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The New Ohu Generation(OPEN)
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Author:  KaiKens [ Tue Aug 14, 2018 8:43 pm ]
Post subject:  The New Ohu Generation(OPEN)

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Main Locations: Ohu Mountains, Futago Pass
Players: Me so far
Accepting new people?: Of Course!
Characters: Āsutora so far
Character Links: Āsutora
Main Storyline: A couple years have passed since the battle with Monsoon, and the Ōu Army are recovering. Now, you can bring your own characters in the world, and let your imagination live!
Are Canon Characters Allowed?: Yes
Āsutora looked around, settling down on a rock in the Ohu Mountains. He was bored, very bored, and had no idea what to do. His siblings had been gone for a bit, going out to explore with their grandfather Kurotora. Āsutora had recently been recovering from his injuries caused by Bokujin and his pack of huskies, and he let out a sigh, resting his head on his paws. Couldn't he go exploring as well? Maybe being half-blind was going to be an issue, but he didn't care. Rolling his remaining eye, Āsutora lay on his back, looking up at the trees and the sky. Morning was starting to come, and the cream Kai Ken mix could clearly see the sun starting to shine.

Āsutora loved the sun, it made him happy personally.

Deciding to keep his eye safe, Āsutora got up and began exploring for himself, not caring about what dangers he may face.

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