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RP Honor Award - Tail Spin Version
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Author:  Rusty the Fox [ Sat Jun 06, 2009 11:47 am ]
Post subject:  RP Honor Award - Tail Spin Version

The Roleplay Honor Award

Presented by:
Rusty the Fox, Dr. Rex, Swords of the Wolves, and Lux - Bankitty
The mods who brought you:
The Rites of Passage

Current Award goes to (June 26th to July 10, '09):
Rusty the Fox: Term June 26 to July 10 is canceled.

Past Awards: (Newest to Oldest)

As a roleplayer, I'm always sticking my head into the roleplays I'm a part of, drinking in all of the details and concocting a post of my own to continue the story. This can eat up all of the time I want to spend in any roleplaying section and once I'm done, I leave the section to return another day, often times only back into the roleplay I'm participating in.

What about all of the other Roleplays? They have creators that, like me, take into account ever single detail to create the most interesting story. Because of what I said, most of the time I don't have any drive to read anything afterward. I found out that one of the reasons for this is that there are so many interesting Roleplays that are all contained in a long list. This can be discouraging, and unless someone point a specific roleplay out, I'll shoot right past all of them.

This is where this award comes in.

In an attempt to equally share the chance of credit and mention, all while encouraging long and detailed roleplays and posts, a specific mod will select a Roleplay that is interesting (meaning detailed posts), active, and can be held as a role model for the community to gave this award.

The award consists of one of four image awards*, one unique image for each of the Mods, to be posted within the main post of the roleplay, a mention here of this topic for two weeks, and the Roleplay itself will be changed to a sticky for two weeks.

*The image award has yet to be created. Roleplays that have won the award while the image is under construction will be given the image award when it is completed. They're to come soon!

Once the two weeks period runs out, roleplay will be moved to a running list of past awards on this topic and unstickied.
Then, the next round of awards will be presented by a different mod.

The award periods change every two weeks on Friday.
We have implemented a new mod-to-RP system. Every shift, every mod will pick an award from a dedicated RP section. Then the next time the mods will switch to the next section. All possible combination are posted below as well as the current upcoming dates:

June 12:
-Balto: Rusty the Fox
-Lion King: Swords of the Wolves
-Tail Spin: Dr. Rex
-Other: Lux - Bankitty

June 26:
-Balto: Lux - Bankitty
-Lion King: Rusty the Fox
-Tail Spin: Swords of the Wolves
-Other: Dr. Rex

July 10:
-Balto: Dr. Rex
-Lion King: Lux - Bankitty
-Tail Spin: Rusty the Fox
-Other: Swords of the Wolves

July 24:
-Balto: Swords of the Wolves
-Lion King: Dr. Rex
-Tail Spin: Lux - Bankitty
-Other: Rusty the Fox

+ Every mod, no matter what section they may have for the round, must have the other mods agree to their choice before the award is given.

+ The four private roleplaying sections are not eligible for the award.

+ Mods are not allowed to pick Roleplays they are a part of. However, Mods can pick Roleplays that other Mods are participating in.

+ Repeated awards are not allowed by the same Mod.

+ Members are not allow to try and persuade Mods into picking a specific Roleplay.

+ If the awarded RP starts lagging behind from ideal stature in the middle of a display period, it may be subject to be unstickied and labeled with an [X] in the RP Honor Award topic. The award itself still belongs the RP, however.

Author:  Rusty the Fox [ Sat Jun 06, 2009 11:53 am ]
Post subject:  Re: RP Honor Award - Tail Spin Version

With the introduction of the forum update and the new Tail Spin section, the system the awards run on have changed.

Author:  Rusty the Fox [ Sun Jun 28, 2009 2:10 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: RP Honor Award - Tail Spin Version

The current term (June 26 to July 10) is canceled.

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