Bolt characters

Bolt characters

“Well, you're right about one thing, Rhino. Mittens does need a hero, and I guess I'll have to do."
- Bolt

Acting for a popular TV series, Bolt is a super dog (who was altered by Penny's father to protect her) who can bend metal, melt objects with his eyes, run faster than a speeding car, and cause massive destruction with his super bark. However, unlike the other two animal actors on the set, Bolt believes that everything he and Penny goes through is real, so he never lets his guard down. It isn't until he meets Mittens, a stray cat in New York City, that he learns that he's apart of a TV show, and that his powers are fake. This reality hits Bolt hard, but he over comes this and thrives as a normal dog after saving Penny from a burning set.

Voice actor : John Travolta

“All I'm asking you to do is just tilt your head a little, you can do that can't you? Come on.”
- Mittens

Mittens is a street smart alley cat whom Bolt encounters early on in the movie. As Bolt drags her across the country so that she can help him find Penny, it is later revealed that she once had a family who abandoned her, a declawed cat, to fend for herself. She is the one who tells Bolt that he is an actor from a TV show, and that everything he believes is real is not. Although she initially thinks of Penny to be the same as the humans who left her, she eventually comes to understand that she truly loves Bolt, and Mittens is later adopted along with Rhino into Bolt's family.

Voice actor : Susie Essman

“Let it begin! Let it begin! LET IT BEGIN!!!”
- Rhino

Rhino is a hamster that Bolt and Mittens meet while trying to get food. He watches all of Bolt's episodes on TV, and claims himself to be Bolt's number one fan. Though he was at first living with an older woman in a trailer park among many other hamsters, he decides to join Bolt in his journey to find Penny. He is the one who convinces Bolt that even if he isn't a superdog, he is still a hero. He also tells Mittens that you should never abandon a friend, even if they think they don't need help. He is adopted at the end of the movie by Penny and her mother.

Voice actor : Mark Walton

“Bolt, Zoom-Zoom!”
- Penny

Penny is a young girl who's attempting to save her father from Dr. Calico, an evil man her father is working for. Along side her is Bolt, an American White Shepherd that her father altered to help and protect Penny. Together, they work as a team in hopes they will take down Calico and rescue her dad. However, in a particular episode where Penny is kidnapped by Dr. Calico, Bolt doesn't take well to this and searches for Penny frantically. During his search, he ends up running into a window, which knocks him back into a box that ends up being shipped across the country to New York City. Penny is devastated when she finds out that he has gone missing, and the production of the show was cancelled for the time being.

Voice actor : Miley Cyrus / Chloë Grace Moretz (Child Penny)

“Are you crying? Is it because I kidnapped your daddy? Or because I hurt your precious little dog?”
Dr. Calico

Dr. Calico (also called “The Green-Eyed Man”) is the evil villain of the TV series Bolt. He is accompanied by his cats in every appearance. His aims is to create a satellite capable of destroying all nuclear warheads on the Earth except his own, making the master of the planet. Calico has many laboratories in Bolivia and Antarctica, and a sophisticated army. Calico has kidnapped Penny's (acting) father, a brilliant scientist to help create the satellite. It is up to Penny and her loyal companion, Bolt to stop Calico’s evil plan, and rescue her father.

Voice actor : Malcolm McDowell

Let's do this, let's put a pin in it. Pop! Pin in, there you go. Now, let's let that hang there a bit, and we'll address that when we've thought things through, okay?”
- The Agent

The Agent, who doesn't appear to have a name, is Penny's film agent. He's a selfish man who likes to put a "pin" in Penny's thoughts and feelings to simply avoid having a personal discussion. It's all about business to this guy! However, after Penny was rescued from the burning set and placed in a ambulance, Penny's mother kicked him out of the the ambulance (while also saying that they quit) after he failed to show any real sympathy (and just having enough of his selfish ways) towards what happened.

Voice actor : Greg Germann

“Bolt's not scared of anything…”
Penny's Mother

Penny’s mother accompanies her daughter, though she shows concern about the well-being of her. She dares not to interfere with the demanding agent that prevents her from seeing Bolt. When Penny’s near-death on the burning set, her mother quits the show in order to give Penny a happier and safer life.

Voice actor : Grey DeLisle

“If the dog believes it, the audience believes it!”
The Director

The director of the TV series Bolt is a rather demanding one. He wants the series to be seen as believable as possible to the viewers. For this to happen, Bolt must remain in the confinements of the studio so that he believes in his powers and capture the most realistic picture possible of the canine expressions.

Voice actor : James Lipton

“Wow. Ok, you want reality? Here you go, chief. The show's too predictable. The girl's in danger, the dog saves her from the creepy English guy, we get it. There's always a happy ending. And our focus groups tells us 18 to 35 year olds are unhappy. They're not happy with happy. So, maybe you should, I don't know, spend a little less time worrying about the dog's Method acting and more time figuring out how to stop 20 year olds in Topeka from changing the channel. Because if you lose so much as half a rating point, so help me, I will fire everyone in this room, starting with you! How's that for real?”
- Mindy Parker

Mindy, who's the head lady of the TV station Bolt airs on, first appears on screen when the director is reviewing the latest episode. She states that the viewers are "unhappy with happy", and makes it clear that she won't hesitate to fire anyone if they don't do anything to keep their viewers from changing the channel. She also tries to get Penny to understand that she needs to be a big girl and let Bolt go after he disappears.

Voice actor : Kari Wahlgren

This skinny black cat is one of Dr. Calico's henchmen. He is primarily an actor who makes fun of Bolt by playing the role of villain cat when not shooting episodes.

Voice actor : Diedrich Bader

New cat, who appears to be a Himalayan, is one of Dr. Calico's cats. While there is no evidence that suggets he's going to be taking over the other cat's roll (who's labled as "senior cat" on the IMDb page), it's possible that he is. The first time he appears on screen, the senior cat mentions to him (while on their way to Bolt's trailer to mess with him) how Bolt believes everything is real, and tells him he isn't ready for the evil laugh when he tries to do so.

Voice actor : Unknown

Officer Ester works with Lloyd and Martin at the animal pound. After Bolt, Penny, and Rhino escape from the pound, Ester learns the horrifying truth that her new tuck was destroyed in an explosion. Accusing her two co-workers, she pepper-sprays Lloyd and maces Martin

Voice actor : Kelly Hoover

Officer Lloyd works with Ester and Martin at the animal pound. He tries to intercept Bolt, Rhino and Mittens by blocking the exit, but Rhino comes in at high speed in his ball, and hits Lloyd in the eye, causing Lloyd to collapse to the ground. He later gets pepper-sprayed by Ester after being accused of destroying her truck in an explosion.

Voice actor : Jeff Bennett

Officer Martin works with Ester and Lloyd at the animal pound. When Bolt and Rhino come to rescue Mittens, Rhino gets the dogs barking to distract Martin while Bolt frees Mittens. Upon seeing Rhino, Martin attempts to seize the trio, but slips on dog drool. He later gets maced by Ester after being accused of destroying her truck in an explosion.

Voice actor : Brian Stepanek

“You kidding? This is the best day of my life.”

Joey is a New Yorker pigeon. Bolt gets stuck his head between two bars in a park in New York City when he meets Joey and two of his friends, Vinnie and Bobby. They assist Bolt to free himself. Then when Bolt demands a cat to deal with, Joey and his band brings up Mittens, a feline which regularly threatens pigeons.

Voice actor : Todd Cummings

“Hey Joey, do, do we go to far on this?”

Vinnie is a New Yorker pigeon. Volt gets stuck his head between two bars in a park in New York City when it meets Vinnie and two of his friends, Joey and Bobby. They assist Bolt to free himself. Then when Bolt demands a cat to deal with, Vinnie and his band brings up Mittens, a feline which regularly threatens pigeons.

Voice actor : Lino DiSalvo

“Yeah, yeah, come on, Mittens! Tell him!”

Bobby is a New Yorker pigeon. Bolt gets stuck his head between two bars in a park in New York City when it meets Bobby and two of his friends, Joey and Vinnie. They assist Bolt to free himself. Then when Bolt demands a cat to deal with, Bobby and his band brings up Mittens, a feline which regularly threatens pigeons.

Voice actor : Tim Mertens

Louis is a New Yorker pigeon. In the film, he is ordered by Mittens to provide her food in exchange for mercy. He gets finally freed after Bolt “arrests” Mittens.

Voice actor : Daran Norris

Blake is a Los Angeles pigeon who works in Hollywood with Tom and Billy, and a big fan of Bolt. He admits wanting to work with Bolt, but is reminded that he “blew it with Nemo”

Voice actor : Nick Swardson

Tom is a Los Angeles pigeon who works in Hollywood with Blake and Billy, and a big fan of Bolt. He offers Bolt an idea for his next episode: An alien invasion, which makes Bolt perplexed.

Voice actor : J.P. Manoux

Billy is a Los Angeles pigeon,who works in Hollywood with Blake and Tom, and a big fan of Bolt. He goes to him to show him his admiration before Blake interrupts him and asks him to get food instead of being unkind to a star like Bolt.

Voice actor : Dan Fogelman

Bolt's double is brought on set as a means of continuing the TV show that Bolt starred in. Unlike Bolt, however, he is trained to listen to commands and work on cues. Because of this, his first time truly acting he gets scared of the electricity coming from Calico's henchmen and runs off. When he falls, it tips one of the torches and causes a fire to spread throughout the warehouse. Later, he gains the permanent role of the new "Bolt" on TV.

Voice actor : Unknown

Penny's double is the real Penny's replacement on the set of the Bolt TV show. She is brought in on account of her face "having been severely burned and needing extensive reconstruction." 

Voice actor : Chloë Grace Moretz

Penny's TV Dad is the actor on the set of the Bolt television show who plays Penny's father, and is also behind giving Bolt his superpowers. He is sought after by Calico for his intelligence, and also the reason why Penny is in danger often. He is not actually Penny's father, however. This is only within the show. 

Voice actor : Sean Donnellan

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