Doesn't she look lovely in it?


Back onto the French side with Candy, Tilly has found some joy when she dances in circles with cute Oliver. A delight to Tilly, but not so much for the kitty.

Tilly and Oliver
(Translation: ♫ "Nothing's gonna stop us! Nothing's gonna stop us!" ♫)

DeviantART user BrisbyBraveHeart was generous enough to contribute this quality tribute to the 20th Anniversary of the film. It's made to look like a movie poster which summarises the main characters, their journey to Hollywood, and the villains they have to encounter. This is amazing work, and be sure to check out BrisbyBraveHeart other works too. His stuff is great!

Cats Don't Dance

Then we have Nakou's image entries, where she wanted to pay great tribute to the film. The first one is accompanied with the lyrics of "Our Time Has Come", and features a credits montage of the many talents who put in tremendous effort to make Danny's Hollywood journey possible, including director Mark Dindal, producer David Kirschner, songwriter Randy Newman, and so much more!

Our Time Has Come

In her next one, Danny finally arrives the stars left the heavens to sign autographs, and where the streets are paved with gold and promises! This image is accompanied "Danny's Arrival Song" with French lyrics.

Danny's Arrival Song

Shalaska also made a small festive image for this occasion, representing the movie we all admire.

Cats Don't Dance

And finally, Est22 formed up a child duo that works wonderfully, where Pudge finds out that Marie has a great voice when he asked for a couple of dance lessons. Does the little penguin want to become a cat? After all, "Everybody Wants to be a Cat"!

Pudge and Marie 

The next project:
Beauty and the Beast: A Helping Hand

Beauty and the Beast
(Translation: "Tell me, inventor, can you help me to make them fall in love with each other?")
[Image by Nakou]

Our next community project (where once again we work with the French side) will centre on the theme of Disney's Beauty and the Beast! Sure the new live-action remake of the Best Picture-nominated film seemed completely redundant, but at least its a great time to look back and appreciate how important the animated version is.

You can choose any offical character on Animation Source to create an image/drawing of either (or both) the following:

  • Get the character (and maybe the castle's servants) to help out in making Belle and the Beast fall in love. A meal, a dance, whatever will connect the two.
  • Get the character to help out with Maurice (Belle's father) on his crazy inventions.

Now it is true that Beauty and the Beast Source is a French-exclusive site as of now, so as of now, theres currently no English version to submit it to. However, you can still send you submission via PM to me, Nakou, or Barrow. I may create the English side when I get a chance.

Don't forget that all entries must be submitted by May 6!

And that concludes our joyful 20th Anniversary celebration of Cats Don't Dance. We thank you participants heaps for your contribution in paying tribute to this classic!

See you soon!


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Grande MÚchante Admin ~
Really nice job on the translation Karl, thanks for allowing the english side to take part on the organized projects =D!

It was a great anniversary for Cats Don't Dance, I'm pretty happy with the results =D I hope the next project will be great too ^-^

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