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GDW - favourite and least favourte character
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Author:  Troll Berserker [ Sun Jun 28, 2015 2:08 am ]
Post subject:  GDW - favourite and least favourte character

Just as title says



Gin (manga only) - He grew up to be a great leader, very charismatic and strong.

GB - He's probably the best developed character in GDW. Not overpowered like rest of characters with unrealistic, idealized personalities. GB has his flaws but he's loyal and humorous without becoming annoying. He just feels... Normal. A possible, realistic normal guy, like a character you can identify with.

George (manga character) - Another well developed character with fears, flaws and a bit more complex personality. I like the fact that he's not like almost every "new generation" character who's a perfect rule follower and perfect son who goes in his hero father's track.

Joe (manga character) - The only true bearhound out of Gin's children. I like him for his not-so-perfect, yet not so insane (like Yukimura) personality. He's a good father and a good, reasonable leader. Shame, the story should be about him xD

Ryo - A strong, loyal female fighter, and probably the only true fighting female in Ginga universe.

Least Fav:

Jerome - So much ANGST. The decision to leave bullet in his leg just because of his "past sins" or whatever it was, was one of the most idiotic things ever. Since when Jerome suddenly felt some ascetic needs, just to leave them right away and kill Tunder and Lecter anyway. The character he becomes after killing Thunder and Lecter is very annoying. He's stalking on Weed even though the pup stated he would forgive him and wanted him back. Jerome could've done much more if he rejoined Weed and coordinated his actions with him. After all, all his stupid decisions lead to his unecessary death.
Maybe anime authors wanted to create character depth by attemping to give him some inner conflicts, but to me he seemed angsty and unreasonable, espacially contrasted with his begining role as a leader and teacher.

Kamakiri - He's a skicko and he just creeps me out.

Gin(anime only) - "Leave me to die, kill me, let me die baww baww". He was the most useless, trouble-making character in whole GDW. He's supposed to be a legendary charismatic leader, but all he was is some bland oldie, weak both physicaly and mentaly. I can't believe he was the same brave, strong little Gin that never gave up.

Akame - Akame is my least favourite character in whole Ginga series. He has no personality while being just way too perfect, goody-goodie, always strong and always the best, he literally seems like an immortal. He should be dead or at least much weaker.

Koga Elder(anime) - Ugly design and no real purpose in anime at all.

Sakura - She wasn't a good mother at all. She's really naive and in the end he has to give away her two pups then she dies alone leaving her only pup left, all because of her stupidity.

Author:  saske italian wolf [ Wed Aug 26, 2015 1:08 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: GDW - favourite and least favourte character

Here comes mines!~

Hakuro (manga character) - I've liked him in GNG, GDW was no difference!
Lydia (manga character)- after dealing with "weak" females such as Sakura, Reika and Koyuki, I was glad to finally see a girl who wasn't whining and hiding under a blanket all the time. There must have been a reason if she was chosen among all males to go to Hokkaido, instead of being left behind.
Lenny (manga character) - I know she didn't do anything big and great but she had been really brave to go and search for her son, into the unknown and sick. She didn't deserve the treatment Mel reserved to her.
Joe (manga character) - what Troll said, the only one to keep Shiro, Gin and Riki's legacy and life purpose alive. Had a though and rough life but had always been able to put up with everything. Nothing like his prissy brother Weed. Too sad to see who is in charge in Ohu. Justice is never done.
Saheiji (manga character) - definately the best thing that could happen to Yukimura and Joe. A wise and brave dog, willing to sacrifice the mobility of his back legs for Yukimura. It was really heart breaking to see his reaction after the battle against the monkeys, for his foster son's death. A very honorable dog.
Toube - Toube's awesome, 'nuff said. He died as a hero.

Least favourite:
Weed - he can be as much the protagonist as he want, but I completely loathe him. He is just too good and doesn't do anything. One point, is knowing you limit and being compassionate, one point is saying that violence is wrong and you even want to let the worst enemy even to get away, without killing him. Honestly, he didn't even want to kill Hougen. HOUGEN. After all he did, Weed was fine to let him get away. Let's thank the thunder from the anime and the hunter in the manga for doing what Weed was supposed to do.
I find his general attitude very irritating and, what I find very shocking, is that he gained a bunch of follower only for being that ridiculously good! I just can't stand him. He even sent away Jerome for killing Thunder and Lecter, which was something good that the shepherd did: T&L already tried to kill Weed, they failed but Weed let them go, believing their words when they said that they wouldn't do it again. And what happened? They were about to attempt to kill Weed once again if it wasn't for Jerome and what happened? Weed got mad with Jerome.
Can you be more irritating than this?
I won't say anything else because it might be spoilerish for who didn't read the manga/don't know the events of the manga but I think I've made my point clear.
Hougen and Kamakiri - evil and creepy guys. Kamakiri creeped me out and disgusted me since the beginning. I'm glad Hiro gave him what he deserved. Hougen was too arrogant and thought to be a god. He was strong and though but a ******* and, of course, had to know that he would die sooner or later.
Rocket - I've never been able to like Rocket. I didn't understand how he went to "gotta kill Weed" to "OMG Weed, you're so good and compassionate, I'm with you!". I've never fully trusted him. Probably because I hated how dogs followed Weed because he was good and innocent and Rocket was the biggest example of it. Gin would have proved to be worth of trust, Weed didn't do anything so big to have such an effect.
Mel - I haven't liked him from the beginning, especially in the manga, for the way that he treated his mother. She only wanted to have him back and look how bratty he had been, blaming her of something she couldn't decide and she had no fault of. Even in the anime, I can't stand him, whining most of the time. It was better if he was a female, seeing the role that he's covering.
Gin (anime character)- same reason that listed Troll. Weak and whiny, he and Mel could be the perfect father and so couple. This can't be the Gin from GNG.
Koyuki (manga character) - a clone of Sakura, even Gin thinks that in the manga.

Author:  Dunkin [ Mon Nov 09, 2015 7:29 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: GDW - favourite and least favourte character

I know its a few months old- but wanted to weigh in on who I like and dislike XD


GB: He is my ultimate favourite Ginga Character (not just in GDW but in all the series). He's just so cute and funny and has some of the best character development in my personal opinion.

Akame: He's one of the legendary 3 so - yeah of course XD Plus he's a ninja.

Tesshin: Despite the fact that a lot of people think he's bland, I still like him.

Ken: Ken is probably one of the more appealing characters in my opinion, I love his personality and I adore his design.



John: He's over-rated in my opinion XD

Mel: While he's cute, he's insanely babyish.

Rocket: Not a huge fan of rocket, his eyes creep my out XD

Author:  whuppinkatana [ Wed Nov 18, 2015 10:31 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: GDW - favourite and least favourte character

My favorite character is definitely GB mainy because his personality is almost parallel to mine. Now, my least favorite? It's a tough one but I'd have to say Hougen. That's a good thing, though. I love it when writers of fiction make an antagonist evil enough to the point where I want it out of the picture just as much as the protagonist characters do.

Author:  FriendlyHougen [ Sun May 15, 2016 9:03 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: GDW - favourite and least favourte character

In contrast to most people's opinion, I'd like to say Hougen. I just think he needs some friends.
I actually really hate John because he was a big butt in GNG and I thought his death was well deserved. Please don't flame me guys :C

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