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One of the Female Moosettes in the movie. Slightly slow but interested in finding a mate who suits her best interest, Shes more light brown then her sister Kata, and in the end of the movie is Tuke is her mate.

Voice actor : Andrea Martin

He and the other Ram were seen during Brother Bear 1, friendly fighting over a female and then, arguing with their echoes.

Voice actor : Danny Mastrogiorgio

He and the other Ram were seen during Brother Bear, friendly fighting over a female and then, arguing with their echoes.

Voice actor : Paul Christie

Denahi is the middle brother of Kenai and Sitka. He is shown to have great respect for his older brother, Sitka, and often teases Kenai. However, he does genuinely care for Kenai, as shown when he goes to hunt for the bear that he thinks killed Kenai.

Voice actor : Jason Raize

Koda's mother is a minor but important character in the film. She is first seen fighting Kenai and his brothers to protect her son, during the struggle, Sitka is killed. Kenai blames Koda's mother for this, and kills her. She becomes a spirit, and because of her death, Kenai is transformed into a bear.

Voice actor : n/a

The older of the two mosettes sisters that appeared in Brother Bear 2. She shares similar pelt colors to Rutt whom, in the end, will become her mate.

Voice actor : Catherine O'Hara

Kenai's bear form starts off in the movie as disgruntled at being one, as Kenai hates bears. However, as he begins to open up and understand them better (with the help of a cub named Koda), he decides to stay as one. Kenai ends up thinking of Koda as his brother. In the second movie, he meets his childhood friend Nita, and ends up marrying her after they fall in love and his mate is presumed to be Nita.

Voice actor : Joaquin Phoenix (Brother Bear), Patrick Dempsey (Brother Bear 2)

Kenai is a teenager and the youngest of his siblings, Sitka and Denahi. He is on his way to manhood, but has one lesson to learn. After doing something awful, is turned into one to help see through their eyes.

Voice actor : Joaquin Phoenix

Koda is a lovable bear cub, who accompanies Kenai on the journey to where 'the lights touch the Earth',. At first Kenai doesn't like Koda much but eventually warms to him, and begins to think of him as a brother. Koda is a main character for both Brother Bear and it's sequel.

Voice actor : Jeremy Suarez

Sitka is the oldest of his 2 brothers, Denahi and Kenai. He cares about them immensely as shown when he sacrifices himself to make sure they are not savaged by the bear.

Voice actor : D.B. Sweeney

Tanana is the tribal shaman of Kenai's tribe. She has a small but quite crucial part in the first movie.

Voice actor : Joan Copeland

Tug is a sociable bear. His largeness tends to intimidate some. Tug's part was quite big in the first movie, but cut down considerably in the sequel, where he was shown to have acquired a mate, Hoonah

Voice actor : Michael Clarke Duncan

Innoko is the slightly wacky tribe shaman of Nita's tribe. She appears for a short time at the beginning of Brother Bear 2. Her role is small, but very important to the plot of the film.

Voice actor : Wanda Sykes

Nita's human form is the form she takes for the majority of the movie. As a child, she belonged to a tribe that lived near Kenai. When she couldn't get married to Atka, she went on a journey with Kenai to burn the amulet that bonded them, culiminating in their love.

Voice actor : Mandy Moore

Nita's bear form is the form she takes at the end of the movie. She is a lighter colouring thann Kenai, and she ends up as Kenai's mate

Voice actor : Mandy Moore

Rutt is part of the wisecracking moose duo, of which the other member is his brother, Tuke. They can be told apart by Rutt's darker pelt.

Voice actor : Rick Moranis

Tuke is part of the wisecracking moose duo that is formed by his brother and his self. He has lighter fur than his brother, Rutt.

Voice actor : Dave Thomas

Atka is Nita's husband-to-be, but after Nita begins to follow her heart and not what others want her to do, she instead marries Kenai.

Voice actor : Jeff Bennett

Mabel is an old lady bear at the Salmon Run during Brother Bear 1. She claims that her husband is dead but everytime she says it, a voice is heard saying otherwise. It is unknown if she was still alive during Brother Bear 2.

Voice actor : Estelle Harris

Nookie is the Female Lover Bear seen in Brother Bear but who also made a small appereance in Brother bear 2, when Kenai and Koda arrived at the Salmon Run and during Kenai and Nita's wedding. She and her mate are seen to be really in love, he brought her a salmon during the "Welcome" song.

Voice actor : Pauley Perrette

Bo is the Male Lover Bear appeared in Brother Bear and who made a small appereance too in Brother Bear 2, when Kenai and Koda arrive at the Salmon Run, and during Kenai and Nita's wedding. He loves very much his mate Nookie and, during the "Welcome" song he brought her a salmon. 

Voice actor : Greg Proops

Igor is a bear seen during the Salmon Run in Brother Bear. He doesn't speak the other bears' language, no one is able to understand him and it is not sure if Igor can understan the other bear but it's probable.

Voice actor : Darko Cesar

Bering is a racoon appeared in Brother Bear 2.

Bering stole Nita's necklace and, as Koda said, he's a bandit that steals things from other creatures, being a kind of myth. He and his racoons end up being sent away after that Nita and Kenai gets back the necklace. At the end of the movie, he's seen throwing flowers at the two neo-married bears.

Voice actor : Jim Cummings

The babby racoon appears only in Brother Bear 2.

When Nita picks up her necklace while Kenai and Koda are keeping Bering's distracted, she finds out that a baby racoon is hugging the medallion. He doesn't want to let it go and when Nita forces him to do so, he cries, calling the attention of all the other racoons.

Chilkoot is Nita's father in Brother Bear 2.

He shows up when Nita's getting ready for her marriage with Atka and tells her that she's as beautiful as her mother was when he married her. When she decides to be with Kenai, he supports her, telling her that she'll always be his daughter. It is unknown who was and what happened to his wife, the only known thing is that she is probably dead.

Voice actor : Jim Cummings

Aunt Taqqiq appeared in Brother Bear 2.

She and her sister were seen with Nita, helping and fussing her when she was getting ready of her marriage with Atka. It is unknown if she and her sister are the sisters of Nita's father or mother.

Voice actor : Kathy Najimy

Aunt Siqiniq appeared in Brother Bear 2.

She and her sister were first seen before Nita's wedding, helping and fussing the girl to get ready, showing dresses and asking if she wanted food. It is unknown if Siqiniq and her sister are the siblings of Nita's mother or father.

Voice actor : Wendie Malick

Honnah appeared in Brother Bear 2.

Honnah was introduced to be Tug's mate. She was first seen when Kenai and Koda arrived at the Salmon Run. When they were talking with Tug, a bear called for him, waving a paw and Tug left the two to go with her. She's also seen next to Tug, smiling at him, during Nita and Kenai's wedding in Nita's village.

Voice actor : Tress MacNeille

This is Sitka's totem form. When he died, Sitka became a spirit and his spirit animal was the eagle. When he trns Kenai into a bear, Sitka, with his eagle form, keeps an eye on both him and Denahi.

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