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Disney Destiny (Disney world war!!!!)
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Author:  Okami [ Sun Jan 05, 2014 10:42 pm ]
Post subject:  Disney Destiny (Disney world war!!!!)

Once upon a time, there were heroes. Unlikely heroes that ranged from pets, to royalty, to animals, to demigods, to beggar boys, to wild men, to aliens, to toys, and to certain special mice. These heroes faced great evil, made friends, overcame their own struggles, and grew into their rightful places, casting down forces of darkness. Ten heroes' happy endings were so wonderful that they literally produced pure essences of Good energy.

These essences became Orbs of Power. The heroes were oblivious to what their deeds had produced—but the extraordinary wizard, Yen Sid, was not. He collected each Orb as it appeared and transported them all to his magical Tower, where he began studying them, learning very little about the mysterious forces. What he could discern was that each Orb seemed to be able to sense the Good and Evil in the hearts and intentions of the beings around it, and responded in strange ways. Sometimes, in their glowing light, visions would appear, or the Orbs intensified certain feelings inside a person that touched them. In turn, the Orbs themselves were very impressionable, and though the sorcerer did not learn of this until later, they could become evil opposites of themselves, infected with the darkness in others' hearts. Yen Sid began calling them the "Ten Virtues".

Before the clever sorcerer could discover all of the secrets of these magical objects, something terrible happened. Three forces of great evil, who were thought to be destroyed, suddenly appeared in the Tower. The wicked fairy Maleficent, the corrupt vizier-turned-genie, Jafar, and the dark, horrible Horned King had somehow risen from their demises and learned of the Ten Orbs of Power.

Yen Sid fought them and defended the Virtues as best he could, three against one. During the fight, the combined equal forces of Good from Yen Sid and Evil from Jafar, Maleficent, and the Horned King became so strong that all ten Orbs reacted to it at once quite unpredictably, being flung out of the Tower and into the far reaches of the lands like magnets that had had their opposite ends drawn too close together.

The three villains, thwarted for the time being, disappeared. The strained Yen Sid realized that he had made a terrible mistake in thinking he could hide such powerful things away and protect them by himself. Knowing also that he had very little time, and fearing what would happen if the evil ones got their hands on the Orbs, the wizard formulated a plan and cast a bold spell, bringing all of the different lands into contact and opening the ears of humans to understand the tongues of animals. He knew that if the forces of darkness were banding together as Maleficent, Jafar, and the Horned King had, the only hope of defeating them was if the heroes could do the same, and team up.

But they would need a leader. Yen Sid knew that many of the heroes he had observed, both animal and otherwise, in the different realms, were qualified to lead...but the Destiny of all Heroes and Villains were at stake. Only an incredibly special, unique, and particularly unlikely hero would do. Who but the brave apprentice, Mickey Mouse?

And so, as the forces of evil, led jointly by Jafar, Maleficent, and the Horned King, gathered more villains into an army from every land, Mickey Mouse led heroes from all around, animal, man, and everything in between, to the Pridelands, above which Yen Sid's Tower hovered magically. He appointed the bravest, most experienced Heroes and wisest helpers to be a part of a War Council.

As the heroes set up camp in the African wilds, Maleficent constructed her dark tower on Forbidden Mountain and called every force of evil, powerful and weak, cunning and stupid, animal and human, to her aid.

Both sides must control the Orbs of Power. Mickey and the Heroes wish to find and protect the Virtues and keep their light of Good glowing. The forces of darkness want to corrupt them, turning their pulse Evil and black, transforming them into "Spites", and spread the inky horrid power to the heroes' homelands, getting revenge. Every being, nice or naughty, must choose a side. The outcome will decide the Destiny of Disney.



Author:  Cyclone Blaze [ Mon Jan 27, 2014 11:20 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Disney Destiny (Disney world war!!!!)

I've already enter to the site, and it's quite interesting. I'm going to love that roleplay.

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