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Which Moose is which?, by wanderingmoose
I need help! I don't know which Moose is Rutt or Tuke in
Brother Bear, they're always a pair! I have a travelling
companion who happens to be one o...

Is there a Brother Bear musical or play?, by .Inferno.
Is there any plays or musicals that are in the making for
Brother Bear? I think I remember seeing one for The Lion
King, but I haven't heard if any or...

Nita, Kenai and Koda, by heart kenai+koda
At the end of brother bear 2 where Nita transformes
into a bear to be with Kenai and Koda, Kenai gets married to
Nita,so does that make Koda Ke...

BUCKY?, by heart kenai+koda
In Brother bear BUCKY is mentioned by Koda as his
friend so does that mean he is an official character? If so
why isn't he featured in the...


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