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Created by : Eris

Main type : Fan character

Realistic? : Realistic

Used in a fan creation? : Used in a fan creation

Permission to use : Protected

Gender : Female

Character details : Many details

Main color : White

Specific type : ---------


Detail Kayla

"Only a proof of true love will reveal her true form" - Kayla's curse

Name: Kayla

Breed: Polar Bear (I think)

Age: Depends on use/ Age reference: Koda's age

Parents: ?

Siblings: None

Crush: Koda

Mate: Koda

Cubs: Ari

Personality: Kayla was a Mary-Sue when she was young, she was spoiled by her father and mother until the teenage age. When she grew a little more, she got ignorant and annoying, thought she were the best of all and she was not good at all. Until the day she met Koda, her life began to change, and also her personality, she started to see things in different ways, and she began to be more humble and generous.

Likes: Shiny things, baths, snow, sleep, Koda, have fun

Deslikes: Hunters, get dirty, cold water, be insulted and fights

History: Kayla was born in a very rich tribe, who was called the Mountain Tribe, her father was the leader, but Kayla wasn't a bear (Got ya!), long a go Kayla was a little girl, spoiled by her family, she had everything she wanted, the time she wanted. And she grew into a ignorant Mary-sue girl, when she reached puberty, around 15-17 years old, her father has promised his daughter's hand to the son of the leader of other tribe, Kayla didn't loved her betrothed, but her father forced her to marry him. Kayla was a very beautiful women, but she never knew what true love was.

But, the shaman of the tribe, saw that the marriage wasn't Kayla's destiny, she would have to learn what true love was, so he cursed Kayla in the day of her wedding, transforming her into a bear. Kayla's transformation was unknown by all, when some of her friends got in her room, they saw Kayla's dress ripped in the floor, and a big white bear, so they tought that the bear had killed Kayla (but the white bear was Kayla). Confused and dizzy, Kayla fled into the woods, unaware that she was a bear, she was so dizzy that she fall asleep in the middle of the forest. In the next day she found the same shaman, who cursed, and he told her that "only a proof of true love would reveal her true form" and then he dissapeared. Kayla was confused, and when she realized that she has been turned into a bear, she got even more confused. But she just walked into the forest looking for help. She walked for days, trying to find someone who could help her. Until the day, she met a good and nice bear, called Koda, Koda decided to help Kayla to go back home, together they face dangers, traps and many challenges. But during this journey far away from home, Koda felt at home with Kayla, she was curious, funny, and clumsy, "like she wasn't a bear", Koda taught her to swim, climb on the trees, fishing and all a bear does. Kayla liked how Koda was, always telling his stories and jokes, for some reason she didn't wanted to leave him. 

When they arrived Kayla's tribe, Koda left Kayla and went his way home. But when Kayla went into the tribe, everyone tried to kill her, especially her betrothed, because they tought that she was the murderer bear. Kayla desperately fled through the woods, and several hunters were behind her, Kodaheard the hunters, and realized they were hunting Kayla, he ran toward her to save her. Kayla got trapped and then her betrothed took a lance, and aimed in her chest, before he could throw the lance. Koda appeared and fought with the hunters, who escaped. But Kayla's betrohed aimed the spear at Koda and shot as he was distracted, Kayla reacted instantly and jumped in front of Koda, making the lance hit her. After the lance hit her, Kayla returned to her women form, and her betrothed realized that he killed his own mate, but instead of cry, he just ran away, leaving Kayla in the floor. Koda got really sad and started to cry over Kayla's body saying: "Please don't go... I love you". When Koda said it, Kayla's body has been erected by a heavenly light, which turned her into a bear again. Kayla had found true love, and so... her true form has been revealed. Koda and Kayla kissed, and decided to live together in the forest. Koda returned home after a long journey and explained to Kenai and Nita what happend, and that he had brought a mate with him, that was Kayla. Kenai and Nita got happy for Koda, and accepted Kayla as the new family member.




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July 01, 2014
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adorable!!! >.< squuee!!!

May 21, 2014
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Very nice story! :D

May 20, 2014
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TBBS Site Builder
OMG She's awesome! You did a very good job with this character! *faves*

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